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Sedoo Ashivor Jun 2016
Gray hides clear and blue
daylight turns into darkness
Sky weeps in torrents
When you were old enough
You answered the call to serve
Many friends among you
Didn't have the nerve

Off to basic training
Learn to fight a war
Time to become a man
Off to a foreign shore

Battles you will face
Put your life on the line
Dying for your country
To you that would be fine

For our freedom
You paid with your life
Leaving your parents
Kids and a wife

Thank you for your sacrifice
A cost we cannot repay
Allow us to honor you
On this Memorial Day

Our Country
Forever in your debt
Promises that...
We will never forget
Sedoo Ashivor May 2016
The cloudy skies make mild the Sun's shine
Tiny blades of grass
brazenly shoot up the red, moist soil
A herd of goats takes wholesome bites
out of luscious, green shrubs
The field looks inviting and ready to plow
The earth is cleansed
Everything is new
The world is beautiful
I love the rain

The coolness of the atmosphere
Springs up in me depths of contentment
Small worries seep away
I can do anything and everything
The earth is still, Nature is at peace
Petrichor floats in the soft, wet breeze around me
The fragrance of rain washes over me
I can almost taste it
I inhale deeply, I exhale joy
I feel alive
I love the rain.
  May 2016 Sedoo Ashivor
david mungoshi
your coming in with the rising sun
in soft morning light and glistening dew
made me think life could be  a huge smile
and that nothing about you could be a trifle

conversation with you was like lyrical poetry
full of measured tones and profound emotion
words are wholesome food when one is enamoured
you sip their oozing nectar at every sugary pause

your voice was like a heavenly harp magically played
by expert fingers dancing to an inspired melody
that only i and they could hear, and cherish like a dream
thus see me now with my face still ravaged by possibilities

but alas, you decided to take your leave with the dying day
and i knew my bewilderment would last the stretch of eternity
you walked away into the twilight and never once looked back
those who go away with the setting sun do not always rise with it
  May 2016 Sedoo Ashivor

*Painted in shades that resemble your smile
Soft on the coast rests a raspberry mist
Blended in twilight’s peripheral style
Lemonade clouds oh so tenderly kissed

Lilac and rose petals color the sea
Whispers of sunset afloat up above
Such are the wonders rewarded to me
Each time I think of our beautiful love
  May 2016 Sedoo Ashivor
Funny poems
In London zoo a lion escaped
They forgot to lock his cage
It disappeared into the night
Hungry, filled with rage

Poor old Brian had lost his job
His life had hit the skids
His wife moved in with his mate
She also took his kids

He hit the bottle pretty hard
He started to get ill
His grandma died, he got the call
Turns out she had a will

She had millions in the bank
And she left it all to Brian
But on his way to cash the cheque
He was eaten by a lion.....
  May 2016 Sedoo Ashivor
Two Poets,
One writes to remember,
One writes to forget.
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