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aniket nikhade Nov 2015
At the back of mind so many things keep happening
At the time of execution so many amongst them remain unattended
So many thoughts get overlooked
They remain blank as they are
So many things happen, so much of space left since past, in the present with regards to future
Space to think and ponder what needs to be done next
The mind keeps thinking and keeps on thinking till it gets exhausted and fatigued
There is no end to drawing possibilities and ascertaining future
Flexibility of mind remains there making sure that you create some space at the back of your mind in the present moment of time.

It’s the space that you have got in present
Something which you created in past
The space remained unutilized
Same space you have got as of now in the present.

Now in the present moment of time it’s time to think about it
Time to utilize this space
Time to focus on skills and abilities
Time to utilize space and resources, resources and space
Everything is so much limited, yet so much of use in the present
Synchronize, coordinate, assemble and if possible also do networking of each and everything.

So many things work together simultaneously in the present
It's a move to get hold of the right moment of time so as to make sure that each and everything falls in it’s proper place.

Finally time left in hand is important
Time is precious
Time does all the planning with regards to future
Time decides what needs to be done first
Time sets all priorities.

With the moments that pass by and everything that happens as each moment passes by
With the changes that keep happening from time to time
It’s important to know in which direction we are moving.
Conflicts, contradictions and difference of opinion is part of life
Still with all the ups and downs of life, it’s always better to be safe than to feel sorry later
Think before you say
Think first and then say
Decide first, what's going on in your mind
Once decided then speak your mind
Once spoken, the spoken word cannot change.
Definitely conflicts, contradictions, and difference of opinion will never end
Still a proper conclusion can be reached and it needs to be reached within the given time frame.

Keep all this in mind
Making a note of the fact that priorities are all set, it’s important to make sure that time management is kept in mind
Keeping all this and much more in mind, I decide to move ahead with the present moment of time
Left the rest of things to future, which will definitely be ascertained from time to time
Till then, it’s living in and living with the present moment of time.
Cheyenne Apr 2015
One amongst the millions
staring into oblivion.
I stand amongst the world and yet
I stand alone; alone except--
except for all the cells in me
that quiver with anxiety.
From afar I'm just standing there--
seemingly unaware.
But I can feel everything:
the love, the hate and all it brings.
But I'm just another in the crowd;
You won't hear when I cry out.
So I'll keep it all in my mind
and hope I make it out alive.
MdAsadullah Dec 2014
Amongst Orientals and Blacks I smothered.
Presence amidst Mestizos was absurd.

Amongst the Arabs stranger I felt.
Choked amongst Whites and Celts.

Amongst the Eurasian lonely I was.
Feeling of an alien 'tween Desis 'twas.

Standing amongst stones I was pleased.
Felt comfortable, felt relieved and eased.
Juliesen Night May 2014
Beware the broken willow.
For its vines doth sweep,
Over empty space.
Between thee.

It sways,
Silently creaking,
On it's woolen bark.

Methinks it to attack,
Become alive.
As my dragon at my side.

With a puff of smoke,
Jerusalem see's the marks,
This willow hath endured.
During the war..

Beware the Weeping willow,
for it's tears can drown.
Can drown out the sweetest sound..

— The End —