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Tien - Tim Dec 2014
Trying to listen to my sober thoughts,
But my drunk ambition is a chaser.

Shot after shot,
I can't seem to stop.

So my mind's spinning,
as the world stand still.

I'm trying to get rid of this fear,
So I ask the bartender for another drink.

Fill me with courage as I confess my sins,
No need to preach, just baptize me in gin.

Just for tonight,
I'll erase ya.

Never been smart enough,
To listen to my mind.

Even when it's right,
My heart gets me Every time.

Will chasing dreams mean less regrets?
You regret you don't know them answers yet.

I regret that I even asked that ****..
But if life alone could mean anything..
Being right or wrong would you still dream?

They say in life only time will tell...
That's like hearing GOD whisper while the devil yell.

Being left only with my consciousness all alone with it just staring me in the face....
Bartender I think I need a refill..........
By KJ Pope and Myself,
Tien - Tim Mar 2014
Why do I love you?
How do I know?
A simple "I know why because I just I feel it," would not suffice,
Because the answer you seek must be Poetic Justice.
But yet I'm feeling like Young and The Restless,
Pondering on these questions,
During my private session of meditation.

We're not always on the same page, but overlap each other to give new meanings like Metaphors.
Despite the differences, we come together as our common interest connects our likes like Similes.
As we let our curiosity play on as we find new meaning to this love, no Pun intended.

"The Sneetches" is the perfect allegory about the tolerance of people's differences.
I just thought I should mention this for a pictorial image of how I feel,
Your words paint vivid pictures, I can hear your imagery.
Our love is the strongest form, there is no hyperbole.
You're the Personification of how it feels to smile.
Your Rhetoric persuades me to go that extra mile.
My perseverance perfectly prepares me to pursue every inch of your portrait.

It's that sweet taste of alliteration that describes you in every way.
My love for you is like the wind, it will take you wherever you want to go,
And I'll be there waiting with open arms.
There's no perfect analogy to describe how I feel about you ,
But since life is too deep for words, I won't try to try describe it, I'll just live it with you.
Figuratively speaking, if my heart was a glass of ***** water, I'll pour it out for you,
There's no perfect sign,
at this perfect time,
to use the perfect rhyme,
to express my emotions to you.
Instead I'll show you the hopeless romantic that I am....
By Tien (Tim) Dang, Sidney Conway, and Wilbert Kizermoore

In this poem we use each poem mechanic's definition poetically.
Tien - Tim Feb 2014
Say what you see,
See what you say.
Starting with a single word,
Draws a line of thought,
Your mind sketches out your world.

Some people speak in black and white,
So they only see shades of gray.
Failing to realize that as life gets cold,
Life brings warm colors to fall for.
An allure to spring onto to hope,
with rejuvenating colors to cool our disparity.

Like chasing the rainbow,
But the tinctures remain elusive to the touch.
With each of our individual journeys coming in different flavors and textures,
Painting words of our legacy.
By Tien Dang and Sidney Conway
Tien - Tim Jan 2014
Love... Quite edible one could imagine.
Some may be famished beyond imaginary boundaries due to his or her own taste.
From sweet kisses, to bitter love, to varieties of flavor that spices up our lives.

We drink lover's spit if we care enough at the moment we see them, the edible ones because,
quite frankly the taste is so grand...

Only through time will we be seasoned to find perfection,
Until then it lingers, as our taste buds crave for more.
Something so tasteful that...
a man would swallow his pride,
a woman would eat her doubts,
a new born will sip it's nourishments,
a free food that no one could ever get full from...

Yet if prepared in the wrong conditions,
love could spoil and poison you, harm you,
destroy you...
So make the best out of the ingredients that you have,
To make it a grand feast that lasts,
before it all expires and goes to waste....

Let this marinade... Before it becomes your food for thought.
Let your cravings state that you are what you eat... lovely soul food.
**I wrote in bold for bold taste. Lol**
A collaborated poem by myself and Kenneth Pope
Tien - Tim Jan 2014
Without a word, I'm melted by your touch,
So far, yet so close, this touch is ever reaching,
Falling deeper with each sunken kiss...

Without a word, this kiss became a confession,
I'm an open book for you to read,
In between these lines, you'll find that I'm on the margins of sanity...

Without a word, your love got me blindsided,
Everything else is out of sight and out of mind,
I'm tunnel-visioned so all I see is you at the end, where there's light...

Without a word, your essence lingers,
With each breath taken, soothes my mind as your essence diffuses,
As this aroma becomes therapeutic to this longing heart ache...

Without a word, you've left me speechless,
So I placed my heart on this dotted line,
Ready and willing to sign it off, will you cosign?
I title it "Without a Word" because the best things are usually indescribable, only thing that can explain it, is the senses you feel, so each verse I've wrote was describing a sense (In order of : Touch, Taste, Sight, Smell, and Sound).
Tien - Tim Dec 2013
I hope you never leave like the leaves with the winter breeze,
You've brought colors to my world like autumn leaves.
With your absence you've left me colorblind.
Surprised by my silent scream, but my eyes beg for you to stay.
My life has no light without you.
Like the moon to the sun,
I can't shine without you.
Because you are the reflection of my other half,
Until then I guess I'll always be half the man.
So will you drift away like the winds from my fingertips?
A cloud once I hold it tight,
Or my 1st memories in life?
You would hold your breath just so you wouldn't breathe the same air I would breathe,
Just to tell your new love that you have no part of me.
You mistake his love like a mirage in the desert,
You gambled with your eyes and see odds without measure,
Just another guy who always lose to guys who's not better.
Yes the type who could be your everything if you let me,
I guess it’s more affordable to waste time than to buy some regrets then sell them.

By K.J. and Myself
2nd revision was posted a good while back.
Tien - Tim Oct 2013
Shrouded thoughts of being pessimistic,
Because everyone's preaching to be realistic.

So people let their dreams die,
As they open their eyes.

But me, I rather hit that snooze,
Because I don't want to lose,
My deliberation or concentration.

Resurrected from ignorance,
As I close my eyes,
So my dreams won't die.

I begin my days hitting that snooze,
Even though they tell me to wake up,
Because reality is a shock.

I wake up only to hit that snooze,
Because it hurts more to let dreams die.

So in pain, I refuse to lie,
With restless nights.

Living with dead dreams,
Facing insomnia.

Its something I can't accept,
So no regrets.

So let my dreams live on,
So I can at least lay rested in peace.
By myself and Sidney Conway.

My favorite line  "In pain I refuse to lie," by Sidney complemented by my line "with restless nights" using lie as a pun. A great example of divergent thinking.
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