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Isabel May 2019
I was very pleased to find
A fungus that sometimes (not always)
May contain algae
And so may be described
As partially lichenised

So when I can't make up my mind
I am just evolving me
I'm not divided
Only naturalised
Sharon Talbot Sep 2017
Under the surface sheen
In the carousel of the surf
And the churned-up foam
Turquoise-coloured drink
And beige dust storm
Swirling down
Brushing against
Corals and polyps
That will die too and
Join the round bodies
Of diatoms.
Stars of the sea,
Celestial show in the deep.
Dancing as they descend,
Toward the inevitable end,
The boundless dark
A plain of mud
Made ghostly by their larks.
I had just seen a program about creatures of the sea, including diatoms, or phytoplankton that photosynthesize. It fascinated me that something so tiny and delicate could be so important, fixating 20% of the air's carbon and 40% of marine carbon. This makes them incredibly crucial to life on Earth.
Arlo Disarray Sep 2015
hybrids keep being created from other hybrids
and it's gotten to the point where no one knows where any of it originated from anymore
the filibustering has to cease at some point
but everyone keeps insisting on driving their point through the brains of children
until they're little reflections of what they wish they could be

past generations poison the future
like a stone fish
with filthy, algae covered spines
leaving pain and infection in everyone's lives
but time only teaches when death comes to mind

there has been dust filling in my footprints
and denying any point that i ever existed
holograms of things i thought true were short-circuited
and it's obvious to me now that all good things come to an end
Abbie Crawford Mar 2015
Laying in the algae bed,
Soaking up the sunshine,
Festering in the daytime hours,
No one knows your name,
You never sleep at night.
There is a cure for this,
It all starts with one deep breath,
But the air was never sweet enough,
Underneath your fingertips.

*Before 200 million years ago
there was a single super continent,
named the Pangea,
and you have broken the Pangea
into two parts,
the Laurasia
and the Gondwanaland
by a single water body,
called the Tethys Sea
and we have seen,
the first sign of the life
on the beautiful black shale,
the blue green Algae

@ Musfiq us shaleheen
This is the origin of water and life on the Earth

— The End —