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K Balachandran Oct 2018
Seductive anchor,
News seems deceptively tame;
Anesthetic helps!
Kathryn Rose Mar 2018
The beer dried my tears

Number Seven
Eight .   ?
                 e  ?
Who even cares...

The last rays of light on the brick
On the porch
Me and the teak wood
Wiping my tears with my sweet beers
Crimsyy Nov 2016
I love it when you
initiate the fire in my bones,
kiss me slower, harder,
it will never be too much for me,
I can't get enough of you
what have you done to me?
Now I just want to devour you
and take your soul;
your lips are my anesthetic,
I think I could die on them
quite happily
after all,
pain should be rewarded
with something beyond bliss.  

Poet Note:  *As the poet grows, so do the poems.
Ara Oct 2016
craving and sleeze
Because every time i breathe
Adds a prescription of anesthetic I need
To benumb shaking hands
And passive aggressive thoughts
Passing when our eyes
Forget that our demise could be prevented
With one gentle cry of mirth

My skin screams from all the sights it must take
And every touch on this earth
Crawls with aggressive ****
But my gentle breaths
Make my heart flutter without beat
And that is all, not of death,
The world must ask of me.
I dont know if I should keep writing...

— The End —