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Major Rity Mar 12
Gives me courage to turn
Into reality
What I only dream of

Diving into my fears
Slowing this moment
To a pace
Possible to envision the
Absurdities of the Mind

Then diving out
To dry off fears like
Raindrops in the light
Major Rity Feb 16
Tonight I die with you a little silent touch of letting go of life's ballast we do not profit from to keep just sleep my sweet my love quietly soothing inside a precious precious shine a glow like liquid gold warm like sun on earth and you in between so many touches and soothing words and beams of golden light warm so rich of everything we need now sleep and know you'll be you'll stay forever like the warming sun she flows through air and warms our hearts where you will be forever my eternal friend
Paw in Hand
It's alright to be scared
It's alright to feel sad
Even lonely, hopeless and bad
We wish for you to continue to breathe
To say goodbye in peace
At the moment you please
If you're lonely then know we are with you
If you're sad then be sure we remember your joy
It is hard to see your suffering
Let us be your pillow to find rest upon
We're here
We will carry you
Your pain
Your sadness
Your fear
Your life
My dear
Major Rity Feb 16
Reinvent the wheel
Tell me how you feel
This all seams surreal
Tons of sexappeal
Slipping out of sight
Doesn’t feel so right
Just enjoy the night
Living on a high
End of crystal *****
Everybody falls
Tumbling along
Feeling high and wrong
Just enjoy the song
Concrete waves keep hitting me like bolts
Running in my mind never coming to a halt
Lost my rhythm met the wrong guy ditched my cellphone hitched the highway met disaster running faster just exhaling to make space for running on that’s my song love me more find the core treat the sore and the bore and more and more

Hallelujah precious time come be mine send me signs of being heard lovely girl you’re a pearl black curl baby mama give me yama find peace rest at ease play a tune chase the moon relax take it back remember me like that feel the warmth and the calm and the breeze and the ease and the please let me take you home tranquil light feeling right just as you might disappear without fear into a nearby galaxy but still here stretched out comfy warm in my arm tuning in listening

Words are all I have and all I can give you drama running deep now asleep baby please show me how to fall and be caught in the waves of the full moon tide
Rip my love center dance my song enter this world made for one complete my song see the signs all around miss the chance to be found lose touch to the ground to float along inside no wrong to our right you’re still here by my side so that I can sleep alright

I’m not crying any longer I still miss you but I’m stronger

And I realise it’s just me being alone with myself trying to be together with you facing the truth hoping to lose myself in another adventure to run out the blues that refuse to hang loose just like you and me in my mind precious time spun on and on creating endless scenarios together and apart in a world full of space and art and darkness illuminated here and there fireflies like memories in the air distance stretching as we stare distance melting as we pair
Major Rity Feb 16
I walked towards wild freedom once
Now I would walk a thousand miles
For a smile
Like yours

In love

That's where I want to be
Content in every town
At home in every street
No fear, just following my feet

Until we meet
Major Rity Jan 2019
on which base
do you place
your arguments
that shape the frame
through which you take a glance
at the diversity
of reality ?

of course you find proof
if you don't move

is there
no base
that won't turn into quicksand
in the long run
no shape
that lets you sink
Major Rity Jan 2019
When the train passed
The airport
Just now
You were
So close
For a moment
Now the rain pours
On the train tracks
And I'm watching
As it falls

I got cold feet
And the skin on
My neck hurts
Ever since I put on
This golden necklace
From my auntie
Who passed away
Before the snow
Eight weeks ago

I removed it finally
Figured it out
With difficulty
My brother put it
Around my neck
Sitting behind my back
Four hours ago

It is pretty
But it is stinging
Very much
My skin and throat

And I did not understand
How to get out

Almost got upset
But took a break
To breathe
Amidst stinging pain
Then opened the clip
And escaped

The feeling is fading
As I pass the next station
Darkness is falling
Fireworks burn the sky
Windy rains ambush
My train from the side

Going much faster now
A window is rattling
Shrieking wheels cut
The monotonous sounds

I lost my eBook
So I can not read to
Relax and distract
The visions that grow
Beyond comprehension
And still burns my throat

Why we do things
And others
We want
We do not do
Is such a something
I don't think I
Should think about

Why my throat burns
And my heart turns
When it is you
I think about
Major Rity Jan 2017
remember the harder you strive
it will not get easier to say good bye
to minds that go monster
and munch on your magic
poet. chose wisely which soul you ignite

oh... and poet go help yourself, too
to some life
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