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green is the color of evil in your eyes
green was your mind when you touched another's ***
green is the color of my mother's envy
green is the color of my disgust.

they say green is the color of a brand new start
"green means go"
"green means life."

now i don't know what green stands for anymore.
sometimes infidelity comes unannounced
my heart is undeserving
of your love for me
my soul it's dark with stories
this world can never hear.

it's not that I don't like you
it's not that I don't care
but I love you so, I can't hurt you.
So I am staying away.

your life's so multicolored
your laugh is so contagious
to me you are so precious
do me a favor, please stay away.

everything I touch I hurt
everyone I love are broken
i don't want you to be one of them
so I will love you from afar.

you do not really have to worry
i've been on this journey alone
i've been okay so i can promise
i will be fine, on my own.

my heart's so undeserving
of your love for me.
you are my everything
so do me favor, please stay away.
i love you with all my heart, but i will only bring you pain.
a smooch on the cheek
a bite on the lip
the warmth of your tongue
your eyes I can't resist.

Your eyes are talking
your hands are moving
my body is warm
my heart is beating
You’re a metaphor
For everything I have ever wanted
But never had
For kevin
  Feb 1 Climactic Poet
I’m getting tired of saying

I’m fine

I don’t want to talk to people to lie

I’m fine

I don’t want to pretend in meetings

I’m fine

I can’t take time off to lie to myself

I’m fine
Blue is the color of my pain
Blue is the color of life on my veins.
Blue are his eyes that closed before he died
Blue was how I felt when he left me that night

Blue in the dark
Blue even at day
Blue that turns bright sunrise
to clouds of gray

Blue felt cold
Like a wound that never heals
Blue is the reminder that I am still here.

Blue is the color of his favorite shirt
Blue like the water where he drowned while at work.
Blue was the color of my face when I heard.
That he was gone.
That he was hurt.
That he was blue.

Blue is the color...
Death sometimes comes unannounced.
She is the trying.  
Her hands are working
Her mind is toiling.
Her heart is so full of all the good things.

All she wants is to be loved,
to be accepted and to be heard.
She does not plan to get rich quick.
She just needs to be appreciated
for all that she did.

Unfortunately for her,
a "thank you" is expensive
the price tag says "her sanity"
She is torn, at the brink
of losing her mind
if only she could get that coveted "thanks"

All her life she lived a lie.
She thought if she didn't cry
they will smile.

All she wanted was a friend.
To be happy and content.
To be seen and heard,
To be cared for and not to be hurt.

Unfortunately for her,
this sad little miss.
even to her own family
all she does are amiss.

She wonders what she did wrong
each day of her life
She wants it to end so bad
but she fails at each try.
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