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black, like the sound of silence.
heavy, like the emptiness of your absence.
salty, like guilt.
impervious, like the road to reach you.
long, like the echo of your memory.
every single night,
at the end
i gave up
so tired, darknights in my future.
drugged with thoughts
overwhelmed by contradictions
there's no peace for me
spiritually entangled
from your distance
looking for an ancestral relief
or maybe .. carnal?
Baby, don't worry,
I love you more
than my soul
You're my dream
and only goal.

I feel so sorry,
I'm not there with you
right now
But I always find myself
in you.
Soon I will get back
to you.

I love you, I miss you
Baby, don't worry!
I feel you, I want you
Honey, don't worry!

Sweetie, I will come soon.
Your memories
still make me smile
I remember
you were climbing a stile
to walk with me
in the afternoon.

One day all the dreams
will come true
'Cause everyone knows
our love is true.
There is no need to worry!
made of clouds
vagabond  into the sky
waiting for you to look up
before the wind
dissolves me
like in spring
the gems
on the trees
hope it's a good think.
I jumped on one foot
with a stone in my  hand
a smile in the eyes
and the wind in my lips

I walk on heels
in apparent balance
a lost child in the eyes
only silence in my lips
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