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SS Jan 1
I wake up still tired from last night  
and my whole house smells like love
you are in my kitchen
flipping love with a spatula
I did not ask for it
but you hand it to me warm
on a pretty plate
with a glass of orange juice
SS Dec 2020
I was a glass bottle
all shattered and cold
a boy in a rage
broke me ******* the cove
but you gathered my pieces
took them in your tides
you softened my edges
made opaque my insides
now dear i’m your seaglass
i’m smooth to the touch
hold me soft in your palm
dear i love you so much
for R, love S :)
SS Oct 2020
Take your love my dear,
and smother it softly.
Bury it somewhere cold and dark
and deep enough that my
greedy arms and clawing hands
can barely graze the ache of you.
Splinter it
and I will dig up every piece  
and swallow your shrapnel until
my insides shred and I am left
praying to your fractured shape.
take your love,
handle it gently
and take it far away from me.
SS Aug 2020
Let me be the altar stone
And the dagger carved from bone
Let me be the beating heart
And eager flesh you cleave apart
My love if you must give an eye
Let them tear out both of mine
I’ll be your blood, your breath, your vice
Your willing sacrifice.
SS Aug 2020
Trace every line of me
love me softly and without restraint

(The devil eats at my table
She knows my bed like a lover
In the dark our spines draw close
To something shaped like love)

Play every string of me
Pick one and
unravel me so
I tear apart at the seams

(How could I be so full of honey
Matched equal in venom?)
  Jun 2020 SS
God is a hungover slob
who doesn’t wear pants,
I will miss you like a house on fire.
SS Jun 2020
I pour the golden lacquer down,
It soaks the dark and muddy ground.
As light and dark begin to meet,
Yin and Yang pools at my feet.

I break my bones and let them heal,
I let myself savor the feel.

Ancient beings claw and whine,
Their song is short,
they sing two lines:

“Fear not for your broken hearts,”

“You’re stronger in the broken parts.”
The Japanese art of Kintsugi, or “golden joinery,” is the repair of broken pottery with gold laquer.
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