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POETIST Aug 2020
I hear a name,
it is called covid 19.
i think it was boring,
but i hadnt seen the covid roaring.
after a month i saw it,
that when we realised we had split.
We can fight it,
or it will hit.
let us be one,
as the pandemic has begun.
dont be scared,
because we are prepared.
one for another,
because we are alltogather.
we have fought this before!
as we can again restore,
dont forget to be far from each,
because i dont have a speech,
or it will reach you,
let us not fight it like an issue.

lets be one!
We dont need to fight. lets be one and fight this pandemic yes and #covid-19willgo
Niyati Jun 2020
They always said 'Time changes things',
But this time 'submicroscopic infectious agent' changed everything.

Coffee at workstations, Hugging your close ones,
Your favorite pastimes, News channel's headlines,
Everything was changed in a blink,
Even before you could think.

No more you had a predetermined work-schedule,
And you were forced to cancel your tour.
Places to worship were shut,
And no restaurants were open to contaminate your gut.

But this pathogen has taught us some life lessons:
Family and relations are the most precious possessions,
Solitary confinement can bring in transformations,
We must value whatever we have on our plate,
We need to preach 'Humanity' and not hate.
Almighty has power to change everything that you have planned,
Humans, who considered themselves as 'Monarch of Mother Earth', are self banned.

This novel virus has killed many and has shut millions more inside with fear as their companion,
Its time to understand the value of compassion.

Yes, time has changed.
With locust band had moving in,
Cyclones devastating cities,
And humans losing their humanity.

Though this year has not turned the way we wanted,
But it has taught us great lessons for taking everything 'for granted'.
ajullion May 2020
As the world returns
     to 'go' again
and silent spaces
resume their noise

Questions query whether
     wise or foolish
     to so proceed
     to open house?
     drips along,
     seamless cloudy
     be the forecast,
So quite unable
     to perceive
     beyond the morrow.

Only hindsight holds the insight
comes too late.
(Before Covid 19)

I distance you
Because I hate you!

(After Covid 19)

I distance you
Because I love you!
After hearing the advise if you are caring for fellow citizens too distance yourself from them
From going out
I have to refrain
Terrified by the passing by
Corona thunder and
Pandemic rain,
Oddly defying science,
A chimera,
Looming large
Again and again.

I have begun
To pine
For old me
Freely out to
The neighborhood
And street
Somebody to meet
Somebody to greet.

After  Covid-19's
Shock treatment,
My reservation
I admit
In being picky
When choosing people
I used to meet.

"Love your friend
As yourself
As God said
It has dawned on me
In humanity's treasure trove
Should  come peoples' love
Of course all things atop
Must be placed
In-God-vested hope.(Mark 12: 30-31)

My behavior spiraling
Out of control
A feeble and complacent
Human being
I stretched my imagination
As if God
Has secondary or no role.
As such,
Earthly pursuit
Was my goal.
Now, as King David said, (plasm 122:1)
I reflect
Going to church,
Uplifting soul, allows
With God keeping
In touch.
It has also sank in
Brushing shoulders
With collogues
Was enthusing
Aloof, on my chair
Before I perch,
At times to do
Reading research.

I realized the money
I used to stash away
To make hay,
While others were starving
And when I could become
People hungry
Had no meaning.

I want to see
The broadmass
No more afraid
Out, on their table
To put bread!

I pined my liberty of
To and fro
Breathing oxygen free
Before the
Corona lockdown decree.

I want to project
My true face
Forced not on
My lovely face
A mask to place.

With a square shoulder
I want to walk
No more ringing
In my ear
The pandemic talk.
I want to rove the land
And fly on the sky
To feast my eyes
On touristic spots
Or goods to buy,
May God allow me
Such things again
Before I die!
I  also pine to see
The day
Undertakers are
No longer in a hurry
Fellow citizens
To bury.

I pray for
God's Mercy

But now  
Keeping social distance
Washings hands with soap
Putting on face mask
And sanitizing is
What I advance.
True to Jesus's parable if a Shepard who had 100 sheep missed one, he will worry more about the one he lost. I missed people--friends, neighbors ,colleagues and fellow citizens
Ken Pepiton Apr 2020
Speaking of body count
--- Cowboy points this out while we walk
--- to the local b-ball court, old men dribblin'

"all day to day exchange in china is digital,
A.I. knows, in china, who may buy
or beg, or use currency in any way...

so how many died,

count the digital wallets in china...

compare current count to same day 2019."

AND there is a road-block saw-horse on the court

--- note the image court closed
--- not only did they place a road block
--- but they blocked the basket with plywood
--- to ensure no joy in hoops anywhere
--- today...

so, who is looking? shoot straight up from the bottom,

boom, clatter, set the plywood aside...

we played horse and laughed... old men can get away with any thing,

if they do it in an honest t' god harmless state o mind.
a fine day in Pine Valley
Karijinbba Apr 2020
Dearest precious eons old
caterpillar the playful ***** rushing swimming to the food bank a Matrix egg; birthed as babies growing to man to women to grand-parenthood transforming aging to
cross to grave in short,
what a ride bittersweet journey.
My friend, pro life I am.

Indeed we the human race are
absolutely magnificent with all the poisons we over come by air bad foods;
all the enemies we face from the womb, to the mystery of daily living.

This goes for all of mankind indeed
In this world we are born to belong!
but remain strangers dear fellow men
and women poets poetessess.

Death is so common yet so dreaded perceived untimely unnatural.
Life so delicate so graceful,
and utterly short to be marked
for pandemic depopulation.
Life is precious mysterious!

I was born pro life though couple
children were lost an RHO negative motherhood Mom maligned but
other wonderful children lived
my dearest butterflies
my fireflies beloved.
K a r i j i n b b a
beware of vaccines it may sterilize our boys and girls our children. reducing the "diverse" population
in fifty years all billions sterilized
will be no more.

naturally the very rich their kids can have many children for who forces them to mandatory killing vaccines..or to anything
naturally the wealthy thus become the mayority in due time Don't you agree??

We are in a titanic only the rich will safely not freeze.
Ken Pepiton Apr 2020
at each juncture there has been this choice,

at each, I made a guess, right or wrong,

leave a mark, breadcrumbs work here,

we, me and thee, thou und Ich.

We have sector Bravo in the realm of or and if with optional whens and thens,

leading to now at any given point,
on a wave,
in the grand skein, not scheme, of

things, plain ol' ano-nomenal imaginary players who play by
rules, we imagined we will be
determined to bind into
a line anchor
and allusion to
string theory can work from here up,
we've been weaving options to unbelivable lies with single strand
single use spider wings, believed to be electro magic-ish
by the rule

made up. And that was the tic. We made up rules,
and survived.

Opposition to tyranny is obediance to God. Jefferson's,

under whom we stand nationally alliegiant, globally benes wise,
we owe earth our pledges,
those agreements, when you know what the ideas cost,
the idea in alliances for safety, with

treason to be the cost of rearing a child,
who witnessed the naked Noah
reflected in the window
of the U.N.

oh, we are tangled in religion as defined by priests.

Lest us slip the sureely slippery bands of earth and touch the masked
face of God, who winks.

Hiyo, silver, away... time slips are a benefit of fifty years of

seconds guessed worth noting as wonderful, Kodak Moments or Ahas,

here, one of those buys you days and days of retelling the same story,

until today. When we both got here at the same time. A-team meme.

And a wink from the programmer who bet it would loop.

See, as the Joker said to the Thief, in Boston, there must be
some kinder way outa here.
Enjoying the hellopoetry out of the moment
David Frank Apr 2020
I listen for my muse
But there are only tears.
We must not touch.
Embrace is forbidden.
If death will come
It  comes borne
On the breath we share.
The quiet voice
Bears our doom.
Only in silence
Is there hope.
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