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alxndra May 2018
you may lead a bear with salmon
but you cannot take him home
do not lay beside a wild thing
and expect to remain warm
you may lead a bear with salmon
but he will never be your own
do not lay beside a wild thing
and expect to call him home
alxndra Feb 2018
you've let the demons in
but you know that's not
where they really live
give your mind some time
to find a line
for those demons
to go stand behind
because your talent and heart
hold too much to waste
and to allow the hands
of defeat
to cup your face
means you've awarded
the opposition with first place
when actually
you've already won the race
alxndra Feb 2018
all I'd ever hear
is the same old chatter

not a pinch outside this redundant realm
of what is programmed into your cerebellum

how are you even remotely entertained?
by the same plain, tame conversation

day after week after month after year
so young but still I fear

to live a life that has been already
I need more

see I exist solely to reflect all light
no 9-5, no thought of a house-wife

with so many others fulfilling the norm
means a greater space is left to chart the unknown
alxndra Feb 2018
nature to nurture
under these fluorescents
I grow thirsty
the carpet rubs my soles
the wrong way
the sun craves to look
into my eyes today
in my most pure & honest state
love is all I choose to intake
each and every inhale
I will not waste
alxndra Feb 2018
bleed perfection
while the rest of us
would **** for a scratch
alxndra Dec 2017
the roots from which
I'd like to grow
no longer reliant on stunted malnourishment
nor the flick
of a tongue that spits
lie after lie
consumption as a vice
will **** you
self sabotage
is not welcome
in the space you crave
to call home
alxndra May 2017
what seems so soft
can hit you heavy if you let it

and only through the unknown

will you freeze in its immensity
it, balanced
while you, unsteady

remain open
not hollow, but empty
allow space
to exist without you
within you
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