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Strawberry Aster Feb 2016
My sweet Valentine --
loved me wild
and loved me

took my
happy fragile heart;
and held it
really high;

dropped it --
like china;
admiring the glitter of my --
now shattered, scattered heart~
Strawberry Aster Oct 2015
in a parallel world,
alarm clocks--
were made
to wake us up
from reality;

I shall
wake up
each time
at the first ring;

we shall
be together,
in the amber glow
of my every dream~
Strawberry Aster Oct 2015
She --
albeit still
and very distant;

my heart;

in my mind

And I am left
seeking --
where she hides;

towards her

if she ever --
misses me at all~
Strawberry Aster Sep 2015
what we need
is three sips of
Amnesia's sweet bliss;

just a little bit...

One --
to accept
what was and
what wont ever be

Two --
to erase
her face
and the memories

Three --
to forget, forgive and
not ever regret~

But you see,
we'd just
throw it all up;

so we can love,
though we know
we'd only get hurt

Maybe we're all just
a little bit
messed up that way,
dont you think?~
Strawberry Aster Aug 2015
Have you ever looked
at a total stranger;
catch her eyes and see her smile
and suddenly feel your
soul sing?

It hums a melody of familiarity
reverberating from your chest
to your toes and to your
whole entire being--

And then you notice,
your heart aches--
bitter and sweet,
but mostly sweet;
Your hands shake,
your knees tremble

And you try to hold on
to something stable
to keep your balance;
All the while
trying to figure out why
it's suddenly so difficult to breathe

"Can anything like that ever be possible?"
You once asked yourself long ago;
And in the stranger's eyes you found the answer~

A moment like that--
the rarest of its kind
A moment like that--
not everyone can find;
The moment when your soul
Finally, says hello
to its lost mate~
Strawberry Aster Jun 2015
I wish
that in
another lifetime --

should there be
another one --
and surely,

we'll find
each other
again --

in whatever
we'll take;

I wish
and I --

wont let
our souls

this much,
this way--
ever again~
When Soul Mates meet at the wrong time...
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