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Destiny Diadem Jul 2013
Cover the emotions you wear on your sleeve
So they won't detect your pain.
But hold firmly to what you believe
And flourish like flowers with rain.

They want to cut out your tongue.
They want to extract and burn your eyes.
But don't panic, turn and run.
Only resist their bags of lies.

Promise to protect your tongue.
And remember to correctly perceive.
But don't panic, turn and run
With your emotions dangling from your sleeve.
Destiny Diadem Jul 2013
You've worn me out
Until I'm leaning like the letter Z,
Trying to find support
From the ground
Or from anything that's around
Just so you can be like an oak tree.

I've carried you.
I've supported you.

And as the bright eye in the sky begins to close, And the night descends upon us like warm peace, You peel me off your feet
And leave me exhausted
And alone.

Then we continue again tomorrow.
Destiny Diadem Jul 2013
I'm placing my love for you in a
Crystal clear bottle
With a red cork.
Bottled up just for you
And gently releasing it from my brown fingers
Until it splashes into the bright blue ocean.
Then it can be free to make its journey to you.

The waves and wind will wash
This bottle of my love upon the soft shore of your heart.
Bottled up just for you.

My love, the most precious essence I possess,
That I freely release into the cool ocean,
Knowing that angels will keep it safe with their black wings
Until my love arrives at the midnight shore of your heart.

July 1, 2013
Destiny Diadem Jun 2013
The moment we made that memorable
Exodus from her sacred womb,
The veil of suspicion floated from their eyes
And draped our lives like a burden.
Then we have to spend the rest of our days
Trying to rip the veil of suspicion from our souls
In vain.
When they see us, we are marked
Because of their fear.
They hate us, fear us, and aim to control us.

Why do you despise the blackest of God's divine creation
But pursue dark, insignificant objects?
You're even intimated by the tiniest of our sons,
Hunting them to slaughter them like immoral doctrines.

I feel sorry for you,
The ones who fear us but idolize us.
I feel sorry for you,
The ones who despise us yet envy us.
I feel sorry for you
Along with the ones who are totally sightless,
Unaware of the systematic wickedness
That begins soon after our memorable Exodus
From mother Africa's womb.
Destiny Diadem Apr 2013
Steams rose from the red ***
Like angelic dancers
Dressed in gray and white,
And he silently stirred the red ***,
Stirring with that silvery spoon,
Stirring slowly.
Finally she realized he, the devil,
Was stirring her pain,
Stirring her anger,
Just stirring her life
Into a bitter ***.
And she became exhausted
In that heated red ***
That was filled with blazing anger,
Bitter herb, and battered emotions.
He silently stirred her like unseasoned meat
In a steaming ***
Until she lost her flavor.
Then she remembered to pray.
And faith rescued her from the heat,
Imprinting healing in her heart.
Now she is forever flavored with the love of God.

Copyright 2012
Destiny Diadem
Destiny Diadem Apr 2013
Once again
Her integrity-
Like a mirror-
On the clean floor
And her punctured hope is
Bleeding from the
Broken pieces

But this time
She really cares

Copyright 2012
Destiny Diadem
Destiny Diadem Apr 2013
He keeps asking me if I love him.
And he makes it seem as if
He really needs my love.
But deep in the back door of his heart,
Where the grass is hiding from the sun,
And where the rusty clock is hanging from a broken wall,
I believe the ticking in the clock fell asleep,
And he has stopped loving me.

Copyright 2012
Destiny Diadem
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