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Joz Jan 2017
Running through the city lights,
inside a rock jazz with blues music.
They begin with holding hands,
driving with one hand.

As they're getting wild,
John Mayer's songs get loud.
He began to kiss her,
she continues to jump on him.

Again, through the city lights,
without no one knows
they make the best foreplay ever.

These little birds go for a movie,
get some alcohol.
Basically no alcohol needed to make it happen,
for they make the best game ever.

But that night, they are walking through
a bigger city with beautiful light.
End up on that bed that he miss,
with her make up on.

She stares at him with those eyes,
that he always trapped on.
He opens her buttons one by one,
end it by licking the last button.

Every breath, every soft sound, every mimic
she makes just drives him crazy.
And he admitted it, *the *** is great.
Friday, Jan. 20, 2017
Joz Jan 2017
2016, how are you?
You finished yours.
A huge thank for you,
to bring me to many places,
that 2015 did not allow.

2016, are you satisfied?
For all the abundant blessings.
A healthy family,
a bunch of kind friends,
and especially that one little angel.

2016, have you told 2017?
To make me a stronger man,
a committed person,
a discipline figure,
and a traveler.

2016, have you forgiven me?
For being weak.
For being fractious.
For being an unthankful person.

2017, are you ready to shape me?
because I am ready to be shaped.
Sunday, Jan. 01, 2017
Joz Dec 2016
If only I could love 2016.
If only I could understand all these connections.
If only I was wise enough.
I would love 2016.

If only I could handle 2016.
If only I had what it took.
If only I knew how.
I would handle 2016.

If only I could make a deal with 2016.
If I had a wish to grant.
I wish 2016 did not exist.

*but well.. I made it through, at least almost for now..
Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2016
Joz Dec 2016
The beauty of Leopard;
Crawling elegantly with her beautiful coat.

Don't close your eyes,
don't even wink,
for she is dangerous.
Her beauty may fool you.

You can't run from her,
for she runs faster than you.
Monday, Dec. 19, 2016
Joz Dec 2016
It was Spring,
everything was so beautiful.
I saw how we bloomed,
like a pair of pink flowers in the garden
;we used to go.

Then Summer came,
when everything was so warm.
All things were clear,
for the sun sends the brightness.
Although sometimes it hurts,
for it burns our skins.

Fall appeared,
We lost all the beauty.
It wasn't colourful anymore,
yet people still liked it that way.
We went through the road,
when all the leaves laid down.

And now, it is Winter.
When we are freezing,
we feel nothing,
yet we still get its coolness.

Do you know when the Winter ends?
Friday, Dec. 16, 2016
Joz Oct 2016
As the sun goes and the moon comes,
you walk away leaving me behind.

And the bird sings early morning,
I know there's someone's else in your heart.

As your love fades, I got replaced.
I close my eyes, hoping it's just a dream

I don't even wanna see your face.
I don't even wanna hear your voice.
I don't even wanna read your name.
I don't want to think 'bout memories that we made.

Now I hate you, really hate you.
I wish I could turn back the time.
September 2016
Joz Oct 2016
A wind element never shows;
when they fall in love,
for they are never sure
on their own feeling.
They want to go deeper
it will never deep enough
when they reach there,
they can't stop loving you.

It is hard to understand an aquarian
for they are unreachable
but trust me,
you can trust them unconditionally.
You don't need to do lot of things
for these aquarians,
just a balanced respect for them
is always enough.
Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016
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