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 Sep 2014 Sophie Grey
 Sep 2014 Sophie Grey
we remain the only species
in another species race
competing for depleting meanings
missing all that should be genuinely seen
 Jul 2014 Sophie Grey
Doy A
What if I was funny
What if I wasn't skinny

What if today I didn't think of you

What if my fingers didn't tremble so much
What if my teeth were less crooked
And my laugh was less annoying

What if today I mattered to you

What if everything was the opposite
Of everything
And the sun was brighter at night
And it set in the East

*Would you love me then?
Colorfully depressed

   Falling in line with others among the family crest


happy to have something beating in my chest.

We all get perplexed and stressed to the point we don't know what to do next.  But even indecision is a choice - all a part of the test.  

Sifting through the mesh of a life once lived
Contemplating how many years my flesh has yet to give

and so I close my lids

...Sinking deeper into an abyss,
Noticing all I would have otherwise missed.  
The mist cleared & the vessel I now steered
Proved to me I had nothing to fear..
No need to disappear for eye am always here,
a part of everything -
from interpretive memories
to each melody the birds in the morning sing~

We're all certainly uncertain of what the new day shall bring -
but I hope you too avoid the bitter stings
and rest rather comfortably to a beautiful ring

The Queen or King of your own palace, in a land full of equals,
who do all they can now instead of investing in a sequel.
What should be embedded in our heads
is that we're more than just people..
Yet we keep limiting ourselves based on what seems feasible

Why we've grown so disconnected seems so unreasonable

...Still, it's controllable.
Even in moments where we feel inconsolable

Too many blows to the ego ***** walls that enclose the soul.
Put every temporary and enduring pain that is your ball & chain..
On to paper, and let it go.

As it does, you too will fly free,
straight for serenity where you can replenish your dreams.
If you're hurt looking back on the past,
Don't bask, for this too shall pass.
You can never be sure how long the moment will last..
But true bliss exists beyond the realm of time and space -
Anchors holding our mind,
Floating only in this place -within the mindframe of splintered windowpanes where you came to play the game only to find the pains all hurt the same.

Let me explain,*
Don't refrain, because at the end of that insane train
I'll be standing in a white light,
with lips forming your name.
Astral projecting, hand in hand, our gaze fixed on a new plane
away from the mundane,
to show you infinite new colors, so we can create.
The universe was, and always will be our canvas, let's paint~
i used to wish
that the sun
would stop wrestling
with the moon
and be up
at the same time

and then i realized
that they always were
 Jul 2014 Sophie Grey
Terra Lopez
She asks me to understand her grief
I sleep beneath it
A pillar of flowers I hang my head with
I am surrounded by your hurt
(Well, at least the noose was beautiful)
Darling, I would undress your wounds
If I could
Like them clean
Heal with my tongue until you had no more feeling
But love is fleeting
and I am no better than the next one
Bury my mind with petals
Burn my eyes in haste
I want to forget
What it felt like
To discover hate
I was not that lucky

Not that lucky


Till came you

Came you

Filled heart’s space.

I was not that lucky

Not that lucky

Ever before.

Till you walked in

Walked in

Through my door.

I was not that lucky

Not that lucky

In the past.

Till you stepped in

Stepped in

Placed me trust.

I was not that lucky

Not that lucky

Had times arid.

Till you brought rain

Brought rain

Sowed love’s seed.
 Jul 2014 Sophie Grey
I wonder who keeps you up at night?

Certainly not me.
Not anymore.
If I had told you
that I was made of mud and soil
and grass and sea water
combined over two decades
you wouldn't have understood.

If I'd said my bones were branches
my hands blooming nasturtiums
my toes pebbles on a beach
on the east coast of England
you would have rolled your eyes.

If I'd said your skin after a shower
smelled like warm ground after rain
and your voice was honeycomb
your kisses strawberry jam
you'd have found it strange.

I've known you seventeen years
yet we don't know each other at all.
If I'd told you everything I believed
you'd have thought me childish.
You never did like poetry.
 Jul 2014 Sophie Grey
 Jul 2014 Sophie Grey
in love.

maybe we called it being in love
because "in" was a prefix for not
and the space between the words
was the void you created when you left
or maybe the space was always there
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