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sage short Nov 2018
18 things I learned at 18

One book. Just find time to read one book.
Two friends is all you really need.
Three year anniversaries are magical if you’re in love.
Four “unhealthy” meals won’t make you gain five pounds.
Five college classes a semester is hard but necessary.
Six people staring at your blue lipstick will only make you more powerful.
Ten pounds. You might gain might lose it. Don’t be mad about either.
Eleven, the age I wish I was.
Twelve year old birthdays are strange because your brother is almost a teenager.
Thirteen times. You’ve changed your mind about the future eight times.
Fourteen times. You’ll probably change your mind fourteen more times.
Fifteen was most definitely the worst age ever.
Sixteen Candles is apparently a good movie...still haven’t seen it.
Seventeen years old I was when I stopped eating meat and went dairy.
Eighteen years old does not make you an adult. And you only bought one lottery ticket. And you ate meat again to make sure you still want to be a vegetarian (You do. You almost threw up afterwards because you felt so guilty. So, don’t do that again.) You really want to go back to veganism but feel like you can’t. You’re making excuses. But it’s’re eighteen.
Nineteen is here. Nineteen years and counting. Nineteen years of mistakes, failures, badassery, and kickassery. Nineteen times around the sun. Let’s see how much more fun we can have.
My 19th birthday is this Sunday, so I made an ode to 18.
Parker Poole Jun 2018
Tomorrow I turn eighteen.
I’ve been living my whole life hating the fact that I was born
And I could’ve sworn that I wasn’t gonna make it this far
I’ve done my fair share of harm
I’ve popped bars and I’ve let loose
I’ve downed my weight in ***** and juice
I feel as though I have tried it all,
I don’t have very far left to fall
I’m tired of the world making me feel so **** small
I think this might be my final call
Eighteen years have come and gone,
In a hell that went on for far too long
I don’t think this is where I belong,
And I don’t think I’ll be around to hear my birthday song
Lizzie May 2018
blowing breeze pushes this
introvert slightly out of her
round and obnoxious shell of
toxic self
hate so that i can receive praise that i
deserved, even though all i did was
age one more

i turned 18 today! here's a little acrostic poem :)
Lucius D Luuk Mar 2018
You can stand alone,
just be on the highest mountain
the one that's highest in the galaxy
that is not changing anything
you're standing above everyone,
but just phisically.
I Suppose Mar 2018
You sit me down
And tell me how it should be.
Dont understand the dominant act
You'll be begging on the count of three.
No i don't wanna break you
Just see how far you can bend.
But please dont worry, my love
I'll kiss you till all the bruises mend.

I wanna feel you
And tell you my love is true
I wanna hold you
Cause the girl i love is you
So pull me a little closer
And let the games begin.

Just a few words
And you start to blush
In this game of cops and robbers
Its the cop who's in the cuffs
I lean in closer
And you tell me that you like it rough.
So i get into position
And show you that the slave is tough.

I wanna feel you
I wanna get it with you
I wanna lick you
And you to tell me its good.
I hope you know i love you
Like no other ever could.
So drive me crazy.
Like you know you should
I have no idea how appropriate this is here. For all i know this is practically Martyrdom but hell I'm tired lets see how this turns out.
Téa Rhyno Feb 2018
18 years
I'm almost there

18 years
and I am still so scared

18 years
on April 14th

18 years
and I still can't define "me"

18 years
my Dad thanked me for making 16

18 years
I must apologize for being so mean

18 years
full of fits of rage

This 18th year
will release me from the cage

over 18 years
I've learned to try and cope

so, here's to 18 more
I guess I've still got hope
The Variation Feb 2018
semblant snowflakes dash across
a dotted line;
yellow picture frames eat tar.
twisted root of pine fallen,
bellowing tears that steal wind,
breathing irregular through
patchwork lungs.

humid fire tastes humour bland,
******* symbols of granite rust,
inhaling smoke through
tangled hairs in your nostrils.
The Variation Feb 2018
Lonely voices tear at me,
Sibilent whispering with no end.
Caress my collarbone,
Taste every inch of the skin.

Asinine bleeding, lost on me,
Raging fire inside my skull.
Corrupting and rusting
my being inside.

Beautiful afflictions **** the mind,
Rancid and fleeting, indiscriminate.

In nobis mortuus deambulatio,
Morbus animorum detracta.

Requiem lost among the dead,
Dreamers lose hope after drought,
Rectifying the overdose.
b Feb 2018
i turn 19 today.
i feel the same
as 18
which felt alot
like 17
not much different
from 16 either.

i feel my age
i see my wall
i see the light
behind it.
Nandish Malhotra Jan 2018
It was my 18th
And you were to be soon.
In few sunsets and the moon
Equal as me, mind and thought.

And now as my 27th approaches
Minus the flowers and a red balloon.
In our town, our serene Doon
You remain, just a happy thought.

There is love in the winter air,
But I still feel chilly at noon.
Have I lost my warmth or become a loon?
You remain, just a happy thought.

As the next month comes by
I'll wait with my pseudo platoon.
And watch TV shows and cartoon.
Till I see you happily married
And bid your family goodbye.
Then I would finally cry
Seeing lost all love I had bought
From you, but still you'll remain
Just a happy thought.
This is the 2nd poem in my series of 18 again in 2018. The first one was Love 180°.
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