saige 46m
but counting footsteps
adds up to nothing
if they're not yours
still, i'd rather pace this floor
another hundred times more
than to wonder where you've
saige 14h
october streets are cold
noses drip into our kiss
another smack seasoned of yesterday
trace of salt, a premonition
preparation for the tears
i will have to swallow
all the way home
all the way gone

i burn this block into my mind
buses, cement, river, bridges
a north wind brands my cheeks
as if red could keep me stranded

sandpaper lips
snag me back
brace me for the iron
i will scrape with my teeth
suck from my lip
keep from crying aloud
where the strangers might hear me

october streets are cold
but your shoulders are ice
i look back, twice
and i see them
and i hate that
was the only way you knew
to wave goodbye
saige 15h
Goodbyes aren't for good
Only bad and
For granted
For, they are too brief
Forget how many
Days I knew you
It will always take years
To say
"So long"
And not be cut short
By backtracking
I will never quit wishing
You well
Already, I'm missing you
Beneath the twinges
Of "don't go"
I don't know
Or when
Or where
Yet alone, why
I just know
We will meet again
In this ring of time
Because goodbyes
Aren't for good
saige 4d
i'm home with my
cheek on your chest
head caught in clouds of
your hair
mixed with mine

i'm home
with your arms around me
over me, under me
rocking me, raising me
anchoring us
saige 4d
I dared myself to jump
Because you wouldn't
saige 4d
Life happens
and it doesn't happen
and most nights, it's a struggle staying happy when you're wounded by the hurt around the world
saige 4d
the world needs more people
who can't help but smile
when accidental eye-contact is made.
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