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 Jun 2017 Sana
Willy Shakysphere
The red light of the sun
Slowly descending
The sky is all I see
It’s never ending
We could fly
You and I
On a cloud

Music on the hillside
Piano in a villa over there
Violin below
Fireworks above
A beat – a beating heart
Someone begins to sing

The red light of the sun
Slowly descending
The sky is all I see
It’s never ending
We could fly
You and I
On a cloud

Is this place real
The ocean below
The red sky above
The music
Romance on the wind.
Sing with me

The wind plays with the leaves
The weather turns colder
But as long as we believe
Love doesn’t get older
We could fly
You and I
On a cloud

Only after one leaves
Does this place become real
A crown jewel midst a rocky cliff
A place so beautiful its
Memory etches itself into your soul
Food to die for
Drinks to fight for…

On a journey of the heart
There’s so much to see
When the sky is dark
You’ll be right here
Right here with me
Good morning I vow
I've never been to Positano but it is a place I know more about that any place on earth.  Someday - maybe -   Just imagine a whole hillside of villa's, open bars, condos and eateries as the backdrop for the Amalfi coast. When the sun goes down music fills the air as occasional fireworks dance off and explode over the Mediterranean. I hope that someday - someone who has either been there or goes there responds to this poem. I'd love to hear of your experiences there.
 Mar 2017 Sana
Depression (IV)
 Mar 2017 Sana
Like the fevered blood coursing through veins

Like open sores upon the skin

Like the drums that faltered in the rain

Like the potion quietly bunged within

Like the promise doomed never to be kept

Like the mouth which spoke too quick

Like the palms, too eager to accept

Like the heart that now refused to tick
 Dec 2016 Sana
poetry eludes, hides where I cannot go
leaves me bereft, mourning in stale clothes
black as night unable to find my way
my mind closed up, a crab in its shell,
the tide washes in and the Sun rises
but no Sea or Sun touches my rag worn soul.
 Dec 2016 Sana
 Dec 2016 Sana
Rock with double shadows
******* is hard to swallow
Sea of Pebbles in the sands of time
Roses hunt something that shines
Powders of snow shine in the dark
But it did not shine by just anyone
Alone, hidden in a sea of pebbles
------------Will you find it?-----------
Or it's just another thing lost
In the sands of time
© 2012 Pax
this was one of my older piece when i was starting to used imagery in my poetry. It was the First part of my Concrete poetry series, it was supposed to be a pebble shape, now im not sure(smiles). As i re-read it now and post it here, i realized something that i never thought of when i wrote it. I was writing it on a fantasy genre on mind, but now i know deep inside, even before, i am looking for someone who i can connect with, to share something with, to be with someone you can relax and trust upon... i become the rock who is lost in the sands of time, because the roses have gone away, or never got to find my shine.
 Dec 2016 Sana
Poetic strings
 Dec 2016 Sana

words creates strings of emotions,
it connects from one reader to the other.

i just had a passing thought earlier on what to do next year or whenever i got the time to retrack my life. I really wanted to write a story or a tale. I want it to be completed this time. When writing a story went inside my heart, i manage to write several chapters but i never got to finish them. I always thought that my knowledge or experiences wasn't enough for me to built a solid plot or realistic/fantasy viewpoint. I remember this quote i wrote for a review in wc i did last week and realize that our poetic words is an extension of our life's strings, maybe this is one reason why i write quotes which reflects my life and the life around me whenever it is in writing or reality. It is a reminder, a guide, or even a inspiration to those who write. You know, at some points within my realm of thoughts, i tried to forget and even give up writing because i have a low self-esteem, as i grow older it never went up to confidence, so it went to my heart and become stone that i went on isolation to never finding any relationship, even friendship on the real -world i considered them as acquaintance, i built up a wall upon myself. sigh... i got side track on my life, sorry for that... my point now it that never stop writing, as i am doing myself to keep on going. thanks for reading....
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