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Kaiden A Ward Jun 2019
in the echoes
of your footsteps, I walk,
obscured by your shifting shadow,
Do you see me?
Jia-Rong Tsao Mar 2019
For years and years I have been the shadow to your light
Always there while you shone like the sun.

I have always tried to shine, but you shone brighter
My soft, weak, delicate voice could not overpower yours

No one saw my light
No one saw all the things I could have gave them
All cause I was your shadow

Your star of talent always out shone mine
And you all know what happens when a star can't shine
It starts to die
It became a shadow to your sun

The spotlight was always on you
And I had to put my talents on the shelf
Cause no saw
no one cared
All they saw was you and your light

But now it is my turn to shine
It is my turn to be recognized
People will finally see me
and all the things I could have done for them

They will see what they have missed out
But I won't be coming back to them
Cause they should have seen it earlier
They should not have let me down
They should not have made me worthless
They should have given me some chances
It is your turn to become the shadow
It is your turn to sit down
It is my turn to become the sun

I refuse to hide in the shadows
I refuse to put my talents on the shelf
I refuse to be the shadow of the spotlight

I will be heard
I will not be silenced
My once weak voice will ring across the nation
And everyone will remember my name
Serena Feb 2019
Misery follows me like a lost puppy,
Sulking in my happiness,
A tear of happiness trickles down,
though a tear regardless.
Tears that now burn my face,
For misery draws close,
Like the saying goes misery loves company,
Looks like it just found me.
Pax Dec 2016
Rock with double shadows
******* is hard to swallow
Sea of Pebbles in the sands of time
Roses hunt something that shines
Powders of snow shine in the dark
But it did not shine by just anyone
Alone, hidden in a sea of pebbles
------------Will you find it?-----------
Or it's just another thing lost
In the sands of time
© 2012 Pax
this was one of my older piece when i was starting to used imagery in my poetry. It was the First part of my Concrete poetry series, it was supposed to be a pebble shape, now im not sure(smiles). As i re-read it now and post it here, i realized something that i never thought of when i wrote it. I was writing it on a fantasy genre on mind, but now i know deep inside, even before, i am looking for someone who i can connect with, to share something with, to be with someone you can relax and trust upon... i become the rock who is lost in the sands of time, because the roses have gone away, or never got to find my shine.
Just Melz Jan 2015
It's a nightmare
Being the burnt out
Shooting star
Replaced by the light
Of a full moon

It's a nightmare
Being hidden underneath
Clouds and overcast skies
Replaced by angel eyes
That makes you swoon

It's a nightmare
Being darkened
By nights that glow
Replaced by a shooting star
Brighter than you ever were

It's a nightmare
Being overshadowed
By dreams of the sun
Replaced by love,
Hope, joy, life... **with her

— The End —