Jul 2014 Geovanni Sanabria
I want you here with me so I don't have to keep taking a walk down memory, trying to remember the way it used to be.

I want to live it.

I want you here with me so when I get sad or scared I don't have to think back to a time when you used to hold me so tight in your arms.

I want to feel it.

I want you here so that every time I hear your name it's not a stab to my chest that makes my heart sink into my stomach.

I want butterflies.

I want you here with me so I don't have to keep thinking back to a time when I used to be happy.

I want my happiness back.

I want my life back.

I want our life back.

It's in the morning, at the rise of the sun, when memories float back to you and the remnants of your smile from last night reappears in the soreness of your cheeks and the tightening of your jaw where beauty manifests itself throughout nature.

From the distant tolling of church bells, tolling away in their perfect habitual melody, to the sounds of lovers silently waking one another and relishing at the sounds of their respected voices.

Its in this moment that the dream and reality mesh with one another. Never truly revealing which is which leaving you in a blissful ignorance peppered with false hopes and beautiful truths.

Its through the fog of your alcohol addled mind that a light appears and guides you to wonders untold, leading to a discovery of discoveries revealing a magic long lost to this universe.

Down the neck of a dark blue bottle lined with platinum flows my intuition and aspiration. Its now that i drink and discover a new reality.

Before the hole there was most
assuredly some form of completion
where everything was as it
should have been.

During the void there is
a parasitic vacuum that robs the
mind of peace and joy leaving
only hopelessness

After the emptiness comes a
variation of bountifulness
where the hole is the past,
and soon forgotten

Search before the hole
look into my eyes
take my hand
and live free
Relinquish these chains of injustice, this yoke of deceit
Ameliorate your life away from tribulations and pain
Take up a spirit of greatness, welcoming refinement
Keep your heart unpretentious with each step you take
Not just for greatness, but for a life of personal fulfillment
Smiling behind a hint of mystery
Devious in such a timid matter
What is it that you want from me
Your desires hide between our silent banter

Be it love, ****, a need to be noticed
From across the room there's one thing I see
The look of joy in your eyes has diminished
Which deeply saddens me

Take my hand and come away
Let your grief be my burden to bear
You will be happy again someday
Whatever you need I'd be glad to share

Back into the fray
Emotions so greatly concealed
I pray to see the day
When behind our masks our truths will be revealed
Capitalizing on an era of pseudo depression
Day to day writing and spitting trying to make a connection

The goal is to take the world by surprise and mystify
Reach the souls of the people and have them testify

Our ambition isnt just to rise up and be famous
But you better be ready to step up and pay us

See the problem with music today stems from this lyrical fallacy
It fills our minds with malice and it's simply a travesty

Desperately we cry out to change the game
Hoping to inspire this generation on its rise to fame

Listen closely now and don't take what youve heard for granted
With every single rhyme every line there's passion We've implanted

We don't want to look back and just be known for go dumb and *******
There has got to be more to music than wanting to be charted

Have us at 100 put us back at 1000 theres only one thing we need
To be in the ears of a young man or woman knowing we planted a seed.
To that which controls us
To he that dictates us
To they who end us

I now weep, for I have lost
That which I have come to love

Reason and revolution surrounds you
What has happened to you will shake
Worlds and crumble nations

Your name shall become golden
Your memory never forgotten
Your face immortalized

You have not died
You have just left a shell
You shall live on

Because I love you
Because we all love you

So live on in our hearts friend
May you never leave our minds
May your memory be our strong tower

For your name is golden
Your memory non forgotten
Your face immortal

Live on in legend brother
Live on.
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