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Sana May 2018
The broken Glasses and Plastic Plates
The broken mirrors that tell the tales
Of life I once spent in shadows
The lingering fears I silently swallowed

All the birthdays never celebrated
Tools and Knives contemplated
Hidden in the boxes, never to be found
Pistol in drawer with empty rounds

The music played but there's no sound
Within the walls of the haunted house
I knew that place,  I knew it well
My only home, we had to sell

Bitter memories, I try to forget
'Hide away , records and cassettes'
Take down the frames, hide the pictures
'He'll tear it all',  said my sister

The calls for help, you may not hear
Don't listen to the music, don't cover your ears
One cloudy day, I came back home
To find her face, in a bluish tone

Pretended that I never saw
Raging pain in my fainting heart
It was a brick, he intended to use
Changed his mind, just punched and bruised

I loved that record, I loved it much
He threw it away, it melted in the sun
I loved that picture in golden frame
He tore it apart, it was never the same

The life went on like this forever
Sky sees light, that our hearts could be continued...
Sana May 2018
The rain whispered to the leaves, "She needs my music to silent the restless echoes, but I can't sustain".

The leaves rustled, "Farewell my friend"

And then she read in the psithurism of the trees.
Sana Sep 2017
If I could see the world through my brother's eyes 
Truths would turn to lies
And the lies, truths
If I could feel the world through his skin
My wrists would burn from all the friction
Of the restrains and caused affliction
If I could hear the world through his ears
The names calling and all the smears
Would never fade, only I could hear
If I could be him for just one day,
Perhaps I drown in the gushing fears
O God! if I could see my brother through your eyes
Would I see a human or a firefly?
Sana Nov 2016
What good is love that does not last
Melts your heart and then departs
Yet peels with it, the livid pieces
That enfold but lust, in filthy creases
So seek the love of One above
Whose fire is light, that lights the dust
Thus shimmering dots of dust's your whole
Traces the line that leads you Home
Sana Nov 2015
If only I could preserve her motherhood in a bottle of glass, I could have forever slept in the luminous embrace of its hypnotic tenderness.
Dedicated to every mother at HP.
Sana Nov 2015
The absence of stillness is time. Time and stillness cannot coexist. Time is never your present for as you spell your very moment, it has already become your past. Make haste or sleep, but do not waste the energy of "unstill", you owe it to Nature.
Last thought just before drifting off to sleep
Sana Oct 2015
Against the gentlest ashen bones n’ flesh
I brush my skin and devour this gest
Driveling to stretch these moments last
For let me relish this spell afore;
My beloved becomes my precious past

On this illusory floor of lustrous dreams
I smash the glass of self-esteem
Tapping and whirling until I’m bereaved
For let me evanesce in pulse afore;
The hour is struck of my beloved’s leave

I pluck the leaves of my insanity n’ grief
And brew it well with my rusty belief
On this unsullied tongue I taste the wine
For let me drink before they lift;
Walls around my beloved’s shrine

Over the tormented waters;
I build a wharf and cast my woes
And I lay in peace as a sleeping child
Whilst averting noises n’ my cries
For let me rest in peace afore;
Veils are laid as my beloved dies
Every weekend I just rush back home to spend whatever moments I am left with my family (God knows). There is no greater blessing than love of our parents. So in the poem I just tell myself that its ok to be carefree at times, and its ok to run after your foolish desires at times as long as you can cherish those; for once you are deprived of the greatest love (for death is inevitable), none of it would ever be the same again; what pleased you once would never please you again as much. The music I listen to with my father; the taste of food I enjoy with my mother; the same food and the same music would always be accompanied with pain.
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