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dazmb Feb 2016
day after day
always the same words
while the mystery of things
remains unresolved
and grammar dissolves
into birdsong
dazmb Jun 2015
a lupine prayer
to bear and bull
cry wolf
cry wolf
cry wolf
now look into his eyes
until you think like I do
and then take a desperate man
for his last penny
(finance options available)
go long on a cheeky Nando's
followed by
short the small print
and profit from the fight
against pollution by
investing in the future
but as returns don't come cheap
diversify and purify the self
the Ganges is so polluted
it has gall bladder cancer
the main economic indicators
are telling us that
inflation is set to jump, while
British statisticians are optimistic
that the housing ladder
will continue to defy gravity
as it is an export barometer
with a blue eyed quant inside
crying wolf
crying wolf
cry wolf
dazmb May 2015
a sucker punch
and a tooth
casually discarded
dazmb May 2015
singing the songs
i once thought would last forever
but now gently slip
to the heart of my lover
to empty it
with barely a shudder
dazmb May 2015
you had a fever
rambling hot then cold
"just crying wolf", you'd say
before hallucinating again
in the dark
at something coming to swallow you whole
dazmb May 2015
an early Sunday mist of rain
fuzzes the air
a starling flies overhead
dazmb May 2015
in bed, aware
that nothing outside
this moment
is real

next to me, you lie
with your hand on my chest
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