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LizO  Aug 2018
LizO Aug 2018
Knit, knit, knit away.
Life unfolds
under the needles’ sway,
creating lovely order,
bit by bit,
and soothing memories form
for you to display.

The neat rows of wool,
that now exist,
allow a whispered hope for
beauty in the mist.

It spurs you on to focus
and industriously look for meaning -
saving dropped stitches
can’t be your reason for being!

But it’s hard to not be entranced
by the sound of click, click, click.
So, though your
search continues,
you still knit, knit, knit.
this poem is about how our lives are mostly routine but then often (sometimes fleetingly, sometimes not) we have a good old think about the big questions, like why we're here
Nassif Younes May 2016
I wear my knitwear
Because wearing my knitwear is peaceful.

Because when they see me over there
Wearing my knitwear
They don't feel scared
They only think I'm peaceful.

They notice my awkward stare
And think
"There's no need for me to be scared
Because he's wearing knitwear
And wearing knitwear is peaceful."

So they say hello
And start a conversation
Free of care
As I think about stripping their skin
And knitting it there -
With all the others -
Into my knitwear.
Geronimo  Dec 2018
Geronimo Dec 2018
My grandmother taught me to knit once.
but she didn't tell me how to use it.
Now I wonder if I can needlepoint you a cushion,
that has all the right words on it.
If I can cover my mistakes with a bigger pattern,
or if I can cover yours.
I wonder what it would take,
to forget the past,
or to knit a future real enough to drown in.
Do you need mittens for your hands,
Or a sweater for your mind?
Maybe the wool could wipe away your troubles.
or maybe the warmth would take you with.
Now I wonder if I could pull your outsides in,
because I'm afraid you'll try on your own.
If my needles produce a scarf,
will you cover your eyes?
If my needles produce an answer,
will you finally have a question?
If my needles produce an answer,
would you stop pretending you don't need one?
My grandmother taught me to knit once,
Now I wonder if I could knit your dreams into reality,
Or if I could knit your stars into place.
Maybe then they would learn how to shine for you.
Cosette, love, I want you to be alright.
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