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Jamie Newton Jul 2018
Let’s talk about life and let’s be frank
All global strife starts and ends at the bank

With fake inflation and monetized debt
It Cripples our nations, controls us through threat

Now let me be formal and you might think me mental
But free markets are normal it’s really the Central

Creation of cash at a click of a button
Valued at trash, your debt they take cut-in

War for resources innocence left in lurch
While weaving clauses to suppress free energy research

The influence is deep, insidious at best
Our lives they will reap seen as figures to invest

It’s a perfect legal sin That we do not deserve
Its the evil of Central Banking and Fractional Reserve
Bank ethically ❤️
Joe Cottonwood Nov 2017
Noon, I’m next in line behind an old man.
“I want to withdraw fourteen dollars,” he says.
The teller, a young woman with a soft sweater, says
“There’s only—let me check—yes—fifty-two cents.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes.” She tilts her head. “Sorry.”
The sorrow is genuine.
He wears a pinstripe suit, frayed,
wafting an odor of smoke and earth.
A smartly folded handkerchief, breast pocket,
has a dark stain. His silver beard
is neatly trimmed.

On one wall above the safe is a giant
mural of teamsters driving a stagecoach.
The man says, “There might be—”
“No. It’s always the same.”
For a moment he closes his eyes,
a slow blink while indignities of a lifetime pass.
Without a word, the young woman slides a sandwich
over the countertop through the teller window.
“Blessings on you,” the man says with a nod,  
and he walks away with a limp.

I cash my check, a big one
from three days of messy labor
for a matron of the horsey set.
“He lives by the creek,” the teller says
without my asking. “Under a bridge.”
Outside the bank, in the parking lot of glistening cars,
I look around for the pinstripe suit, the silver beard.
I might offer the man something.
He might refuse to take it.
Anyway, no matter:
he has disappeared like the last stagecoach.
Only the blessing remains.
First published in MOON magazine July 2017
            "Where consumers go to borrow in aid of a common good."

...because all interest is given to social causes directed to by the publicly-elected board of directors. A true good for all mankind whom wish to participate.

A real bank.

A real social institution.

That doesn't,

..somehow a worldwide trading system on future emissions worked?

What if we changed, "industry," with, "humanity?"

What if a trading-credits system existed for individual income tax against future projected earnings?

Al Gore was wrong...

Imagine being out of work and gaining credits against future tax liabilities? working for a charity


If you are a CCX member trading on Wall Street then; YES!

Why should all finance be about struggle and not about love or charity?



Americans can do anything;

...because we control the production of, "money."

Tell your Congressmen to print money to help your family the way he helps his own..."Struggle," is the meaning of the Islamic Terror term; "Jihad."
Julie Grenness Feb 2016
Who controls our banking?
Ruinous fees for money lending.
Who questions their investing?
Why so dear for money dealing?
Who does profit from accounting?
Our finances they're controlling,
While our economy they're ruining,
They're amassing fortunes pecuniary,
Big business for them, commercially.
Let's question their accountability
For our faceless Australian economy,
Profits overseas they're sending---
So much for Australian banking!!!
This is not even funny. Feedback welcome.
dazmb Jun 2015
a lupine prayer
to bear and bull
cry wolf
cry wolf
cry wolf
now look into his eyes
until you think like I do
and then take a desperate man
for his last penny
(finance options available)
go long on a cheeky Nando's
followed by
short the small print
and profit from the fight
against pollution by
investing in the future
but as returns don't come cheap
diversify and purify the self
the Ganges is so polluted
it has gall bladder cancer
the main economic indicators
are telling us that
inflation is set to jump, while
British statisticians are optimistic
that the housing ladder
will continue to defy gravity
as it is an export barometer
with a blue eyed quant inside
crying wolf
crying wolf
cry wolf

— The End —