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CynicMonk Jul 2019
What will we ever be,
If we can't remain humans
That we were meant to be!!
CynicMonk Oct 2015
Will you remember me
long after this day has passed..
Long after twilight of your life had last
in a time where your future became your past

Will you recall me
when your day ends
As for once,
We were friends
now we're just known strangers
moving towards different ends

It started
when we did a consensual crime
I took a part of you
You took a part of mine
Letting our fates intertwine

We shared our secrets
We shared our sorrow
We lived and laughed
like there was no tomorrow

but tomorrow came
and it tore us apart
showed us the Misfits
we really are

Till this day I regret
Of that Lie I spoke
your trust that I broke
for it was you who was hurt
but it was I who bled
For every tear you shed
you never turned back
I never did what I must
We just let our bond rust

I thought
what we had was one in many
oh! It was just a perfect irony

We were just chemicals
of an experiment that went wrong
strangers who just happen to come along

With tomorrow's dawn
I will be gone
I wish you to forget me
but if you don't
I just wish to know
How will you remember me?
CynicMonk May 2015
Two Poets,
One writes to remember,
One writes to forget.
CynicMonk Dec 2014
when I will go down the line
back to a past , a part of mine
I may see your face
still sparkling with an eternal grace
standing apart in that crowded memory lane
I will find you
I will find you!!
#afterlife #you #love
CynicMonk Dec 2014
I am the One
Who swallowed the Sun
Who boldly declared
the Impossible DONE!!
Based on an instance in the Life of Hindu Mythological God Hanuman where he actually swallows the Sun .
CynicMonk Oct 2014
Waiting and furcating
Me myself,
Erasing every shred of good
That I once had,

Mourning on my ill fate
Mourning over my ill heart,
Crushed from within
Cursed to be like that,

Left out alone
I fight my own,
And there is no one to hear me
To hear my ill heart.

I witnessed earth turning red
Bodies turning cold,
Weapons ******* iron,
Same as the one I hold

I wished to be a Messiah
War was all I created,
I asked Lord
If this is what I was fated,

But it's too late to turn back now
My path has been chosen,
I have to walk alone,
I have to cross this hell,
To make a heaven of my own.
CynicMonk Oct 2014
I know I'm falling
but its not my time
reaper I hear you calling my name
but its not my time

Ravaging the fallen
you crawl by my side
slowly looking for the weakness I hide
I feel my heart stop beating
but my soul is still alive
and I'm prepared to fight until I die

Inside the darkness I find the light
I will not fall without a fight

I will take the pain
but won't let you have my soul
its time for me to take back control
from the ashes I will rise
once again to live my life

I know this is not the end
you will return
this feud has just begun..
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