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Rosette May 2016
I wore a necklace
of pearl and lace,
with a smile on face
as the water danced with grace.
I walked to our rendezvous,
where you said you loved me too.
We watched the sunset by the sea,
before you set my soul free.
Rosette May 2016
I dreamt of you kissing another girl.
It was like a stab of a thousand knives,
burrowing deep into my flesh.
Every cut us laced with sorrow,
Choking on my own blood and tears.
I realised I was never dreaming.
Rosette May 2016
You made me believe,
you'd never break your promises.
But I guess your lies
were more promising than any truth.

You sugar coat every word with a kiss,
then seal it with lies.
I was too gullible to believe
I'm worthy of your love.
Rosette May 2016
It's amazing how you teach me to fly,
by leaving me up high in the sky.
You taught me how to weave my own wings
from the strings
of false hope you gave me.

I've become too dependent
on the wings I created.
But not once did they falter,
they kept me gliding through the air,
reaching the clouds.
I'm filled with bliss.

While the beauty of the sky intrigues
your wondrous eyes,
I hope you hear me from above.
All my greatest gratitude,
from the sky's highest altitude.

I am grateful that you have taught me
how to fly and be free.
Because of you,
I am now one with the sky
that you look upon,
day and night.
Rosette May 2016
I drown all my wounds
with a bottle of alcohol
to make them numb,
I put a gun against my forehead,
where you used to kiss me.
As I choke on my tears,
I pulled the trigger.
You were gone.
Rosette Mar 2016
Do you still think about me?
I still do.
And the slightest memory of you,
I regret taking you for granted.
Do you remember the touch of my hand on your skin?
I do.
And you're the only one I want to touch.
Are you happy with her?
I will never be happy with anyone but you.
I yearn for your love,
for your touch,
for your kiss;
your lips like velvet.
I yearn for your body;
your hands on me.
I want to feel you.
I want to hold your hand.
I want to feel your kiss.
I want to be the one you love again.
But all I can do is yearn for you.
I wish I was better when you were mine.
Rosette Nov 2015
As I felt
all the air

I remind
love you
in another
As I took my last breath, I breathe your name for the last time.
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