saige 19h
she blamed it all
from roots to stars
i've been screwed
from the very start of this
sorry death wish
of a chance

she hated rain
she cursed the sun
i really coulda been someone
if my chips weren't cashed
my cards weren't stacked
before i was even

here on this
i've been
dropped off to
die on this

and die is what she did.
saige 19h
this is a poem
i'll write before you go
so maybe i'll be healed
by the time the bruises show

here i sit, by your bed
my chest
caving in, waking up
across the city, and

your room already feels
like a museum

still better than a tomb
(like mine is)
saige 20h
if i am a creature
capable of love
sure as the sun blinds,
i love you.
so much that
loving you
might just be
my purpose.
and once,
i dared to think
that it was.
before i became
a creature
who lost sight.
knock on my chest
hear it echo for miles
saige Jul 5
reds and greens filter your skin
along with
blues and reds
the glares, the horns, the rap music
roaring through this ripped leather
i keep the window up
but you're the opposite
i keep my eyes on
the traffic lights
and siren lights
flitting on your skin
i burn it all into my head
as the city cracks and whips
by like
saige Jul 5
I wake up in the ward again
With film over my feet
And wires in my hair
And God's eyes on the ceiling
They call them cameras
But they lie like dogs in
Places like these
And I am sleepy
So I let them

I wake up with a bee
In my my elbow
In my bones
And a name on my lips
That sounds like my own
If I pronounce it wrong

I wake up in a cage again
And it's the same again
Except, I don't question it
Why I'm here and what I've done
God winks at me, reminding me
That I don't want to know
No, I don't want to know that
I have finally made it
saige Jul 3
I tend to think highly of
Unconventional ways to leave

I put the stones in my pockets
And rocked myself to sleep
I keep the stones in my pockets
And waltzed on out to sea

But the stones made holes
And brusied my feet
Before I could wander
Out too deep
I'm in over this ocean in my head
But I've had holes in my pockets
Since I stole my first breath

So I stitched them up, I'm sinking now
But it seems I mended them
Upside down
And I'm not strong enough
To not swim back to shore

But I've lived long enough
To think highly of
Unconventional ways to go
So I'm skipping all these stones

And going home
saige Jun 30
you offered me sprite
in a glass bottle
and a blunt
in a spiked lemonade roll
and a record
and a ride
and a gown
and a break
and a way
to make
it out of this town

the only thing i took
was the seat you offered me
that seat
beside yours
the one thing i won't
give up or
pass down, so

we waste away
into grass almost
as green as
a glass sprite bottle
busted on the road
popping our tires
like packing bubbles

we weren't made to
make it very far
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