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Major Rity Mar 2021
It’s spring
So much that
It's almost like a little summer
The birds are chirping
I don't remember flirting
Last time feels so long
So teach me birds
Wake me up

No drugs
Just love!
Major Rity Feb 2021
Inventing a game
Old as stone
Following a rabbit down a hole
By exchanging a word, a world
Unheard passing of a planet
Quiet passing of a plane
Unseen passing of a bird, a soul
Heading to his nest, to rest
Untroubled breaking of the wave
followed by her sister, her brother
Continuous art
through breath and stars
Calling a silent name
Celebrating silent fame
Major Rity Jan 2021
There’s a tomorrow
For your sorrows
And high expectations
You can’t figure out
Today you’re feeling down
And so much work to do
Tomorrow is on the way
To help you out

Remember your art
And party
Just party
Cause you like to laugh
  Jan 2021 Major Rity
unrequited light flows from lonely stars
as they reach into the dark unknown
not seeing their own beautiful auras
not knowing the lives touched
by the warmth of their one-sided glow
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