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Sedoo Ashivor May 2016
As I rock him,
     His eyes become dimmer and dimmer
       His breathing is quieter and quieter
      His eyelids get heavier and heavier
   Until they flutter close...
He is asleep.
Sedoo Ashivor Jul 2015
Every woman is beautiful

If only she thinks she is.
Sedoo Ashivor May 2016
Colours and shades, ink and hue
Pen to paper, my thoughts renew
Often red, sometimes blue
The colours I see, when I think of you.
Thank you for that one line, Mfena Ortswen. You're a gem.

I just recently learnt of a neurological phenomenon called synesthesia. Those affected can see colours when they hear words, others even say they can taste the colours on their tongues!
Sedoo Ashivor Oct 2015
They say two halves make a whole
You, are the other half of my soul*.
Sedoo Ashivor Nov 2015
I had a red parrot with a long beak
It was a smart bird I aptly named  Nick
One day, it caught a cold and fell sick
It refused to give a speech all week
Even its favourite words, it wouldn't speak
Dear parrot's future seemed very bleak

Off for a solution I went to seek
Out of many I made my pick
For the services of a vet called Vic
She was beautiful and brilliant, very chic
Just as I heard, her talents were slick
Her office was neat, her armpits didn't reek

During treatment, my Nick was quite meek
I excused myself to quickly take a leak
Suddenly, from the restroom I heard a kick
I hurried across the hallway to take a sharp peek
And what I saw made my shocked jaws tick
My skinned bird was hanging on a stick
Over a flaming fire laid on a burnt brick

What had I done to deserve such a trick?
Why would Vet Vic perform this flick?
I peered at her carefully but it didn't click
So I wrote this poem and put on lipstick.

Nick is healthy again, it was only a gimmick
I am so happy now, I always wear lipstick ☺
Sedoo Ashivor Nov 2015
Dreams remain dreams
as long as you stay asleep.
Sedoo Ashivor Jul 2015
I broke a chicken egg one day
Found two yolks inside
Amazing, the things that happen
When Nature has her way.
Sedoo Ashivor Nov 2015
The five fingers are not equal
Yet, one is not more relevant than the other
All five are needed to make a fist.
Sedoo Ashivor Oct 2015
Some friends think they are so important. . . Essential

They aim to be very close to you. . . Residential

They take total control of your life. . . Presidential

They ride over your decisions. . . . Influential

And claim they deserve the merit. . . Credential

Then disappear when problems result. . . Consequential
A Repost
Sedoo Ashivor Aug 2015
I once received a package in the mail
It was a cute, furry she-dog without a tail
I thought on it, decided to name her Gail
She was so helpful, she took an oath to never fail
One day, during a storm of icy, stinging hail
Gail went on a mission to fetch a precious pail
Trying to swim, she was slower than a snail
She found the pail and boarded it in hopes to sail
But her valiant efforts were to no avail
Under the constant hail fall, she began to quail
And in desperation, she let out a pitiful wail
That night, my beautiful gift went under a rail
I searched and searched, but never found her trail
Full of misery, I sentenced myself for life to jail
Sedoo Ashivor May 2016
Many gems
are lost on this site
Since collections
stopped working right.
Who else noticed this?
Sedoo Ashivor May 2016
I appear where bold people speak
I precede intention
I breed expectation
I rarely reside with the weak

You can recognize my symbol
You can use me in your tone
I am neither proud nor humble
But I prefer to work alone

I would like to haunt you
Sometimes, I'll taunt you
Until you say something
Back to me.

**What am I?
Sedoo Ashivor Jul 2015
May be better

But hindsight
Is always clearer
Sedoo Ashivor Jul 2015
Down in my tummy, there's a weird rumble
That brings dizziness and makes me to stumble
It turns everything I see into a jumble
Makes everything I say sound like a mumble
To explain myself, round and round I fumble
I find myself annoyed at everything and I grumble
Everyone vexes, causing my world to crumble
When satisfied, it leaves me quiet and humble
Sedoo Ashivor May 2016
The cloudy skies make mild the Sun's shine
Tiny blades of grass
brazenly shoot up the red, moist soil
A herd of goats takes wholesome bites
out of luscious, green shrubs
The field looks inviting and ready to plow
The earth is cleansed
Everything is new
The world is beautiful
I love the rain

The coolness of the atmosphere
Springs up in me depths of contentment
Small worries seep away
I can do anything and everything
The earth is still, Nature is at peace
Petrichor floats in the soft, wet breeze around me
The fragrance of rain washes over me
I can almost taste it
I inhale deeply, I exhale joy
I feel alive
I love the rain.
Sedoo Ashivor Jul 2015
Twitter has got nothing on me
I'm your biggest follower
Facebook is just pretend
I'm your best friend

Instagram may like your photos
But I accept your every flaw
Whatsapp likes to chat you up
I'm the one you won't ignore

Hello poetry lets you express poetry
And act like such a mystery
But I know every detail you hide
'Cos I'm always by your side

You must be very curious to know
Well, I'm only your shadow
Sedoo Ashivor Apr 2016
Love spat in my face
Stomped me under his foot
Put me in my place
Stole away my youth

Love wore an angry mask
Laughed me to scorn
Took me to task
Kept me forlorn

Love robbed my innocence
Made my fire quench
Crushed my very essence
Made me a stench

Then, I really met Love
Who was good and true
He wore no masks
And didn't look like you

Then I knew!

It wasn't Love
Who hurt me bad
It wasn't Love
Who made me sad
**It wasn't Love
It was you.
Sedoo Ashivor Jul 2015
I got up this morning, looked out my window
What I saw made me wish I woke up tomorrow

The sky is heavily overcast
Clouds are billowing past

Thunders are making the ground shake
I think there's going to be an earthquake

Lightning flashes viciously across the sky
Creatures are panicky, this must be why

A whirlwind is funneling stuff up higher and higher
I can see smoke over that roof, looks like a fire

Rain is falling fast on the land  in torrents
Someone is helplessly floating away in the current

Ouch, my empty stomach is rumbling away
I need to go feed my hunger without delay.
Sedoo Ashivor May 2016
The truth sets you free
But lies keep you on your toes
Sedoo Ashivor Oct 2015
Life is how you live it
Sedoo Ashivor May 2016
Close the curtains
On this last act
Call home the trains
Bring me back

Time has eloped
With my dreams
I've learnt to cope
On meagre means

Preach the truth
To he who hears
Dig up the roots
Bury your cares

Hide my letters
In an open box
Untie my fetters
Use all the locks

Life is a paradox
Running to its death
Watching all the clocks
To be the last one on earth.
I like the fact that I can have rhyme and beat even when I'm not exactly sure what I mean :-)
Sedoo Ashivor May 2016
You are the lyrics, the rhyme, the melody
You are the only song to my heart's symphony.
Sedoo Ashivor Jul 2015
I live in a town
Where one has to be tough
I've been up
But mostly, I've been down
I know you mean well
When you say you care
I hate to disappoint you
But your loving me is not enough

I know you saw me
Taken away in handcuffs
No, I was not falsely accused
It was me, I did those things
You think you can heal me
With your love
But I must be honest, my dear
Your love is not enough

I am not mean-spirited
I know I seem cruel and gruff
I have to appear so
To keep up the image
That makes men dread my visage
You saw through me
I find it beyond belief
But my sweet darling
Your love is not enough

I had a vivid imagination
I'd view my life in high-definition
Dream the photos of my future
In a colourful panorama
These days, I'm very lucky
To summon the will
To survive day after day
To be loved by you is an honour
Still, your love is not enough

I ignore the whispers of my heart
I laugh and I bluff
When it mentions you
You see, I have nothing to give
I've been broken, crushed
You deserve the world
I am mere shards
I would give you everything
But my love,
I, I am not enough.
Sedoo Ashivor Jul 2015
The cold seeps through the night
Hug me close, hold me tight
As droplets of rain slide down the window
Whisper in my ears, words only I know

The darkness wraps us in its cool cocoon
Don't leave me yet, don't go too soon
Wipe away my tears, give me relief
Fulfill my fantasies, suspend belief

The love we have holds us spellbound
It is amazing the joy that we've found
For me, this is more than a happily ever after
To remain in your arms and love you forever.
Sedoo Ashivor Jul 2015
You lit a spark
That lightened my dark
You threw a dart
And won my heart
Sedoo Ashivor May 2016
As I watch solemnly the dimming of love's fire
There were rifts we had no time to mend
Pain and regret burnt to ashes on the pyre
You were once the only one I called friend

There were rifts we had no time to mend
My heart grew sad and went on a break
You were once the only one I called friend
While some may have, we couldn't fake

My heart grew sad and went on a break
The hopes we had, replaced with doubt
While some may have, we couldn't fake
We did our best and took the only way out

The hopes we had, replaced with doubt
Pain and regret burnt to ashes on the pyre
We did our best, took the only way out
As I watch solemnly the dimming of love's fire
Sedoo Ashivor Oct 2015
Her excited nerves are tingling
He met her on the sanded pier
Their hungry hearts are mingling

His pocket keys are jingling
He carries good luck everywhere
Her excited nerves are tingling

While they sipped cups of singling
He said words she wanted to hear
Their hungry hearts are mingling

They danced and went swingling
Everyone saw both of them there
Her excited nerves are tingling

He bent low, whispering, ingling
Silencing all of her lingering fear
Their hungry hearts are mingling

Today, their lives are commingling
It's a truth they can't wait to share
Her excited nerves are tingling
Their hungry hearts are mingling.
My first attempt at this style. I hope to do better next time :-)
Sedoo Ashivor Oct 2015
She's sleek, silver and shiny
She's very large but I call her Tiny
She doesn't get angry, sad or whiny
I first saw her in the dealer's lot screaming, "buy me!"
Sedoo Ashivor Jul 2015
My dog hates me
He barks, he sniffs
He heads for my shins
He takes his whiffs

I respect my home
I tiptoe to go out
And when I return
I must not shout

Suddenly, I have become
A guest in my house
My dog now scares me
Like a cat scares a mouse

I do all my business outside
And hide them in a pouch
I abide by his strict rules
And sit quietly on the couch

My dog hates me
He barks, he sniffs
My dog hates me
He knows I'm a thief.
Sedoo Ashivor Aug 2015
I know you must be the one for me
You make my hopes and dreams a reality
You open my eyes to see it vividly  
Our love is meant for eternity

It feels so right when we are together
I find myself thinking only of the future
I dream of a long and blissful forever
I'm addicted to your gentle and endearing nature

Your presence is like a magnet to me
I am helplessly attracted to you
Wherever you are is where I want to be
My heart and my feelings are true

Your voice is like a summer song
I know you, I know your smell
Please let me know if am wrong
But your love for me is a story to tell

Man cannot fathom the love we share
I am charmed daily by your tender care
I am not afraid to lay my heart bare
I know you are the one 'cos what we have is rare.
Sedoo Ashivor Oct 2015
I looked into a mirror, took each one apart
Someone had asked me, What's your favourite body part?

Why not your eyes?
Ah, those ones betray me so easily when I cry

Your ears?
No, they too quickly give into their fears

Thought you'd say your lips
They are pretty, yes. But make many regrettable slips

Your nose?
Oh, it is too large and tends to spoil many a pose

And your teeth?
The top row is straight, but not those beneath

But your hands?
Ha, they get busy and selfish with their finds

And your feet?
Hmm... That's an idea but they're not too neat

What about your legs?
They'd sure do well if we compare them to pegs

Surely, your lungs?
They'd do anything for air, to whom do they really belong?

I know, I know! Your brain!
It'd be the best, if I could remember everyone's name☺

Someone asked, "what's your favourite body part?"

One that has stayed loyal to me from the very start
If I must choose a part, that would be my heart ♥
Sedoo Ashivor Jul 2015
My wife left me
With three little kids
Two are toddlers
And one breastfeeds

They sit on the settee
Gazing wonderingly at me
I wonder what they are thinking
What kind of man do they see?

I am a good man
I loved my wife dearly
I tried, I did all I could
Anyone would see that clearly

But I can't stay at home
I must go out to work
And after I'm done
I might take a lady to rock

Because I loved my wife
I lie for her sake
I meet my manly needs
It's a little liberty to take

The society should understand
No one must blame me
That's why I am a man
I must be what I'm made to be

But my wife left me
With three little kids
And since I'm such a man
How do I provide their needs?
Sedoo Ashivor Oct 2015
I heard of a guy named Paul, he was an English knight
He had talent in wielding a sword, he knew how to fight
To watch him take on anyone and disarm them, was a remarkable sight
When he came on a rough scene, his enemies took to flight
And those who could not escape, found themselves in a plight
In short, he was a legend people worshipped day and night

One day, he was to rescue a princess trapped at a dangerous height
Although he went at his task with all of his raw might
Paul, unfortunately, had not been born very bright
So the execution of his strategy filled the princess with fright
An act that would have made him a hero turned into a blight
And the once great Paul was soon cleared from the limelight
Such a pity! This could have been Paul and the Princess, right?
Sedoo Ashivor Oct 2015
I was on bed rest all afternoon
My eyes are droopy, my body's sore
I hope to be on my two feet soon
Give me some water, I want to drink more

Please, open the window blinds
I want to see the sun streaming in
Give me poems to work my mind
Let my body and soul's healing begin
Sedoo Ashivor Aug 2015
One day, Tom, **** and Harry
Went sailing on a little boat
They were more than it should carry
So it could barely stay afloat

Determined to go on this trip
They just did not care
They had plenty wine to sip
And many ribald jokes to share

Tom was so excited he stood up
**** was tipsy and shouted his joy
Harry was drunk and threw up his cup
To the foaming waves, they screamed: Ahoy! Ahoy!

Suddenly, the white clouds grew dark
The waves rose higher than usual
This was a tougher nut than they could crack
They knew their survival was crucial

Tom had an expecting wife at home
**** lost his wife but had two lovely kids
Harry's mother had a tendency to roam
She was ailing and had special needs

The boat bobbed on the raging sea
The three men huddled together, horrified
And when the storm roared, "you and me!"
They almost peed their pants, they were that terrified

Tom suggested crying for help
They began to chant: "save our souls!"
**** and Harry agreed: "Let's divide our wealth
And give most of it to our foes!"

No help was forthcoming
They tried to row stronger to shore
The storm was overcoming
They were blinded in the downpour

Not long after, they heard a reassuring sound
Coming for them, was the rescue ship!
They were lost but now found
And wouldn't die on this trip

Misters Tom, **** and Harry
Safely returned to their families that day
And the lessons they did carry
Have stayed with them till today
Sedoo Ashivor Jul 2015
Richard dumped me
He broke my heart to pieces
He took all my kisses
The break-up stumped me

He told me many lies
That I was his sugar, his tea
I was not very wise
I was blind, now I can see

He used to hold me close
And promise me heaven and earth
He would buy me a rose
And dedicate to me his dying breath

He told me I had the sweetest kiss
He always said to me, 'I care'
But all he wanted was a love affair
My heart was traded for temporal bliss.
"Me" is any lady that has been deceived by a man, and that man here is Richard, apologies to anyone who holds this name special. Richard is the default name for my poetry males.
Sedoo Ashivor Jul 2015
There was once a man called Richard Megacide
One day, with little provocation, he committed patricide
The jury decided man slaughter, but he soon incurred the guilt of matricide
The following month, we got wind of his act of fratricide
The judge ruled against him, then he carried out homicide
As the entire people began to complain, next was genocide
The king, though spared, didn't keep silent and the story was regicide
That very day, Richard Megacide went home and reasonably committed suicide.
Sedoo Ashivor Jul 2015
I am a stick of wax

The thread within me is lax

I brighten your night

With my yellow light*

What am I?
Sedoo Ashivor May 2016
A secret is only a secret if you alone keep it.
Sedoo Ashivor Oct 2015
Papa's ship is sinking in the sea
Everyone asked everyone, how could this be?
Who put it there?
We've searched everywhere
I may never tell anyone. That person is me.
Sedoo Ashivor May 2016
Wide, blue and endless
His infant eyes gazed, amazed
On his evening stroll.
Sedoo Ashivor May 2016
The glowing moon peeps
Through the floating hazy clouds
It's a quiet night.
Sedoo Ashivor Jun 2016
Gray hides clear and blue
daylight turns into darkness
Sky weeps in torrents
Sedoo Ashivor Jul 2015
Smiles are a blessing to any face
A guarantee of warmth in every place
Those who keep for them some space
Will learn to walk through life with grace

Found to be acceptable in every sense
They have a stimulating presence
One is usually grumpy in their absence
And they never let you put up a fence

Of course, they can be a subtle cover up
To help you rise, to set you at the top
But they do aid a clerk serve well at the shop
And ease encounters with stern cops

You'd see a smile on someone eating rice
They brighten and lighten up the eyes
Most people who tend to smile are very nice
As an ingredient for laughter-they're necessary spice
Sedoo Ashivor Nov 2015
The slithering snake slid onto my windowsill
One of us looked mad enough to ****
I got a sturdy stick
Hit it hard, like a brick
Snake ended up that evening on my hot grill.
Sedoo Ashivor Apr 2016
I am a cold and hard man
Brutal, without mercy
You want a name?
Well, you can call me Percy
You can ask all you want
I won't give, unless you call in Tessy
She's my soft spot.
Sedoo Ashivor Jul 2015
Our love was pure
Our love was sweet
The ground was sure
Under our feet

We were young
We were in love
Sheltered in a cove
Our love was strong

Soon, doubts began to assail
Rock became sinking sand
Strength started to fail
We were carried to a strange land

I look back and ponder
Few things can compare
To the power and the wonder
Of the love we shared that year
Sedoo Ashivor May 2016
I was tired enough to weep
He still looked me in the eye
My baby boy only got his sleep
From the music of the lullaby

Even after we said the prayers
Many minutes did pass by
But he was soon taken unawares
By the magic of the lullaby

Yes, he's had milk to drink
And the comfort of a good cry
Now, his eyes close in sync
To the melody of the lullaby

I bestow on him a loving kiss
I tiptoe out and tell him bye
I owe this sweet rest and peace
To the miracle of the lullaby
My baby boy is a tough one to soothe to sleep. I've had to try many methods. The lullaby once came through for me and kept him asleep for a good while! :-)
Sedoo Ashivor Oct 2015
He pulled her to himself and said,
"Give me a kiss, my Lady, just a kiss"
She turned away and shook her head
"No. I thought you promised me bliss".
"But look, all my shelves are bare,
What tells me of your professed care?"

Almost kneeling, he entreated her
"But Sweetheart, here, you have my heart
Or would you rather I gift you a car?"

She wailed, "You must think me daft!
You have a beautiful wife and child
Sitting around the glowing fire in your home
Then you abandon me here, in the wild
To live by myself, all alone
You think I care for a car
When you'd still be so far
I could not even drive to meet you
Then, I'd be a complete fool".

He replied, "Dear lady, I hate to have met you
Long after I had been hooked to a wife
That no one had given me a chance to woo
Now I couldn't live without you in my life
Please, tell me what I ought to do."

Her eyes a-blazing, his a-gazing
She declared,"Send your miserable wife away
And I'm sorry, your daughter
Will have to live without her father
And I'm going to the big mansion to stay!"

"Oh no! No!" he cried, "That's unfair!
I love you but I must say the truth
The miserable wife has always shown me care
Over the years, right from our youth
I could not divorce her for anything
Least of all, you selfish, drama queen!"

She snorted and said, *"Well spoken!
Beware of this heart you have broken
I tested to know how much you loved me
Your lies are now very evident to see
Go away and leave me alone
I'll find me a husband,
To give me a proper home!"
Sedoo Ashivor Jul 2015
The moment my eyes closed on Saturday night
The very moment, my eyes lost their physical sight
I swam into this vast dreamland
Where there were dry shrubs and lots of sand
It was a totally deserted place
There was no sign of anyone, not a single race
It was strangely quiet, the atmosphere eerie
My palms were quite clammy, it was that scary!
I squinted into the dark and saw something
It moved and sounded like bells were clinking
It began drawing closer to me, advancing
I tried to move back, fearfully retreating
But my feet felt stuck to the ground
Its growling surrounded me, what a terrible sound
The moon shifted, I saw its form and its face
It was a horrible sight, its body, every trace
There were the huge eyes, so yellow
The face monstrous, nothing mellow
The teeth were fangs, oh! I can't describe
The fear I felt on this dream ride
Its claws started to descend on me
What would I do? How could I flee?
Just when I thought my throat was being ripped out
I heard a loud shot, and then a shout
The monster lay dead at my feet
I was shivering, my face as white as sheet
I turned and saw this handsome, kind face
The lips moved,"I've come to rescue you from this place"
I was saved and so full of joy
That the evil beast had been destroyed.
My alarm rang and I woke up in bed
My heart thumping, I remember all He said
Taking my hand, he had led the way
And promised to be with me everyday.
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