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AavelinaJaden  Jul 2014
AavelinaJaden Jul 2014
My hands ache for your fingertips to hold more than the continents long to be back together, but this relationship is not Pangea and we will not drift apart because the way your thumb slides over mine makes my heart flutter and seem to fly away but you are the anchor the keeps my feet on the ground and for the life of me I cannot possible fathom why you -- a god of nature-- would want me --a tiny grain of sand-- when you could have the whole ocean but I'm never not thankful that you are the wings that give my thoughts flight and never leave my side
berry Dec 2013
i never took Mother Earth for a felon,
but it is nothing less than a ******* crime
that you & i are forced to exist continents apart.

- m.f.
Stu Harley Feb 2015
by the glory
the majesty
of the steller sea
green sealight
from her
mermaid eyes
sailed our through
the Isles of Pangea
we trumpeted out
the name of Athena
Destiny Fleming Dec 2015
I watched her crumble into
my hands like
the Earth’s crust

her death wish
had become a mass
I could no longer break apart

this Pangea of emotion
that I couldn’t save her from
was on our minds every
waking moment

She was swimming in a puddle
but to her it was the Atlantic
the continents were holding her

any archaeologist
who tried to extract
this skeleton
from the dust of
her mind was
Pearson Bolt  Apr 2017
Pearson Bolt Apr 2017
the black and white photographs you took
five years past still hang framed in my room,
just above my turntable. Deja Entendu
spills from the stereo as the needle finds its groove.
a shelf filled with all the records
we used to listen to for hours
lines the wall and succulents
adorn the windowsill, waiting patiently
for the rare rays of sun, golden
and flossy as your hair,
which somehow manage
to peek between the tenement rooftops
every now and then.

we still live in the same town. sometimes,
people bring you up. they ask me how you are,
how long it's been since i've heard from you.
i neglect to tell them that, aside from absentee
notifications popping up on my phone
at intermittent variations, we've only spoken once,
in a crowded, little coffee shop
in the city we both love to hate.

you pretended you didn't see me, but i felt your eyes
notice me at the bar as i sat typing another story,
bobbing my head, listening to Daughter.
if i hadn't approached you, i imagine
you would've acted like i was invisible.
the conversation was terse, abbreviated.
i find it strange how once
we were the best of friends
and now we can sit twenty feet apart
and act like we never knew each other at all.
i can't really recall why
our friendship collapsed in the first place.
have i suppressed it? or was it just the casual
slip, like Pangea, elapsed time
fracturing our continent.
National Poetry Day 2.

*Before 200 million years ago
there was a single super continent,
named the Pangea,
and you have broken the Pangea
into two parts,
the Laurasia
and the Gondwanaland
by a single water body,
called the Tethys Sea
and we have seen,
the first sign of the life
on the beautiful black shale,
the blue green Algae

@ Musfiq us shaleheen
This is the origin of water and life on the Earth
Irene  Aug 2019
Irene Aug 2019
your splendor outweighs
all faults that you possess.
The pain you have endured
outweighs all blame bestowed upon you.
Naive nymph that you are,
there are truths in you
which I have forgotten.
At dawn, I hold your heart in my palm,
whispering forgotten songs and silly dreams,
as sunlight enters the earth
with a promise of bringing new regrets.
Jo  Mar 2014
Jo Mar 2014
I've been painted pink the instant the doctors
Wiped me of red.
I looked like the boys I knew - our differences a
Color palette provided by Mommy and Daddy.
I was their little girl, their princess who wished
Her hair would stop growing,
Lest she be locked in a stone tower.
I didn't mind the dress so much then,
Not when it was the only difference between me
And them.

Magic mirror before me, is wrong all I'll ever be?
I shut my eyes, unable to stand my body bare.
My knight, your skin simply is not right.
I've read the mirror never lies.

Mommy and Daddy are yelling
About my butch haircut.
Our little girl the ****, they say.
I did it myself.
Mommy still buys me dresses,
Daddy tells her to spend the money on
Therapy instead.
Daddy asks about boyfriends,
Mommy tells him I don't have any because I
Hide my *******.
I tell them I'm all wrong.
They agree.
We're talking about two different things.

I don't change for gym anymore.
The girls are secretly relieved I won't be there
To cast a wandering eye in their soft bodies.
I'm relieved I won't be in the wrong locker room.

Mommy and Daddy don't like me
Telling them who I am.
I've finally found my way out of the tower and
The king and queen are upset because their
Princess never made it home, just the knight.
My little girl, Mommy cries.
I follow the point of Daddy's finger to the door
Until I'm on a bus bound for somewhere else.

I shift from Pangea into separate pieces.
Finally I have space to breathe.
Needles, knives, pills bend my body to my will -
It took Michelangelo three years to build David.

Mommy and Daddy believe me to be
A delivery man. They are expecting to sign off
On a television set, yet when they see me
Idle in the doorframe there is a hesitance, a hope.
But most of all there is silence.
Mommy cannot speak, her hand curls like a gasp
Around her mouth.
Daddy begins to cry, his eyes pale and blue.
I am hugged.
They don't say sorry, but I hear then whisper.
My little boy, they say. My little boy.
Empathy poem for class
sunprincess  Mar 2017
sunprincess Mar 2017
Woa, last evening my unicorn and i
We traveled farther and farther
farther than we've ever gone before
we traveled to a fantastical realm
through prisms of red, pink, orange
yellow, green, blue and purple
through a doorway of enchantment
to an enchanting planet of giant trees
with dragonflies as huge as eagles
and millipedes large as crocodiles
together we stood under an evening sky
of blue and admired a shooting star
Frisk Dec 2014
we imagined our bodies were continents but my
continent became an never ending earthquake,
trembling until it tears through the exoskeleton
of my body. the earthquake was panic attacks. i
learned to interact with them so i could see it coming.
i learned to appreciate the homes i destroyed, and
i helped you clean up the rubble after i obliterated you.
architect of sadness: you built an expansive house
that's always empty and chilly. you let the prettiest
flowers wilt and die. your bright colors coating your
exterior shows promise and sentiments, but even the
ones who walk through your doors notices the absence.
it's always too late to sever ties when you are given the
keys. your voice is like the dinner bell, ringing through
the west and east hallways and haunting these walls. we
were two different worlds clashed together like the big
bang, we were pangaea, a super continent exploding with
content and then continential drift split us open. somewhere
along the line, you became australia and myself the united
states, where swimming to you became an impossible
task. even at the end of it all, i asked for the keys to
enter inside the same house holding empty promises
and a foundation i knew was built from the hands of an
amateur architect. is that what love is? walking into the
scorch of hell's fire because you're willing to deal with
the permanent third degree burns and scars the fire will
leave on you? because that's how i know i love(d) you.

- kra
Tien - Tim Jul 2013

Natural elements,
Are god's lessons to explore,
Seek and you will find.
I decide to name this set of Haikus "Pangea's Notion" because I could not think of any bigger recollection than the super continental itself, and it captures it perfectly with notion; which is a good way alternative to express it as a philosophy without using the word philosophy. It's uniquely different so that's my thought.
Tien - Tim Jul 2013

Unwavering love,
Like a flame on a candle,
Needs to be relit.
I ended it with fire because relit is a good way to start over again; which I hope will start the cycle of rereading the poems again.

— The End —