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Simran Nov 2014
a permanent frost
has become me
and no matter what i do
i have become
Simran Nov 2014
and it smells like you
i can't get rid of it
'cause i remember it
all too well
Lyrics to "All Too Well" belong to Taylor Swift
Simran Oct 2014
i always know
always been sure
about everything in the world
and then you came along
and the thoughts began to soar
truths unveiled
drunken words released
to make my mind swim
in infinite possibilites
emotions, i thought
were under my control
but emotion is far greater than that
changing faster than any tide of any ocean
and now i am unsure of everything
of how my heart says no when i think about you
and how it races when i see your eyes
confusion has become me
i don't know what i want
i want you
but i don't
but i do
but i don't
here is my dilemma
Simran Sep 2014
and when your grip tightened around my waist
the urgency of your mouth to capture my taste
from that moment i knew i was done
completely and totally
unfathomably yours
Simran Sep 2014
and you grip me tight
urgency exchanged among us
to breathe in the words I exhale
yours lips on mine
your hands tracing my skin
undo me with your breath on my neck
Simran Sep 2014
and you're indecisive and your worried
but the second you see him
the second he looks at you
the butterflies erupt
and you know everything is worth it
Simran Sep 2014
my thoughts
my thoughts
my thoughts
my thoughts
never stop
my thoughts
they can't stop
my thoughts
i'm surrounded
my thoughts
i'm caged by them
my thoughts
just let me forget
my thoughts
and the ache that comes
my thoughts
make my chest swell
my thoughts
make my body heave
my thoughts
are scribbled across my vision
my thoughts
cease to calm
my thoughts
my thoughts
my thoughts
are all wrapped up around you
and they won't stop
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