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10.9k · May 2018
sibling snippet 10
saige May 2018
velcro wallet
was navy, i think
gray plastic zipper
grandma gave you
i had a locket
it had your picture inside
but you threw it away
because you looked like a rabbit
hair fluffed, eyes puffy
two teeth and two hours
of squirming on a photo booth

plastic coin pouch
small crayola blue
walmart sticker on a side
but it never made me smile
not like that piggy bank did
yard sale treasure
no smashing to withdrawl
our tooth fairy dollars and dust
still, you crammed stink bugs
down the long neck's back

now, a denim bag on my bed
rhinestoned one in the closet
and your wallet is
real leather, i think
has superheroes on it
rough and grungy
as the comic books in the attic
or, did you toss those too?

who needs a screwdriver
without a *****?
that's all money was
just hardware we didn't have
much use for
but there is more than one way
to use a tool
so here, i'll paint it straighter
who needs a coffin without a corpse?
especially when we were
so full of life back then
5.7k · Mar 2018
Dog Star Quality
saige Mar 2018
Lyrics in her face
blaze, from screen to mouth
bony thumb, scrolling
mumbling into an ancient microphone
hanging from the rope swing
in her garage.

Voice shakes here, shivers there
but ****
she is soulful.

Authentic, exquisite
in holey socks and wet hair
and goosebumped arms
getting swallowed by a hoodie.

*******, she has it all
and gives it nothing.

Some of us are simply stunning
no spray tans or updos
no sequined skirts or stiletto shoes
no autotune or makeup kits
no words-

only nothing
could improve her.

Nothing could improve her.
some soul i used to know
2.7k · May 2018
as our hometown burns
saige May 2018
"enough to make the angels weep,"
you sigh through the ash.

“you still believe in angels?”

“nah." we glow red from this rooftop
sparks melt into the milky way.
"but i might believe in handsome devils.”

i roll my eyes and punch your arm
you smile, crooked as the moon.
the ember of your cigarette flares
a chameleon to the skyline.

at last we can
blame our tears on the smoke.
2.7k · May 2018
dying to forget
saige May 2018
i woke with a **** and
a windpipe full of butterflies, so i
swallowed them down to my chest
my stomach and below and
it was then that i realized
they weren't butterflies
but backward flies
that turn to maggots and
eat dead things

so it was then that i realized
i was dead, in between that
chasing-my-breath consciousness and
sepia splotched dream
which featured my favorite
human being
waking me, winding me

hey saige, come on, so i
unlocked my eyes
even though i knew it was my
little brother
all along...

cobwebbed windows at my
feet and
brighter fringe above me
brushing my forehead, like fingers
he leaned
over me, nudged me
hugged me, come on

i began to rise, which is why
he stopped me, that's when he
kissed me, and that's when i
forgave him
because i knew it was
an accident
except for, that was when
he did it

my lips inside his, and
i kept my eyes
kept telling myself to
just kiss back, since we'd
already ruined everything, because
that was all he
because maybe
we could go back, maybe we'd still be
inseparable if
i hadn't screamed, enough!
maybe nightmares
are second chances at
being better
best friends...

i was torn
worn threadbare and i felt it
in every fiber of me
lying there, but i couldn't
pull away and i've
never wished to hurt him, so i
couldn't push, either
just clamped my eyes
shut, as he did the same
with his mouth...

and that was when
i woke
without a soul nor a shame
save for the maggots
in my veins
2.1k · Mar 2018
and then, we stopped racing
saige Mar 2018
no count-downs for birthday parties
no arm wrestles, no jump shots
no go-cart donuts
not even a snowball

where did we go?

blond hair
up to my shoulders
surrounded by jewels
some empty-paned picture frame
couple sprouts beneath a pine
saying "monkeys" for Grammy's kodak
red clay on your feet
pink frosting in your teeth
me, sheathed in my favorite shirt
"I'm the big sister!"
with a butterfly depicting
what I've yet to become

how wrong have we gone?

well, I'll be twenty
once spring rolls around
and brother
you're not far behind
I can't tell time
to change its mind
but I promise you
it won't be changing mine
from the photographs, scrapbooks
I'll forever feel your laughter
just like goosebumps
the brail I'm reading into
let's gaze past glares
straight through white sunbeams
spiking your brown eyes
twice as deep as mine
the truest shades
on the face of the earth
to this very
foggy day
this mirror, this moment snagged
before shutters snap
and capture us, splatter us
on matte paper, or cell screens
with brown hair
up to your shoulders

way to go, little brother
but I'm still keeping that tee
because the only thing
I've always been proud to be
is your big sister
2.0k · Nov 2018
mayflower, marigold
saige Nov 2018
when he left
all the oxygen in your lungs
was replaced by the sea
no one ever told you
humans can breathe

but now he whispers
that your voice is louder
than the riptide in his eyes
and promises that
he'll let you tell him the
of the boy
who went to war
and lost atlantis.

understand that
takes on the shape of its
and he is
sixty-five percent
hold him.

bury yourselves
as one drop
in one ocean
one hundred
more times.

he is
seven percent blood rushing
half a percent beating heart
and it doesn't sound like much
but it's

you're shore
if only for
saige Sep 2018
i can spin you now
i just can't
prove it

because of you
i bought tapes
box-step and etiquette
and burned my best cigar
like incense, in practice
the bullet i was saving for
our last day

for christsake, please
spin me now!

around around

because of you
my world is over
my life is stubborn

my god, at least
pinch me now!

i held your hand
and let you go
(or was it down?)
that shell of a day
up in smoke
i'd already

and i survived
because you
dance with me
1.5k · Apr 2018
an anecdote
saige Apr 2018
should she have
thrown her wish at the stars
or down a well?

her hair in cigar smoke ringlets
her eyes were the guinness
the journey, her passion
the boy, her poison
the liffey winked with antidotes

black glass with white lights
why do rivers mock the sky?

her hair in her vision
her voice in a bird cage
a swan on a sailboat
not a soul on the ferry

on another coast
amid the day before
and the one that followed
seafoam clashed with clouds
came full circle
as her favorite dead end

she raised
then rolled
her eyes

blue waves with gray wisps
why do skies mock the river?

she didn't go over
nor to the end
she just went against the grain
of the rainbow
only she could spot

and then
she stuffed her hands into her pockets
she threw her wish
1.4k · Sep 2018
Chin Up, Buttercup
saige Sep 2018
I know you still can't breathe
And your ribs burn
But I love it
When I finish laughing first

Because for a moment
I am the insomniac
Enthralled by the lucid dreamer
(your eyelids flutter)
I am the Catholic
Entranced by the shameless drunk
(your hiccups slur)
And your giggles pop like
Bubble bath and boiled syrup

And everything is funny
Everything is spine-chillingly funneled
Your sprite and shrieks nosedive
Into my bloodstream
Spike my heartstrings
And your cheeks
Swell and splotch and squish
Into those sparkling eyes
Until they gush

And you try to stop it, but
Like gagging on lake water
You can't
Not until every sprinkle gets spewed
And baby, there is so much
So much beauty
Spawning inside of you
So much to share, and I starve for it
I soar with it

And for a moment
A dreamer stirs the city
A drunkard saves the world
The children stump the wisemen
As you shake the cobwebs
From your ribs

For one more second
Reality is fragile
Love is tangible
And nothing else is
you duck your head when you laugh
but once
i witnessed whiplash
saige Sep 2018
If money is evil
And life is worse,
What made you take

I remember now,
You robbed us so
You could fund your own
Satin and polished wood
Have never been so

(neither have glass guns and hell dust)

But you knew,
(what made you make sure?)
When this day came
(too soon too soon too soon)
None of us would
Find you

Nothing borrowed
(but time)
Nothing stolen
(but life)
Nothing missing
(but why)

Can't you return?
1.0k · Jul 2018
wrong planet
saige Jul 2018
I tend to think highly of
Unconventional ways to leave

I put the stones in my pockets
And rocked myself to sleep
I kept the stones in my pockets
And waltzed on out to sea

But the stones made holes
And brusied my feet
Before I could wander
Out too deep
I'm in over this ocean in my head
But I've had holes in my pockets
Since I stole my first breath

So I stitched them up, I'm sinking now
But I mended them
Upside down
And I'm not strong enough
To not swim back to shore

But I've lived long enough
To think highly of
Unconventional ways to go
So I'm skipping all these stones

And going home
954 · Mar 2018
mi corazòn
saige Mar 2018
only yesterday i met him
or was it several centuries ago?
i reckon this is what forever feels like
swirling as we breathe
let's just stay amazed
and believe
this is life how it's meant to be
steadfastly lapsing with love
my heart, your heart
our heart
953 · Jan 2019
Phantom Touch
saige Jan 2019
I am sick of seeing my breath
So as
I march up this bank
My chin tips toward the sun and I
Slam shut my eyes
Let my face go to leather
My vision go rosy
Like my knuckles and nose
Pink lemonade lids
In Greensboro's blind spot
I stand in spotlight
Yet I don't feel bright, no
All I feel is
When I spin
To lean on thin
I smell
Your sweater
Sunrays are
Your fingers
And when I tap my boot on
Icy ponds
I hear your voice
My heart
Split through its rawest chamber
The one you unlocked
Eight months after
I left you out to freeze
Keep haunting me
938 · Sep 2018
The Dame on Gatecity Street
saige Sep 2018
I knew her

Looked like she'd dabbed blush on
Her eye sockets instead of
Her cheeks
And her hair was kinda dark, kinda stringy
She hadn't seen the sun since winter,
At least
But, never thought I'd see her lips
Go bluer than her eyes, but hey
Guess I coulda closed mine
Kinda like her folks did, long ago
First time she begged 'em to,
(ma, don't peek!)
Like it was some kinda surprise
A magic trick, more like
Vanishing act
That left the whole crowd
(all seven lanes of traffic)
Gasping, guessing,

Was she real?
Was she ever here at all?

Well, I was her
I think
saige Jul 2018
I wake up in the ward again
With film over my feet
And wires in my hair
And God's eyes on the ceiling
They call them cameras
But they lie like dogs in
Places like these
And I am sleepy
So I let them

I wake up with a hornet
In my my elbow, a brick
As my tongue
And a name on
My lips
That sounds like
My own
If I scream it long

I wake up in restraints again
And it's the same again
I don't question it
Why I'm here and what I've done
God winks at me, reminding me
That I don't want to know
No, I don't want to know that
I have finally made it
879 · Apr 2018
Glowing in the Dark
saige Apr 2018
this is heaven to me
this isn't happening to me
he is too good to be
next to me

beside the pane
i watch the stars from
the one i trace
raindrops down
and open when
it snows

but not for once
not for now
this nightfall comes

i pull him close
and want him closer
who cares where heaven is
when there's an angel in
my room
810 · Sep 2018
saige Sep 2018
she blamed it all
from roots to stars
i've been *******
from the very start of this
sorry death wish
of a chance

she hated rain
she cursed the sun
i really coulda been someone
if my chips weren't cashed
my cards weren't stacked
before i was even

here on this
i've been
dropped off
die on

and die is what she did.
saige Sep 2018
her body. beneath mine. sprawled out like. a whole new world. and a home planet. all in one. no wonder i'm. crash landing into.
730 · Aug 2019
I never asked for this
saige Aug 2019
Sure, I put the rouge in your eyes
And that apple in your throat
But relax, little boy
This is not a backstabbing
I am simply returning
Your godforsaken rib
i can rise without it
674 · Jan 2019
hope you liked the view
saige Jan 2019
flat on my back on
the asphalt
like that fox a mile ago
cigar smoke and cold gusts
i watch the moon rust
and flick stars until they
dive like
paper airplanes
and see why
tis the milky way
midnight skies are white
when city lights

pebbles get stuck to my cheek
the asphalt rumbles
i try to hear
earth's heartbeat
i'll die pretending
that it's yours
662 · Sep 2018
sibling snippet xyz
saige Sep 2018
"This sounds crazy," I warn above the drums. "But this song... It makes me feel like jumping off a cliff."

Like a whip, his bangs nod beside me. "That's 'cause it's not a song," he says, then belts the chorus. "It's an anthem."
And we keep marching on.
648 · May 2018
parking lot prayer
saige May 2018
twenty dollars
on the curb, on the brink
of being mine
but it's not, i saw it blow
from that old man's older ride

crisp and
it's in my hand, it really is
and then it's right
back into his
"you saw me looking, and-"

for the first time, i receive
a "bless you"
having to sneeze

bless that old man instead
633 · Apr 2018
saige Apr 2018
the baby doesn't know
the arms rocking him are bones
the woman feeding him is
weening him
onto life by

he doesn't see
her teardrops through his
he doesn't see
her eyes droop as his

she does her best to
save him
even if she cannot
raise him
and the lullabies get


the baby doesn't know
626 · Aug 2019
a pebble of a poem
saige Aug 2019
And therefore?
Your eyes are marble
Your heart's a boulder
You saw Medusa in the curtains
I believe you
You are a stone
I cannot skip
615 · Sep 2018
Love Into the Ice/olation
saige Sep 2018
Meltdown after meltdown
I'm a mess and they know
The worst of me is always last to show
And it was a matter of minutes
Before he saw, so.

Even back then, I knew
Love takes work, it's worth it
But all I wanted was to hide
And for him to be

Now, I wish I could be like everyone
Everyone who knows how to love
Like my brother and parents and him
Because I loved him
I love him still
But sometimes,
I'm not sure if that's enough
I'm not sure if the way I love
Is worth much.

I'm not sure if love is magic
I think it's a choice
And I think I choose to love him
From a distance
Yet I missed him
From sundown to dawn

Ducking out of the tropics
And back to the tundra
Is what I've always done
When the sun gets too bright
Too hot, too fast
And last time the world froze,
I was afraid we'd never thaw
I was afraid I was heartless
But his memory reminds me
I must have heart,

For, something is wondering
Something is wishing
Something is wanting
And I don't understand, but
I miss his eyes and his hands
And his voice
And his smile
And his jokes
And his cats
And his coat
And his mother
And music
And hair
And hell
I don't even know
I just want him to be happy.

I just hope he's always happy.
And never cold.
saige Aug 2019
Thanks to that velveteen tone he
saves for me
And his turpentine diction,
The cliches that made my eyes roll
Now make my heart rush

Nonetheless, my thoughts riot as follows...

(When urged to call him something cheery
something no smile can wane at
like that fleck of gold in his left iris)
Well, "sunshine" should suffice
And Latin for that equals
Which phoneticized equals
"Opry cheetahs"
So the obvious endearment here is

(When urged to call him something pure
perhaps upon watching him blink
or blush
or blow
cigarette ringlets away from babies)
No, that's a slang for ***** these days
So, "raindrop"
If Latin is dead,
It sure knows how to haunt me
"Gutta imbrium"
My little ember
The only glow in all this charcoal

(When urged to call him something pretty
when he's brushing his hair
or allowing me to arrange red clovers
in his sideburns)
Hm, let's testdrive "moonlight"
Let's shift into Latin, "luna lumen"
Thus the nickname I bite back is

While I hear darlings and dearies
on the daily
Why must I fail to mirror him?

(When urged to call him something sweet
like the butterscotch kisses he whispers
into my knuckles)
Like a honeycomb
Or as Ceasar would say, "cera mel"
Close enough?
Dizzy, then

We spin
In silence

(When urged to call him something cute
with his cap on sideways
and his head in my lap
and the world at my heels)
Half of that backwards might as well be
Two lips
Two tongues
Too much, yet never enough of his
Smoke bomb pomegranate mouth

For heaven's sake, see?
That's why I kiss instead of speak
550 · Nov 2018
Frozen Mini Pizzas
saige Nov 2018
First it was pancakes
Then strawberry milk
Then frozen mini pizzas
Didn't taste the way
They always had

But I sure kept trying
With apple juice from a glass
Then a box and swirly straw
But the crust
Still wasn't soft enough

So I gave microwaving a shot
Years and years of beeps
But the cheese was crunchy
The centers, icy

So I tried thawing, soaking
Kids Cuisine and Lean Cuisine
And even Lunchables
Just in case the companies
Had fooled me, ruined the recipe
But none of them were bad
Just not great
Like they used to be

So I blamed my taste buds
For maturing
Copying my imaginiation
Christmas used to be funner
Summer used to be longer
Mini pizzas used to be delicious

Today I cracked the code
I was in a rush
Like Mama used to be
Didn't let the oven preheat
Just slid in a tray of
Frozen mini pizzas
Kicking myself for procrastinating grocery shopping yet again and -

The timer blared, the smoke alarm
I burned my finger, then my tongue
But didn't care because
My taste buds
Hadn't forsaken me
After all

The crust was chewy
The cheese was gooey
I'd done it
I was six years old again

Now if only
I can find a trick
That works for Christmas
saige May 2018
the day ends again
so the feuding begins
because folks 'round here
like shooting in the dark
and my life's on the line
it whines behind my eyes
but my mind's on
wherever you are

it's been a lifetime of
long, long days
and even longer nights

so let me fight
for a fool
i've done a lot of things right
you can't deny
though i'm a fool
i'm still the last one on
your side
soon the sun will rise
and maybe i'm a fool for
laying down my life, oh i'm
just a fool, but i'll die
your hero any night
lord knows why
all this fighting for you's
keeping me alive...
saige Feb 2018
Everything kind of stops for a moment
not a minute
just a blink
not a wrinkle in time
more like a spasm

Everything kind of sinks for a moment
swirls and kicks in
everywhere it hurts
as you search for
what we couldn't save

Everything kind of bends for a moment
doesn't snap or
really change but
the pact-making starts now
and stretches on toward forever

Everything kind of skips for a moment
once I spot blond
bobbing the lake
not a promise
still, you're safe

Everything kind of blurs for a moment
white sunshine and
muddy drips and
heaving ribcage
all else is blank

Everything kind of clears for a moment
clouds and doubts and
here's some air if you need it
or simply want to
wear my lungs out

Everything kind of starts in that moment
nothing far-fetched
this is us now
carried over
from your close call

Everything kind of stops in that moment
not a minute
just a blink
almost missed it
barely lost you
so let me love you
and this time not
just for a moment
506 · Nov 2018
bless the rains
saige Nov 2018
he discovered
that he hadn't left his heart in
america after all
he'd just left it with
its owner
and here they'd found each other
in africa
as if she'd followed him
through eleven countries and
five years
just to give it
saige Dec 2018
He can be my
And I can be his
'Cause I'm already his

Every night,
He brings me back
To life

Can I bring him back
This time?
457 · Oct 2018
Some may say
saige Oct 2018
what you're living for, is
what you're dying of, it's
one **** shame

he breathes for her, ***
heated love, just
breaks him enough, to
stay deaf to
what we say

but mercy
they're still singing
while we're screaming
while we're snuffing
they're still stoking
one **** flame

so, who's to say
who's to blame?
446 · Jul 2018
snapshot in a taxi
saige Jul 2018
reds and greens filter your skin
along with
blues and reds
the glares, the horns, the rap music
roaring through this ripped leather
i keep the window up
but you're the opposite
i keep my eyes on
the traffic lights
and siren lights
flitting on your skin
i burn it all into my head
as the city cracks and whips
by like
439 · Apr 2018
saige Apr 2018
i never loved you
like i loved him

i loved him like
a child loves god
frightful and blindly
and to keep away
from hell

i loved him like
the rap songs say
the ones about
kissing to killing
i never loved you
like that

in fact
i was too ashamed
to love you
at all

i'm not made
of sheer heart
like you are

i couldn't love you
like he did
428 · May 2018
It's Hell to Love a Fighter
saige May 2018
The closest I'll get
To the Garden of Eden
Is the genesis on this

Bone of my bones
Were you taken from my rib?
Or, was I made from yours?
Well, I want back in
******* I want back in

Take my breath and
Run with it
And don't stop until you're
Home again

There's no brimstone below us
Just hell all around
And I've been ******
For so long

There's no kingdom above us
Just another angel down
And **** it all
If you're gone
410 · Mar 2018
where the heart is
saige Mar 2018
i'm home with my
cheek on your chest
head caught in clouds of
your hair
mixed with mine

i'm home
with your arms around me
over me, under me
rocking me, raising me
anchoring us
saige Sep 2018
and all the teardrops
speckling your shirt
are just sparks from the torch
i should have passed down
long before now
my little brother let me weep
on his shoulder, through his sleeve
saige Sep 2018
if i am a creature
capable of love
sure as sunlight blinds,
i love you.
so much that
loving you
might just be
my purpose.
and once,
i dared to think
that it was.
before i became
a creature
who lost sight.
knock on my chest
hear it echo for miles
315 · Oct 2018
Sit down
saige Oct 2018
don't tell us what you're gunning for
just what you're running from.
Is it god? Your ma? Your mate?
Your fate?
A good answer is one which
avoids the question, son.
That's right, make us think
we were raised the same.
311 · Jan 2019
I was stone, I was wrong
saige Jan 2019
Dumber than a bag of rocks
on its way to a fountain floor,
we sat like pretzels on a sewer pipe
ignoring coins in lieu of
watching stars, you watched the cars
and swore
I wasn't heartless

And ****
that really took me back

We shut our eyes until they leaked
and the highway was the ocean
oregon's chill, a seaside breeze

We grew wings

And your hair slapped
my cheek
splashing, dripping, laughing
And I couldn't hear a thing
yet it was music all the same

Now, dryer than the barbs in my knees
on the phone, on the run
You swear I'm still not heartless
just that same old stupid ***
And I know
we're finally coming back
308 · Jun 2018
sibling snippet 13
saige Jun 2018
you offered me sprite
in a glass bottle
and a blunt
in a spiked lemonade roll
and a record
and a ride
and a gown
and a break
and a way
to make
it out of this town

the only thing i took
was the seat you offered me
that seat
beside yours
the one thing i won't
give up or
pass down, so

we waste away
into grass almost
as green as
a glass sprite bottle
busted on the road
popping our tires
like packing bubbles

we weren't made to
make it very far
307 · Nov 2018
For the love of
saige Nov 2018
What it feels like to fear
he'll **** his own god
and that's what she is
his name leaving her lips
is gospel.

She doesn't believe in god
but she believes that she would
go to hell if it existed
and there she would have
an iv jammed in her jugular
full of the blood
of the people she killed
coagulating with hers
caught in her circulatory system
like frozen water
in a garden hose.

The veins in his wrist
are green like copper
deceptively dull
hiding the wolf
howling in his pulse.

They were special
they were the snowflake
that caused this avalanche.
saige Jun 2018
i thought about her again
all night

imagined taking her
curled lashes
and freckled skin
and crimped hair
and plush lips
to germany
to buy her a pretzel
as big as her face
not half as golden
then clubbing through munich
and berlin
and maybe dublin
on the way back
no strings attached,
you know?

i could work every hour
between now and

she wants to go to germany

she used to tell me all the time
five years ago
when she wanted to go
to oak island
and every flea market
and guardians of the galaxy
and planet fitness
and sweet frog
and bed
with me

and as of last night,
i am sure
i'd still go anywhere
with that girl
306 · Apr 2018
Cooped-up Kangaroos
saige Apr 2018
What kind of drunk are you?
Well, let's see
There are the fighters
And the flirters
The motor mouths, the water works
The dancers, the snoozers
The hyenas, the hooligans
And of course, shoutout to my
Fellow jumpers!
Like Jehosaphat and Geronimo
Pogo-stick party pumpers
We who seek heights
Once ***** spikes our blood and
Adrenaline rushes and
We wind up in plaster because
We reach for the fan blades
Or climb cars to cannonball from
Or, how about you just
Help me touch the ceiling
Before the chorus of this song
It'll do for now
Sure, I'll crave constellations later
But that rafter looks promising
At least, until the next round
Anybody relate to what I'm
Babbling about?
296 · May 2018
sibling snippet 8
saige May 2018
mirror eyes
fresh from the fight
i was the shotgun
and you were the
lead foot
and i need a hero
was blasting from
our lungs
revving to the moon
golden disco on the lake
strobing through the backdrops
chasing your cap and clutch
and you
bypassed our mailbox
just so we could
soar a little further
head first into the
morning light

(thank god it was
a long night)
saige Jun 2018
You dared me to run away
I dared you to stay
Then took it back, just in case
You took it as a challenge

Someday, we'll escape
Together or not
It's really all the same
When we're already
Too late
and yesterday,
the ghost that has your face
dared me to close the shades
and paint the walls
with my brains
273 · Apr 2018
sibling snippet 6
saige Apr 2018
for two minutes and
fifty four seconds
we are chargers
once again

a black bolt of lightning
in fog light vision
i, the barefoot shotgun
him, shoving ninety
down yo-yo back roads
shooing luck out of
the moon roof

this song
is our hero

hands whip like glory
beats soar as his eclipse
roars past high gear

riffs wail
and we tune into
the thrill of forgetting
home is just a memory
half a mile south

sometime i'll learn to drive
our souls so wild
for now
giggles turn to weeps
with the smile beside me

this boy
is my hero
269 · Apr 2018
beautiful crash sight
saige Apr 2018
the sun set like a postcard
stars fell on carolina
but skipped where we
off the blueridge way
here is where my heart will stay
in pieces
trying to
cram the blood back
inside of you
like stuffing keepsakes in
a suitcase
that just
won't zip
i left our bags in memphis
now this traffic
acts our ocean
i close my eyes and open
these fists
and let them drip
red clay replaced by
iron in my
stars fall into the
another dewdrop on the
we pass and pass and pass...
until dawn breaks like tie dye
it's about time you woke up,
268 · Jan 2019
How it blends
saige Jan 2019
You went from black to
It's rust, you say
The moon turned pearl
Then blood
That same day
unbeknownst to him, my brother bought a maroon mitsubishi eclipse the day of the lunar eclipse.
268 · Sep 2018
as my brother runs away
saige Sep 2018
this is a poem
i'll write before you go
so maybe i'll be healed
by the time the bruises show

here i sit, by your bed
my chest
caving in, waking up
across the city, and

your room already feels
like a museum

still better than a tomb
(like mine is)
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