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Today the Irish people witnessed an eclipse in their senses. The morning came over all queer.  Nobody noticed, except the king of bookworms in the book of Kells, and the mice in the Campanile.   I witnessed the eclipse from a windowless room on the 4th floor of the Arts block.  Edmund Spenser's poem, The Faerie Queene,  shall henceforth be named, Long ****, by jury of 5 English Lit. Students and a Lecturer.  Also, Sinn Fein plans to build Jerusalem in Ireland's green and pleasant land.  

Lines written last night over a cup of sugary tea in a public house in North Dublin.
ali russo Dec 2011
i have been around the world
trekked through the amazon
battled dragons
fallen in love
and saved mankind
all in three hours.
what have you
done today?
Shan Coralde Sep 2015
People say, bookworms are antisocial, quiet, and pretty much unattached.
these are not true, alright? no. bookworms are not like that.
let me enlighten you by telling you about the bookworm I fell for.

1. on meeting her for the first time, I was minding my own business. I was in class and it was the first day of school.
then all of a sudden, she suddenly points out the game I'm holding and screams *** *** ***! that game!! and after that we just talked on and on and on and on pretty much about random things. so no, they are not antisocial.
2. on trips to bookstores I'd always end up walking out of one with ym body hurting. why? Whenever she sees a book that she doesn't have, she'd gasp  point  grab  gasp  point  grab  and repeat. on seeing a book that she can't buy. she'd hit me with it! I mean who does that? on seeing a book that she's been looking for, for a long time, she'd throw a tantrum! so no, they are not quiet.
3. When you look into her eyes, you'd see all the things she's been through, the masks she wore, and the wrinkles in her smiles for faking them so much. It came be from a lot of things, A past lover, a long-term problem, an old friend, or betrayals. whether it's fiction or non-fiction it would pain her no matter how she lies about it. She's been attached to too many for too long a time, that she'd try her best not to get attached. So on a bookwrom being attached or unattached, in the end it's all up to you whether she becomes the first or the latter
Hidden, oh hidden
in the high fog
the house we live in,
beneath the magnetic rock,
rain-, rainbow-ridden,
where blood-black
bromelias, lichens,
owls, and the lint
of the waterfalls cling,
familiar, unbidden.

In a dim age
of water
the brook sings loud
from a rib cage
of giant fern; vapor
climbs up the thick growth
effortlessly, turns back,
holding them both,
house and rock,
in a private cloud.

At night, on the roof,
blind drops crawl
and the ordinary brown
owl gives us proof
he can count:
five times--always five--
he stamps and takes off
after the fat frogs that,
shrilling for love,
clamber and mount.

House, open house
to the white dew
and the milk-white sunrise
kind to the eyes,
to membership
of silver fish, mouse,
big moths; with a wall
for the mildew's
ignorant map;

darkened and tarnished
by the warm touch
of the warm breath,
maculate, cherished;
rejoice! For a later
era will differ.
(O difference that kills
or intimidates, much
of all our small shadowy
life!) Without water

the great rock will stare
unmagnetized, bare,
no longer wearing
rainbows or rain,
the forgiving air
and the high fog gone;
the owls will move on
and the several
waterfalls shrivel
in the steady sun.
Julie Grenness Feb 2017
What was that you wanted, dear?
I'm busy reading away in here,
Bookworms munching through the pages,
Words in print, creating stages,
A writer must read and write alone,
Get someone better on your phone,
What was that you wanted, dear?
Move on, I'm  busy reading here......
Feedback welcome.
Paramount Pawn Sep 2015
Do you like books?
  Well, I do, too.
I don't really get it when people say they love the smell.
And, most of the time, I just get ones with good covers.
  Books are hella expensive.
And I got both pockets out with no cash.
But I still decide to buy it later.
Because reading is fun.
Makes me feel so comfy.
And keeps me in my calm state.
Whenever im reading thats the only time i probably look sane
Alienpoet Apr 2017
All we have is time
No reason just rhyme
Set in stone in time in time itself
Time to write a best seller to sit on a bookworms shelf
Time to walk in amongst the trees which is good for your mental health
Time to jump, sing and dance
Time to play games of chance
Time to breathe and believe in meditation
Live life without agitation
The clock is ticking ticking away
What will you do with your day?
Mateuš Conrad Jul 2016
to write in Latin these days, is to write the Vulgate, i am inclined to this graffiti for i abide by no cherishing of the tongue, Nietzsche said that Christianity is Platonism for the people... indeed the morphing of his maxim (God is dead) is likewise a Platonism, in that the populist reinterpretation is: Latin is dead; - so that the Vulgate might live.

we all heard it when *Dominique de Villepin
against any sort of invasion - in uncertain times we
called for uncertain measures - and all we got was
more uncertainty with a failed intelligence -
populist poetry, as you like it - keep Shakespeare on
a peddle-stool long enough and Marlowe will
join the circus - the pseudonym for one of Lady Macbeth's
lovers - i have seen the marches of protest,
common sense overruled democracy, democracy failed,
common sense suffers - Mr. Milošević (sheer as former
diacritic, and itch as the latter) is handcuffed
while the western war criminals are
patted on the shoulder while *******
their pants with excess grey of gorillas' aged backing
for the entitlement of silverback and hip-replacement -
bred by children, we are governed by children,
in the end we end up punishing children,
the Disney shadow is never far away
from western politics - populist i я fox - desert?
(if ever a rune, it'd be this AT: Ѧ - post-Babylonian
AM to consider), alter:
do i look like a ******* camel herder to you?
that's whiplash with a blink given those
camel niqabs you did arson to with Jarred Jeff Chaucer -
suits you well... je suis Jarry, et je suis Papa ****...
get your ******* pokers out
you Algerian rapists? *** zee policé! (acute e,
missing hatch) - get a breather - minus the olives
at the street-market - shingaloong - na na na na (h multiplier),
meaning there's a supposed person itemising tribal secrets -
like this Amazonian Turk sourcing out an insomnia cure
with a cross-dressing Chilean Aztec with a
postcard from Azerbaijan stitched in -
while a white boy towed a burden no admiral cared
to whisper on the frothing encapsulation
of a destroyer and the cold cod look with mermaids -
and that literally was a minded fact - meaning?
generals on first dates with goats - horned eyed they were
bashing atoms about like the Hadron Mr. Switz.
(almost wrote Hydron, alias Hydrogen, gateway
to mind, ratio 1:1, as Rodin sculpted the kiss from Dante,
Francesca and Paolo - a paperaeroplane with
the following note attached via ultra-digression
and as poet's know, no paragraph rubric or break
for afternoon tea:
they were critical of communism to perfection
with what's happening in Turkey - an Army coup d'état -
i've never seen so many politicians anorexic on a diet
of fingernails - never in my life - prior... i have the tongue,
the rhetoric of bullets aimed at your head...
a storm-trooper with a gun: i have about 1000 100m sprinters
aimed at your head... bang bang and indeed you might be dead...
bang bang bang... you're dead, and Cinderella goes
to her ballroom gown event completely solipsistic.
what the Solidarity movement criticised wasn't
Communism, they were critical of the coup d'état -
communism and automated spying,
communism's Darth Vader voice-over is matched
with automated spying - why was social media invented
if we didn't want to be informed? i can tell you
how long it takes me to ******* - and are you to beg to
differ with me? capitalism never automated spying,
it automated freedom, a sorta-post-humanism when
people were allowed to perform the ultra-perverse acts
of freedom and later told: well, you can't really write a book
after all you've done, can you? and why would a book
like that... the European convention of authority wanted
straightened Brazilian bananas anyway...
Darwin laughed with words: they got over the skew!
modern phraseology? a smiley: or?
banana's tummy to peel and topple t'eh d'oh Cherokee chop chop
awaiting a garçon for the perfumed-airs of cold espresso
served awaiting a tip nonetheless with gusto! ah, die gusto...
when it comes to printing press it came down to
the salt mines being safer than the print genesis -
meaning that with printing companies asbestos was used -
the Chinese are famous when over-shadowing cockroaches,
prime with fireworks, last with gunpowder -
prime with prints, last with... whatever writing freely
meant for democracy when freedom was to be undermined
and democracy embraced - and autocracy (mono-republicanism)
rugby tackled - i can actually see mono-republicanism,
a Saddam Hoot-Sane - and i can actually see
mono-democracy - bring in James Cameron and a dozen
start-up app. geeks... we'll debate for ~15 minutes
(as in, fashionably the doors are closed, and we closed them
because we could hardly articulate what would be the forecast
with the weather prophets about the safety mechanism
of an orange thrown up into the air, levitating
or  being brought back down in the form of orange juice at
whatever Newton assemblage was obvious) -
and so we decided it was necessary to treat each individual
mention of event non-chronologically,
but as historian supermen would, with hindsight,
quantum June , a month of the highest rekindling of the sun
to shine supreme - to not dwell in chronology,
but as heroes of hindsight, to write post-eventum as if
glorified in numbering mentions akin to Achilles, heroes
anti-prophetic and endearing the whispering of
bookworms for their agitated mention of others' glory.
Sam Conrad  Nov 2013
Free Thinker
Sam Conrad Nov 2013
I'm a free thinker
I make my own observations
That one friend of yours
Is not a free thinker
In fact I don't know if she thinks

Some of the smart people
They're the most closed minded
They read a lot and take in a lot, they become *** Laude+
But they believe things like the WBC
Believes what they believe

See, some of the dumber people
Like the Steve Wozniaks
Like the Bill Gates of this world
Those free thinkers that were really the smartest
But didn't like society's games

They are the real success stories.
But we're taught that the only success you can get
Is going to Harvard with a 4.0
In a field where the pay is good and jobs are hot
But a field in which where you went to college doesn't mean crap,
Because they're not looking for bookworms but looking for free thinkers

That friend of yours
She's been through pain
So she knows the pain
So she can relate
But that might be where it stops

That friend of yours
She'll have your back and she cares
But she's a little bitter
I mean, pretty bitter sometimes
I think you know this already

She told her cousin once
She found that talking helps
When there's a misunderstanding
That she wished people would talk
And work it all out

But she doesn't do that at all
She shuts people off
She shuts people out
Just like when she got annoyed
When you got less into her

You see
People who hold grudges
Who shut people out
They live a world of suffering
They live the saying "Nice guys finish last"

But they make it that way
Those people are the reason that saying exists
They say that those who don't learn
From history are doomed to repeat it
Let me just say she's one of those people

You're turning into one too,
Losing the free thinker inside of you
When you think you're making her
For the first time
I wish you'd listen

And not let your emotions overwhelm you but use the logic in your brain
Because your emotions are clouding your thinking
They're clouding your thoughts
They're clouding what you think you know about me, I think
Because you're doing that thing your friend does where you stop listening
Mateuš Conrad Sep 2015
so many wise sayings of the philosophers, so many maxims noted, and none, none, making it to a tombstone engraving chiseled missing curves of the ten epitaphs of sinai. so you know why the chinese were left budding atheistic, no pictorial with the chisel, but that's why the comic book district emerged there for a mango baton perfect slouch or slurry *****: ****** that *** and ***** in, i went to the classical gallery for the monkey, came out and wondered by the zoological a theology, it was all very strangely slow motion. but imagine chiseling some chinese pictorial into a grave, no wonder the chinese were not ousted with that diabolical proof of failure exposing a people to so many varying non-pictorial representations of the lip tongue and teeth – but as the title suggests… if nietzsche’s motto ‘god is dead’ is really true, then those ten commandments are really just ten epitaphs, and i don’t know who really died on the cross.*

being me, i'm no o'toole, or a richard harris,
my hell-raising stems from
the silence of bookworms gnashing on ink folds,
it's silent, it's "deadly," it's the sort of hell-raising
that accepts the nervous temple tension
of knocking with full blossom of the cracking knuckle;
and when i tell them i put a schizoid
element into my acquisition of the english language
they call my spiritual experience psychosis,
and when i tell them i was almost murdered
they tell me i'm depressed... and then?
o czym ty mówisz, ty głąbie kapusty?
because back "home" my prophetic honour is curbed
by my palette for beer being dębowe prior,
that's at 7%, and not a carlsberg: probably the
best ***** **** in the world;
unlike jesus enjoying all the fun in egypt and not
in babylon from where the magi came,
with old "rabbi" joseph telling him: go back to judea
and mingle with your people, remember what
the egyptians did to us, you dishonourable ******.
and so jesus went back, and the greeks wrote a translation,
while the romans bowed seeing some weather shamanism;
only yesterday it was raining buckets of rippling toads,
i concerned myself with wet clothes in the attempt to
***** up, said it would stop, turned an hour into a minute
and the rains stopped, notorious b.i.g. that isn't an acronym,
only notoriously f.a.t. (remember, the meaning
is in the subconscious, in consciousness the meaning
is scrambled egg & morse & braille).
by way of conclusion - exploring the man masquerading
before his mother, is in no way an assurance
of an abundant biography to testify with saliva juices
of conversation - unless the delusional irony is that
even though i'm not trying to get myself noticed,
i'm also not deluded to the point of not having existed;
but the chinese are safe though, complex pictorial phoneticism,
the latin alphabet took to strain, people went mad,
really wanted to see shaved baboon heads through
the googgles of emptied space after c. columbus
architected the jamaican slum boulevard; or maybe haiti suburbia,
whichever, the world grew smaller, and the universe expanded
disproportionately... on the telly!
Mateuš Conrad Jun 2016
oh hell, every time i write some embarrassing a day prior, i turn into honour killing from Pakistan enveloped by shame... 'what the hell did i write last night? i can't remember, but i know for sure that i didn't roll down the stairs or **** in a phonebox'. well, i could sit here romanticising like Marcel Schwob, or just dig into like Marquis the Sade... honestly and oddly enough the latter did give me an *******, and he was half-the-pervert that everyone deemed him to be, flashing his buttocks from the Bastille... his uncle abbé de Sadé (i love to put that accent in on purpose - sounds better to me, less boorish) - and yes, Creedence Clearwater Revival does more justice to the harmonica on graveyard train than Bob Dylan and **** Jagger put together... it's just there, and it ain't it's because it's there that makes it... ha ha... groovy - maybe that's why they spared him from the guillotine, in that he wrote more of his exploits as wished to be done, and of the actual exploits too many were hidden in his blabbering prose undone; ****** is by far his greatest work.

i told you the black and red Oranjeboom is a trip, they used to sell it at 8.5%, now they dropped it to 7.5... that beer can get you crazy in nanoseconds, quicker than a formula 1 crown jewel of a Mercedes-Benz, i'm serious, the ****'s lethal - you drink with me you'll be talking l.s.d., you'll end up a Mongol somewhere in Siberia, stark naked in minus forty saying the words: 'where's my umbrella? where's my umbrella?', indeed on repeat... 'and that yak? i was riding a yak... where's the yak?' we have European bisons to await you colonel... 'about time, i was waiting for a bison... isn't that the place where storks migrate to to make butter over the summer? and the Jews hid when the Black Plague was sweeping across Europe leaving them immune in the vicinity of Cracow?' yes it was, Herr Mascherschtic-Messerschmitt -
'who's on the oboe? and the soloist violinist?' we don't know, working it out, 'you better, because i don't really long for a drum-beat of knocking two stones together to spark anything but fire, rather, a conversation; 40 days in the desert with Jesus trying to relocate the Jews to Goa worked out so splendid that they moved North, started speaking riddle Hebrew that's Yiddish and followed suit with ****** being gassed, but instead of trenches, death chambers - people tend to forget he was himself gassed and dated Eva a Jewess... no far right assimilation, i spoke with a grandpa that asked for sweets from an SS-man and a great-grandmother who fed her daughter opiates to hush her on the eastern front so she wouldn't cry - sometimes stating a self-consciousness detached from thinking (the inhibitor of existence) is as random as a lottery - because it's just that, thought is an inhibitor of existence, being is an exhibitor of the (sic) stated - oh please don't read me if you're into ******, i'm with the bookworms and freaks, premature ejaculators and whatnot, go eat a ******* macaroon in Morocco or something - of all the admirable circumstances worthy a stage thinking isn't really allowed, it's not exactly glorified, in two sentences:
- *i thought about it
             (how two pronouns
                                               interact without Freud,
                                               or meet, or are the proton i
                                               neutrons thought about
                                               and the electrons it)...
it's a permanent duality of expressing something and anything,
we need the first person, the eyes give it away,
but in the end we're either touching an axe to chop
down a tree or attaching ourselves to a detachment of
chopping the tree down for the Freudian third it -
it's no longer a game of 'you're it!' tagging of
the kindergarten game but a work of fiction, transitions
like that must be painful - third person narratives are
generally conceived from being lazy in the first person,
how many people do you actually need to **** the poet off?
film credits: and it's a long list, mind you.
oh yeah, that word: dzwiękać - it's about making 0.1% of
a Mozart symphony with two stones smacked against
each other for what the feet used to do, a drumbeat,
it's not exactly an act of Prometheus' Odyssey into
the first glimpses of chemistry -
- i am it / or some alternative to something even more alternative,
  in the French school of thought dubbed deconstructionism
  that's also a blah blah reduction,
  Bruce Springsteen and Frank Sinclair, a slum-dunk
  by the Lakers - it's still supposed to mean that i intended
  the phonetic encryption, i visualised nothing for
  you to follow-up on, sounds, poetry isn't cartoon,
  the harsh reality of having to read the Mandala of
  mouth expressions without, eye, eyebrows or cheeks
  or chin - ends up being dentistry when you want to
  say a but end up adding a            h     while
  the dentist inserts a blunt object into your mouth for
  an ah (be my guest, macron or umlaut depending
  on the volume of your lungs added to the a for reasons
  of reality's prolonging the seance of rotten teeth).
what i meant was the notion that thought is a different
type of being, or expression of out of every instance -
thinking too much won't grant you access to
people who say: 'are bored with their *** life. especially
gay men, who 'see *** as something you have to do
while on drugs'. so once **** no reassurance with
forever ****? **** it! could have given it a one-over
back when i didn't have a monkish demur.
well i can admit i'm jealous, but i just remember *******
before puberty and feeling the muscle sensation and
seeing no *****, aged 8 - the ******* help, and incubator
for all that raging monotheistic operatic harem wanton -
it's still a balancing act writing a sentence,
you are basically juggling two words, both are pronouns -
you throw a boomerang, you throw it as yourself
and expect it to come back as yourself,
pristine, juvenile, ******, intact with a pride of being
a person not influenced by others... the origin of
Columbus... it doesn't work like that,
the boomerang ends up like a windscreen with
several bugs attacked to it, bugs like Kant, like Heidegger,
whoever... whatever, free-love **** *** is overrated for me,
the ******* build-up and the flashing lights and whatnot,
i approach *** like a lumberjack a tree,
axe, tree, chop chop, tree falls... i'm out after an
hour having paid £110 for the pleasure... so you can take
your little feminism into the annals for these free-love
festivals (burning man in Nevada, killing kittens
in the hamptons etc.), preach there, leave me and my loser
****** high libido crew in the shadow of the crucifix -
judgemental ******* - i never expected so much stigma for
giving an ****** that i paid for to give, it's like an
Albert Camus novel, or worse, his life,
paid for a train ticket but decided to travel to the desired
destination by car, dead in a car-wreck - Irony with an ism.
Rachel Smith May 2016
My life’s an endless dream I can’t control
And when I try, it pushes me back down.
I don’t want attention 24/7
I’m not the hyper class-clown.

I am the observer, the watcher, the viewer
I don’t want a solo.

You look at my room and see a mess,
I see a stage reserved for me.
Where I can sing, play, and exploit my imagination.
I just like to do it alone.

I’m not weird in the way you think.
I don’t need friends or help.
I live my life the way I want.
Not how people say.

The world thinks Introverts have problems.
Believe me, we do.
It’s just not mental or physical.


You!! You extroverts going out there and having fun!
Keep doing that, just leave us out if we say no.

TV’s and entertainment say being alone 24/7 is bad.
It’s not when you do it right.

If I’m alone for one, two, or three days;
It means I want to be alone!
There is nothing wrong with being alone,
It is how books are made, imaginations explored!

People call us weird, bookworms, dreamers, strange.
We are all that and more.
Some of us want knowledge!
Some want to be themselves!

Children’s TV shows used to say ‘Be Yourself! No matter what!’
Now Disney’s character Anna says-
“No One Wants to Be Alone.”

We Do.

Introverts have friends; we are normal.
We’re just a little quirky.
Don’t try to change us; don’t try to fix us.

After all…

Don’t Fix What’s Not Broken.
A poem about Introverts, Warning-Long Poem!
Mateuš Conrad Apr 2016
indeed, i finished the night off with a wolf's operatic ah woo! at the yellow lunar scythe.

i never understand why people, with such fascinating lives,  |
pre posthumous auto-biographic
with so much Don Juan  excitement would surrender to
being cocooned by bookworms,
the silence of libraries...
just last night i had the most lucid
and the most entangled experience
within the world of the living,
i so desperately want to write about...
but i can't...  i can't!
i want to, but i'll flush all the emotions
that went into experiencing the night
away and feel vane, which is hardly
apathetic, syndrome of atheism
a fake, a- (without) pathos (some sort
of pathology) -
**** it, the highlights, two mates out for a
drink, end up in the company of
a half-mandarin half swede (suede eh eh,
nudge nudge, buckle two stops of a torero
winky wink - nudge nudge of the elbow
only fools & horses banter);
graffiti on a book i carried:
dr. john marchent, LSBU,
london south bank university,
the science of chocolate*...
the scribbler? her name be... what
a ******* zigzag, got her surname
but her name i had to rewrite:
rhiannala                            fowler...
yes, the H is silent, it always is in english
unless it be a haystack of hyphens...
there were many more details regarding
last night, i could write them,
but when i once saw a girl getting spat on
by her "boyfriend"
and the way i spat kisses all over a girl's face
i think it's too painful to make details of...
a sly impromptu in polish with
a guy who was smoking hashish...
12 years over here... i don't know why i
kept associating his name with ******;
a fine Friday event in bohemian east-end
London... that's all, and yes, i seriously wish
i could do a detailed Proustian outline...
eating a ******* macaroon to delve into
the gaping hole of memory making 20 years
seem like 20 minutes...
of course i'll curse, pornographic over saturation...
obscenity trials my ***...
             i'm so ****** tempted to recount you
the night... the drinking Bacchus **** and laughter...
die sonne satan and what not mentioned...
           runes ironic third ***** ******* for good luck
    tilting to antagonise a clear upstart failure...
feminism and advertising,
                   comic book strips and something about
keeping a brand with an ethic worthy of anorexia
and gluttonous upheavals as the end...
               'and yes, i decided to become an Elvis Costello
    song because i thought my life was boring enough
worthy of a manuscript...
            if i had the life of a Don Juan, i wouldn't have
   bothered... me in a cocoon? n'ah,
me in a coconut sounds better...
          or as i wrote in my high-school memorandum:
  to live a bohemian life in one of the EU's capitals...'
and that's prior to the 2004 expansion,
even though i was sceptic - and to finish:
west end you get cosmopolitan culture -
east end you get bohemian culture -
               or as a quasi Mr. Portillo noted -
toff toff truffles too! yep, some ******* labour
coal miner descendent fanatic bemused out-loud
on our way for the night bus 86 -
where i was hit by an existential conundrum
about having this ethnicity bred
and this psychology acquired:
'i spoke to them native and they're thinking
i spoke Hungarian or Czech or Yugoslav! ha ha'
the two children were a wormhole into the past for me...
but for the love of god
you can't find steve wynn & the miracle 3's song cindy
on the internet... i have the album, but the compact
is scratched... and encode a scratched compact
into an mp4 format and your iPod is kung fu ******.            |

|represent a neurosis of a perfect width...
|should the middle ground be peppered
|with shorter stances,
|the first few lines have to match-up
|to the elongating caterpillars of the end -
|a kinda hug / embrace.

— The End —