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if i’d be brutally honest
i’m keeping you only because it’s convenient
you are the logical choice
you keep me sane
you taught me how to fake a smile

you are the game i play while i wait for the next bus ride
the song i sing to pass the time
the message in a bottle i never hope to read
the unused comforter tucked away as i sleep

you make my day mundane but not sad
you don’t make me giddy but at least you don’t make me mad
i don’t hate you, i don’t love you and you’re okay with that
i think i’m keeping you cause mum says you’re a fine lad

i hate to be honest
but it’s the hard truth
i’m keeping you because i think i should
not because of love, not because i care
but because of loneliness i am scared

you are the extra pillow in my bed
the tv commercial playing in the background while i eat
you are the newsletter that i never read
and the old teapot i keep though i never really liked tea

you keep me company
and that is good enough for me
  Dec 2019 Climactic Poet
I wonder if you think of me
As I do of you,
I wonder if you miss me
I'm such a fool,
I wonder if you'd ever tell me
What I've put you through,

Soon I will be just a memory
Of someone you once knew,
As I fade away know that,
Once upon a time
I loved you ...
Did you ever love me too?
Climactic Poet Dec 2019
Why come now?
When the show is over?
When the curtains are closed?

My love, it’s too late.
I don’t feel anything for you anymore
In fact
I don’t feel anymore
Climactic Poet Dec 2019
Don’t hold back
Climactic Poet Nov 2019
One word.
An adjective.
A state of mind.
A state of being.
She's beautiful,
And it shows,
But her beauty I love most,
Not in her petals,
But where the roots grow
Climactic Poet Oct 2019
Five times we could have worked
and that one time we did not take the chance.
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