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 Feb 2020 saige
Bogdan Dragos
you don't exist when
my eyes are open
you don't exist when
my blood's not poisoned
when my soul's at peace
when my gut is full
and when I'm in company

So you exist most of the time
dear muse
 Aug 2019 saige
Rose Pettals
 Aug 2019 saige
she loves me
(kisses and hugs)

she loves me not
(***** soda and nightmares)

she loves me
(the feel of her skin)

she loves me not
(don't cry don't cry don't cry)

she loves me
(the taste of her)

she loves me not
(straight to voice mail)

she loves me
(she has too)

 Aug 2019 saige
l b d
love poem #5
 Aug 2019 saige
l b d
i am her summer-house
six o' clock
sound of moss-dappled dance

i am woodland ways
nine o' clock
bells and mushroom smells

i can hear twilight around us
above us
and here
on the tilt of words never said
i began a new collection of found poems in an old collection of love poems. i'll post a few of my favorites to share with you. :)
 Nov 2018 saige
Just when I think

I've known the world

I come to the realization

That I've only seen it

Through my own two eyes.

It eats at me

Though I shouldn't be bothered

And yet

I can't help but wonder why.

What do strangers see

When they watch my favorite film

And what do they hear

In their favorite songs?

What do others girl feel

When they knowingly fall in love

With someone

Who's stringing them along?

What do my parents know

When they look at the roads

They've walked down

Many more times than I?

What do babies think

When the world's so unknown

And they can only use their voices

To cry?

Where is the truth

In others' opinions

So very different from mine?

Where lies the inspiration

Of other writers

As they steadily type

Each line?

In the end

There's not much of a point

Unless reincarnation exists.

But frustration prevails

Knowing my eye's the limit

And my curiosity

You see

 Sep 2018 saige
 Sep 2018 saige
You say

“How lucky are we to be in love”

And I say

In toil, and sweat, and dedication
In devotion, humility and sacrifice
In the will to grow and change together

There is no luck

To call it luck is to believe in
An unseen guiding hand
Sketching fates out of a whim

To call it luck is to say
That the universe funneled us together
Carried like leaves on its
Roaring cascading surge

It is like shuffling all cards
Back to suites laid in ascending order
And drawing from the top the queen of hearts

And how can that be as magical

As wonderful

As two people, that choose to
Unravel their old selves
Then embrace, and meld together

To fashion a new whole
 Sep 2018 saige
school starts soon
smoking joints on the weekday afternoon

in a sidelined shady
freight car, property of
Norfolk Southern

debating if this car will be
northbound or southbound
and master-bating our fantasy
where we want to be taken

knowing full well maybe one of us -
(and they all looking at me)

will get out of this car and live to
see foreign places without having to
return in a body bag

we argue lazy who should go get the beer,
collect the quarters and sweaty dollar bills
and **** if I am not reappointed
leader of the beer fetching

besides it’s my
tan lab panting needing water so it’s my
responsibility and the nasty liquor store owner don’t hate me that much as the others so he’ll sell me beer without too much **** talk (some for sure)

asking where I’m laying low on a **** hot day like this one

tell him i’m getting on a train getting out of this two bit town which makes him reminisce and ask which direction

could be northbound could be southbound
hell could be west
but for sure won’t be
going eastbound

cause I seen the Atlantic and didn’t like it

too **** big and too **** cold,
too **** mean
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