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And pain
And pain
And pain

And over
And over
And over

No one
To hurt me

So don't worry.
You're fine.
I'm fine.
It's fine.

It's fine
It's fine
It's fine
And I'm fine.
I'm not fine
She saved me from the smallest box.
The one I'd been confined to for an* eternity. She smiled at me, and I desperately reached for her.
And she did. She saved me from the hellish existence of the tiny box.
I didn't quite remember why, but I wanted to be


But I had no clue what



I'd forgotten in the mind-breaking box. What did it smell like? Sound like? Taste like?
How could I get there?
She put me in a room
With a moving picture


I recognized the shapes and shades of it. Just a small picture of it, but recognizable.
In time, I moved throughout a maze of rooms. I learned about
The door.
I hadn't seen that on the way in.
When it opened, I could see it-


I knew if I could get close enough,
I could
For just
A little
One night, I did just that.

I loved night the most.
I could easily move around in the dark without being seen. Or heard. Or even sensed. I was part of the darkness.
She started to panic.
Did she think I would abandon her?
My savior?
No, but I would stay close.
She ultimately tricked me back into the rooms.
Her efforts to prevent my
Became more vigorous.
She would stare at me
For seconds
Before opening the door.
I would stare back, not challenging her.

My next escape was glorious.
Another person that wasn't her
Left a window
With a broken screen
And she wasn't in any of the rooms.
I slipped through the screen
And into the day
I felt the
I remembered everything.
I wandered the grounds of
The rooms.
I climbed the wall
That separated a network
Of other rooms.
I was


I was happy,
But I knew she would worry if
She returned to find me
I went back
To realize
There was no way back inside.
The night was getting cold.
I scaled the wall around part of
The grounds
And found a small shelter
From the winds
And prayed she would return soon.

I awoke to the sound of the rustling of my small shelter.
Startled, I ran for the door of the rooms, which sat open.
She was warm,
And so I welcomed her embrace
All the more.

From then on, she trusted me. She knew that I could go


And return again
To her.

This is the stuff
They write about
In books where
The protagonist is 17

And finds love.

But not just love
True love
Life-altering love
Undeniable love
Unconditional love

That innocent affection
Giving way
To bouts of

A depth and breadth of love
Which did not seem
Until there was
For all of your objections
I have a fierce excuse
A desperate justification
A bribe
And a curse
The way you guide
The frenzied wanderings
Of my heart

Will surely make me
The next great
American poet
It's strange
How quickly
I have managed
To completely replace
My suicidal sadness
With the delirious
Happiness of
How did
A gal like me
Get to deserve
A guy like you
Dangled in front of her?

What did I do
To justify
Your sweet,

That karmic force
Which propels me
From tragedy
To tragedy
Sent me
To you

And I find myself
yet again
In a state of breathless
A moth
Reaching for
The deadly kiss
Of your deepest fire

Drunken on
Your words
And every
Drop of
Tenderness that
Poured from them

This is the state
Of my ravenous soul

To Hell, I'd gladly descend <3
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