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Sharon 3d
People have forgotten what it is the say
just a simple word, it's like pulling teeth..
What has this world turned into???
Sharon 3d
I hate everything..
Sharon 4d
Life is all about watching your loved ones die...
Harsh truth but its soooooo true...
Sharon Jun 11
The short ***** long hair beautiful burnette behind the bar is as beautiful  as when you sit and see the sun rise on a beach front...
The sun set over a mountain  top...
The sweetness of hot karmal over vanilla  ice cream..  
This is my friend the beautiful  CARMEN... there's none like her...  one of a kind..  friends until infinity...
No matter how much time passes  that we dont see one another when we do it's like I saw you yesterday....
Sharon May 26
Will I ever be as special as you are??
Will I ever see the beauty you see ???
Will I ever hear the song you sing???
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