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Her name is  like a fine diamond,
every which way the sun hits her
she shines
letting everyone know why with so much love
her mother laid her against her chest,
since small
and called her Crystal
"******" screamed the nasty Idaho boys
during the town celebration.

Aberdeen Days,
a fixture that seemed needed
to adorn a town's narrative
of property claim,
scattered people in a small town park
bunched them up in cliches
and incubated 'people among their own people'

"..." silence were the words she used.  Cage's 4'33

The Architectural Barriers Act of 1968
Mills v. Board of Education 1972
The Higher Education Act of 1972
The Americans with Disabilities Act 1990
flutter in U. S history.

Four butterflies over my aunt Berta
and my cousin Crystal's head  
ever radiant under the beams of the sun
words unable to dimish beauty  
as they walked across the lawn to join
Byron, nothing impeding her too
from walking in that beauty
like the other girls in the park square
Alvaro Avila Aug 2018
The storm in me
Is the conflict you cant see
Whom i am, or am not
Supposed to be
The person i was,
Because & should be

Someone whom was
Smart & strong
Needed & belonged
Confident without hesitation
A patriot of this great nation &
A loyal friend If you ever needed one

Today though some see me differently
They call me a
Disappointment with disabilities
Slowly ruining a reputation
A product of my environmental instabilities
Falling short of an expectation

But sometimes there's nothing you can do
When life interferes a set course of desitination
And redirects it down a path unsecurred &
Open to translation.
Just as it did to me...

Now everyday is exactly the same
But completely different
I wish I could explain.

Whom I was back then
Died on a lonley back street
One beautiful day in May
And what it began
Is the conflict you can't see
What it created was a Storm inside of me.

Kara Ashley Jan 7
Dear Brother,

I was struggling.
Anxiety attacks and utter insecurity,
The pit in my stomach was a permanent crater
But I saw you
At recess, standing on the blacktop alone
And I forgot about myself

They told you you couldn’t play football with them.
Your limp was horrible, you didn’t understand the rules exactly
Boys running up to tap me on the arm
Yelling “Get him away from me”
“Tell him to leave me alone”
How am I supposed to tell my brother no one wants to be his friend
No one wants to talk to you Ryan because they can’t understand what you’re saying
They don’t even want to try.

Everyday the school called home, he’s hopeless
Detentions for yelling at the teacher,
The one who didn’t bother to notice he was trying
And he did try too, so hard
So hard he came home calling himself stupid
Because that is all he summed up to at the glories of public highschool

Mom cried, and Dad tried to give her hope
That someday people would treat you right
And I prayed that I wouldn’t keep hearing kids mutter your name in the hallways
Completely unknowing that you were my brother
And all the times your frustration built,
Holes in the wall and broken door frames
I never ever blamed you.

Now we stand side by side at graduation
And I want you to know,
I couldn’t be more proud of us.
Dear brother,
You will always be one of the best things that ever happened to me
zebra  May 2018
Spice of Creation
zebra May 2018
I'm told its best to eat low on the food chain
so if its okay
i'll start at your feet
and work my way up tenderly
excited like a child climbing a great tree
for the first time
aspiring to your kind mouth

but forgive me my love, alas my manners
have left me
i fear i'm stuck between your thighs
your shimmering slit has me woozy
oooh candy red lolly
so very cherry jolly
my favorite color since i was six years old
you know
and so wet like babies drool

can we open this butter cup
it all loving alizarin silk
a gift for my tongue
splashing pink
little fluttering bull frog
ready to turn into your prince

the taste of ephony
my attention deficient disorder
my learning disabilities evaporated

why didn't they teach me to read like this
i can taste the entire alphabet inside of you
numbers come with colors now
making sense suddenly
i feel the alchemy of poetry and art
high mathematics and astrophysics
i hear the music of the spheres
and every molecule
the earth giving birth
to the spice of creation

next you say,
would i like to know the constellations of heaven
yes please my lady
i'm definitely going to kiss your ***
Lawrence Hall Nov 2018
A Citizen of the United States

To: Donald J. Trump


You are reluctant to go to the wars
And I do understand – I went to one
And you missed out. I was sorry to hear
Of your physical disabilities

You are reluctant to go to the wars
And I do understand – but why are you
Eager to send the daughters and sons
Of other fathers off to die for - what?

You are reluctant to go to the wars
And I do understand -

                        Now get off your * and go see those kids

And bring them home
Stu Harley Oct 2018
both of my arms
both of my legs
War of Vietnam
bitterness has faded away, but
must learn how to forgive
love my country
can sing the National Anthem, and
can say the Pledge of Allegiance, but
cannot put my hand over my heart,
because of my handicap disabilities
thank God, each and every day,
blessing me with my precious life,
hope is alive, and
am willing to pray
Johnny walker Oct 28
Today I made decision having seen my Doctor and spoke to my son the things  I have wrong with me plus disabilities I soon won't be able to look after myself  don't want to be wheelchair-bound this Is not for
As I don't won't to be resuscitated In the event of serious illness been advised to make a Living Will to prevent being revived  In the event of a heart attack or other complications don't want to get really old and dependent on
I want to have the final decision when enough Is enough don't want to become so sick that It's taken out of my hands my wife Helen was revived thre e times before she eventualy passed
So I've made that final decision and happy with It don't want to suffer constantly In pain for the rest of my days some may I'm selfish but I never really settled to life on my own after Helen passed on I'm lost without
Decisions In life one has to make I'm
lost without Helen
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