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SS Oct 2021
Lend me your breath, your pain and your hands, my dear we can fold all that aches into something worth bleeding for.
I’m being made half by lust and longing their weighted grip on my waist
and thighs and throat will not begin to ease until our bed is made.
So run fast dear, your bare feet can hardly stand the journey so do not stumble.
Bring the sheets and the wine and I will wash your ****** soles of the time it took you to find me again.
SS Sep 2021
What if we bought
a house in the country
And we had enough time
and we had enough money
And every Sunday morning
I’d cook you love in a skillet
With a pitcher full of love
dear your cup I could fill it
cause I’m driving through the country
And you’re two plane rides away
And all the houses have nice porches
And there’s so much left to say
SS May 2021
It’s a great exasperation dear
To want you all the time
My nights alone forever colored
By the lack of your side spine.
The absence of your morning kiss
Blacks out the morning light
So come and stay with me the day
And kiss me till goodnight.
My golden boy my golden sun
With cherry blossom lips
I fear that my salvation lies
within your golden hips.
So come into my greedy arms
Skin on eager skin
I’ll keep your body safe from harm
Except our marks of sin.
SS Mar 2021
they say i came from Adams rib
I am a woman of mud and marrow
God told you
She will leave a scar
God told you
She will not come cleanly
You told me
Fold nice  
You told me
Fold neat and
Be mine
I took my clay ribs and
made them my home  
I prayed to the divine and
the oh so ungodly
Until the Serpent came
Adam do you know that
I won’t let you eat my
Heart in full unless
I’m sure the taste of sin
Will forever stain your lips
SS Dec 2020
I was a glass bottle
all shattered and cold
a boy in a rage
broke me ******* the cove
but you gathered my pieces
took them in your tides
you softened my edges
made opaque my insides
now dear i’m your seaglass
i’m smooth to the touch
hold me soft in your palm
dear i love you so much
for R, love S :)
SS Oct 2020
Take your love my dear,
and smother it softly.
Bury it somewhere cold and dark
and deep enough that my
greedy arms and clawing hands
can barely graze the ache of you.
Splinter it
and I will dig up every piece  
and swallow your shrapnel until
my insides shred and I am left
praying to your fractured shape.
take your love,
take it gently
and take it far away from me.
SS Aug 2020
Let me be the altar stone
And the dagger carved from bone
Let me be the beating heart
And eager flesh you cleave apart
My love if you must give an eye
Let them tear out both of mine
I’ll be your blood, your breath, your vice
Your willing sacrifice.
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