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logolepsy May 2019
she wants to be the sunshine in his darkest days

she wants to be the blanket in his coldest nights

she wants everything that he needs him to be

but she’s not the one that he wants

so she sets her feelings free
logolepsy May 2019
he planted an uncertain feeling in her heart.
he watered it every single day with drops of hope
until she became exposed to a little ray of sunshine to make it grow



and brighter..

then he suddenly cut it before it blooms.
he left her wilted
until every surface of her heart
has gone dry again~
way back 2016 when this misfit allowed someone to sow uncertainties in her and until today she’s reaping  heartbreaks
logolepsy May 2019
this is where you’ll find me~

behind the pages of an unfinished story

between the lines of bliss and misery

beneath the chapters of peace and tragedy
this is your misfit tryna get out of her comfort zone by starting publishing some of her musings

— The End —