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Sasha Secrets Jan 2016
Do you remember the time ,
You cheated ?
With my friend ,
And my neighbor ?

I got ****** ,
But decided to forget ,
Because we did something ,
Related .

I decided ,
I'd forgive you .
Because I ****** ,
Your brother Chuck .

Good thing it rhymes ,
It makes this poem easy ,
So I'm just gonna leave ,
And go home cause I'm sleepy .
IcySky Aug 2015
Why do we have to say good-bye?
Why does everyone have to be *******?
Why do we live in a society that says this is ok?
Tell me why, because I really want to know.

Tell me why this world is so cruel,
why people no longer say hi with a smile,
why children have to grow up without parents,
why people have to go without homes.

Tell me why kids have no food,
why the rich are so greedy,
yet the poor are so generous,
why the world just passes by.

Why do we never stop to think of others?
Why do we laugh at another's expense,
but quick to anger when it's us who is laughed at.
Tell me why, because I would like to know.

Why is this earth so messed up?
Why do fathers abandoned their family?
Why do mothers cry?
Why do children have to pay?

Why does love have to hurt?
Why does pain feel so good?
Why does helping seem so hard for people?
Why does anyone do anything?

I look around this world,
I see broken families,
homeless people,
people who don't care,
or don't give 2 ***** about one another....
I see people who bully just for fun,
I see the ones who really need help,
and the ones who just want things.
I see people who are hurt, and depressed....
I see what they are going through,
and all I can think about, is how much I want to help.
Why does this world have to be so messed up!?!?
Sophie May 2015
I have an assignment that need to be submitted by tomorrow. yet, here I am arranging words, twisting, flipping, painting, yawning, crying for help, mercy, sickness to come sits by my side. Ugh, I am not even started a word. How do people graduate anyway. Anyone wants to come and kidnap me for a day? **** I'm so done.

— The End —