saige Jun 10
i thought about her again
all night

imagined taking her
curled lashes
and freckled skin
and crimped hair
and plush lips
to germany
to buy her a pretzel
as big as her face
not half as golden
then clubbing through munich
and berlin
and maybe dublin
on the way back
no strings attached,
you know?

i could work every hour
between now and

she wants to go to germany

she used to tell me all the time
five years ago
when she wanted to go
to oak island
and every flea market
and guardians of the galaxy
and planet fitness
and sweet frog
and bed
with me

and as of last night,
i am sure
i'd still go anywhere
with that girl
saige Jun 10
You dared me to run away
I dared you to stay
Then took it back, just in case
You took it as a challenge

Someday, we'll escape
Together or not
It's really all the same
When we're already
Too late
and yesterday,
the ghost that has your face
dared me to close the shades
and paint the walls
with my brains
saige Jun 10
i taught you how to ride a bike
write your name, and tie a tie
now you show me how to drive
sign my name, and live a lie
growing up
just keeping up
with you
saige Jun 10
you fried some kale
on the grill
in the dark
you said gordon would be proud
you smoked some pot
i watched your eyes blush
as you burnt some
you said you didn't love me
then you ate alone
because i left you
because the cat was
killing a mouse, somewhere
and i didn't want to hear it
saige Jun 10
you killed a little birdie
with an open beak
and big blue feet
you made him bleed
you shred his wings
before he even
got to fly

how can i survive
your cuddles tonight
your big green eyes
and chest of white
and purrs so light
and fur so slight
so airy you could


go sleep alone
for the first time
out of character
yet in our nature
saige Jun 10
Count the stars just like I taught you
Connect the dots until you can't
Help but watch the sky
Roar to life again
And then
Trace the clouds just like we used to
Lasso shapes until you can't
Help but watch the world
Soar on by again
saige Jun 10
She uses her own name as a punchline
About a hundred times a day
She keeps money in her socks and
Gum on her soles as "collections"

And she smiles until her eyes squish
And she's fried her hair with bleach
And she leaves riddles on the wrappers
Of my brother's guitar strings
Handwritten like a Shakespearean
Handwriting like a snot-nosed student

And she's got hoops through her nostrils
And crystalline skin
And silver dollar eyes
And she ties her fried hair into knots
And she's twenty one
And she bought us vodka to prove it
And she better not use my little brother
My God, she better not
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