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sarthak vadalkar Apr 2020
O, dreams of tomorrow,
Keep us alive today.
To meet you tomorrow,
Help us survive today.

Our little minds
Find it too hard to tackle,
All the situations
While being tied in shackles.

Shackles of expectations
And weight on dreamy eyes,
These are the hurdles,
We are free otherwise!

Little race that we have
To complete the to-do lists,
We wear blinders on eyes,
While walking through the mist.

To break all the barriers
And to find that sun ray,
Focusing on the future,
Let’s find our drive today.

O, dreams of tomorrow!
Help us survive today.
To meet you tomorrow,
Keep us alive today.
So, today I accidentally clicked on the bookmarks folder and found HelloPoetry lying at the bottom! It is surprising how we sometimes forget about the things we once used to love doing. So here is my attempt to make a comeback.
The Thoughts running through my mind regarding the ongoing scenario combined with my eternal fear for future.
sarthak vadalkar Mar 2019
Going through a lot
Suffering a lot more,
Will we reach the ends
This sea sees no shore.

Whatever we say,
Whatsoever we do,
It has repercussions
You know that, don't you?

Hurt them, resent them,
Nothing they might say
But what goes, comes back
Its got to find a way.

Sometimes we a victim,
Sometimes you are.
Things change their course
Always leaving a scar.

Living off others' deeds
We don't feel alive,
'Coz the one who dies,
Learns how to survive.
Tried writing after a very long time, coz a bad poem is surely better than a balnk paper.
sarthak vadalkar Dec 2018
Doing something wrong or objectionable, better do nothing they say,

Not doing anything, better do something and make mistakes they say,

Trying to do something different, you better succeed at it they say,

Took me a while to find out, they themselves don't do anything, they just say !!
Wonder if you also feel the same sometimes?
The pillars in the caves
Encrypted and engraved
Ancient they are
Have stood for ages
Weathering changes
Light cold rain dark , the sunshine all gone
The pillars in the caves stand tall
There is a story , many told
Lost in ages ,memories old
Something to be found
The story profound
Only the brave hearts
Unravel the mystery of the history
The strength of the pillars
Ancient they are
Not everyone can and would want to know
Ancient caves have pillars , with encrypted text , that’s mesmerising and mysterious
sarthak vadalkar Sep 2018
All alone in the journey of do or die,
To get to the top, one must thrive.

'Wherever you go, do not stop' they say
First gotta heal what's broken, if I may.
Whether to stop for a while to gather the energy to move further or keep running until you are exhausted completely, the dilemma continues.
sarthak vadalkar Jul 2018
Worthless lives
That are burden on earth,
Caught in the cycle
Of death and birth.

Made me wonder
How don't they die,
Realized later,
No different was I.

A beggar I saw,
Body full of disease,
Looking for alms
'give me some food, please'

Broken and shocked I
Thought what can I give,
Greatest thing he had
Was the 'Will to Live'.
sarthak vadalkar Jun 2018
Busy procrastinating
And watching the day pass by,
Lets go there, lets do that
People say, but I deny.

Thinking about world politics,
And why do people die.
Doing anything for it ?
No thanks. No need, said I.

Hoping earth to be
A better place to thrive,
But not working in that direction,
Ever wondered why ?
chaotic thoughts in a boring noon.
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