saige Dec 5
He can be my
And I can be his
'Cause I'm already his

Every night,
He brings me back
To life

Can I bring him back
This time?
saige Nov 27
What it feels like to fear
he'll **** his own ***
and that's what she is
his name leaving her lips
is gospel.

She doesn't believe in ***
but she believes that she would
go to **** if it existed
and there she would have
an iv jammed in her jugular
full of the blood
of the people she killed
coagulating with hers
caught in her circulatory system
like frozen water
in a garden hose.

The veins in his wrist
are green like copper
deceptively dull
hiding the wolf
howling in his pulse.

They were special
they were the snowflake
that caused this avalanche.
saige Nov 27
he plays the angels
with harp strung hips
and all my ribs
he is my ticket
to eden.
but he's firey as ****
with red sea lips
i part, i sip
and gold street locks
i knock, i kiss, and yes
**** ******* yes
here is my key
to heaven.
saige Nov 19
when he left
all the oxygen in your lungs
was replaced by the sea
no one ever told you
humans can breathe

but now he whispers
that your voice is louder
than the riptide in his eyes
and promises that
he'll let you tell him the
of the boy who went to war
and lost atlantis.

understand that
takes on the shape of its
and he is 65% fluid
hold him.

bury yourselves
as one drop
in one ocean
one hundred
more times.

he is 7% blood rushing
half a percent beating heart
and it doesn't sound like much
but it's enough.

you're shore
if only for
saige Nov 18
he discovered
that he hadn't left his heart in
america after all
he'd just left it with
its owner
and here they'd found each other
in africa
as if she'd followed him
through eleven countries and
five years
just to give it
saige Nov 17
I'm glad she asks why
I feel so cold
At least we know
I'm not Icarus

Yes, I'm glad she says that
My heart is stone
At least that shows
I'm not the tin man
saige Nov 17
First it was pancakes
Then strawberry milk
Then frozen mini pizzas
Didn't taste the way
They always had

But I sure kept trying
With apple juice from a glass
Then a box and swirly straw
But the crust
Still wasn't soft enough

So I gave microwaving a shot
Years and years of beeps
But the cheese was crunchy
The centers, icy

So I tried thawing, soaking
Kids Cuisine and Lean Cuisine
And even Lunchables
Just in case the companies
Had fooled me, ruined the recipe
But none of them were bad
Just not great
Like they used to be

So I blamed my taste buds
For maturing
Copying my imaginiation
Christmas used to be funner
Summer used to be longer
Mini pizzas used to be delicious

Today I cracked the code
I was in a rush
Like Mama used to be
Didn't let the oven preheat
Just slid in a tray of
Frozen mini pizzas
Kicking myself for procrastinating grocery shopping yet again and -

The timer blared, the smoke alarm
I burned my finger, then my tongue
But didn't care because
My taste buds
Hadn't forsaken me
After all

The crust was chewy
The cheese was gooey
I'd done it
I was six years old again

Now if only
I can find a trick
That works for Christmas
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