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Julie Grenness Feb 2017
What was that you wanted, dear?
I'm busy reading away in here,
Bookworms munching through the pages,
Words in print, creating stages,
A writer must read and write alone,
Get someone better on your phone,
What was that you wanted, dear?
Move on, I'm  busy reading here......
Feedback welcome.
Jo Baez Jan 2016
Falling in & out of love with you
Is a lot like walking into a library...
I'll let the readers give their own definition, idea, poetic thoughts, to complete the poem. "To Each Their Own"
Flita Fernandes Jun 2015
She dreams with her eyes open,
Of imaginary worlds and tales unspoken.
Page after page, of castles and storms,
She reads until the waking dawn.

Late night as the world falls asleep,
She curls with her cup, another page to read.
A yawn muffled by bookish thoughts
And the scent of imaginary forget me nots .

She places her book on a nearby counter,
With the caress of a gentle lover.
Glancing at her bookshelf she goes to sleep,
Dreaming of the thousand lives she once lived.
To all the bookworms who always read "just one more page" till the book ends

— The End —