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Jan 2017
Running through the city lights,
inside a rock jazz with blues music.
They begin with holding hands,
driving with one hand.

As they're getting wild,
John Mayer's songs get loud.
He began to kiss her,
she continues to jump on him.

Again, through the city lights,
without no one knows
they make the best foreplay ever.

These little birds go for a movie,
get some alcohol.
Basically no alcohol needed to make it happen,
for they make the best game ever.

But that night, they are walking through
a bigger city with beautiful light.
End up on that bed that he miss,
with her make up on.

She stares at him with those eyes,
that he always trapped on.
He opens her buttons one by one,
end it by licking the last button.

Every breath, every soft sound, every mimic
she makes just drives him crazy.
And he admitted it, *the *** is great.
Friday, Jan. 20, 2017
Written by
Joz  Singapore
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