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Love, where did it make?
And how my love far away from your heart
How it moves through my life?

It installed early when river initiated from a waterfall
It roosts into soul and flows through the vein and vale
And it is seeking the sea where it melts with me

The high Himalayas are out of my range
I could not climb it, she thought
And it makes a dark shadow

The difference between you and me
The shadow as the twilight of the horizon
And after then the dark,
The very dark wall

The poet has a pair of dreaming wings like an angel
And his mind is a gay in such a jocund company

He could, she can break the shadow in mind and soul
How long the shadow!
How thick the wall!
That never stronger than the passion of a poet -

@ Musfiq us shaleheen  & Vanessa Gatley
Love: the unlimited inspiration of a poet/poetess.......
dear friend do not loose hope
someday the shards of broken pieces
will be lifted out and placed
to create something new
a beautiful tapestry of color
and life lived through pain
to create a beautiful
written after reading Rachel's "shards" and written for those who have gone through heartbreak. I've gone through my share and it gets better, even though in the moment it feels like forever.
 Aug 2014 rachel

Let us go,
you and I

down into
the rabbit hole.

Let me be...
your filling dessert,
your wicked garden.

Pluck the thorny rose
and warm the frigid
with the warmth of
your honey wine.

my silvery
dark prince
in that vase
field of gold.

As your lips,
the heat of your
the timber of your
whispered sweet
your skillful hands,
and the story in
your eyes...
send chills of ecstasy
down my spine

and impassioned fumes
besiege my mind.

Let me..
get under your skin,

Let me...
****** you..
from within.

Take my hand,
follow me

together we'll be

You and I,
together as one
shall go...

down, into
the rabbit hole.

-by Mercurychyld
 Aug 2014 rachel
Wait in a smoke-filled motel room;
Paint my nails electric blue.
Shave my legs with your razor.
Write a line or two.
Scratch my skin through your shirt.
Keep on playing our song.
Run my fingers through my hair;
You always liked it long.

Counted my blessings sevenfold,
Swayed on the railroad like a stage.
Made love to the night with your guitar;
While I scrawled across a page.
High on dreams and drugs.
Found a world stowed away.

And baby, you had a bad mouth.
Spoke some very wrong things.
But a warm old soul,
And a heart that was whole,
When you played against those strings.

But now we're both going mad, you and I.
Afraid we can't go on no more.
Told me I was your muse;
Now I'm not so sure.
'Cause you don't play the way you used to,
It's all disrupted cacophony.
And when I sit down to write,
The blank page taunts me.

And the time lulls,
Ages, withers down to unknown.
A dying pulse flittering beneath flesh.
Bruising against bone.
Cuts its way into the darkest corner of my mind.
Wonder if I should head home.

And the candlelight flickers down to metal,
As the rain suffocates the pavement tightly.
Two hours pass so fast,
Each tick feels like a mockery.
Take a pen,
And through this ink,
I see the world in bold,
Our world.
I should've known...
 Aug 2014 rachel
My sweet boy-what can't I say about you; about what
You mean to me?
I NEVER wish to forget those three weeks, and eight
months before that, that we spent together.
I was your vessel, your shelter, your link to the outside
world. You fluttered inside me; a constant reminder
of the life I carried within. I looked so forward to making your acquaintance and
finally see, with my own eyes, this little person with
whom I had come to fall deeply in love with.
I felt joy at all your acrobatic twists and turns.
But you were born too early, too small, so fragile.
Your little intestines became infected beyond help-
and you, little one, would not survive.
I only had but three weeks with you.
These would be the most beautiful, agonizing days,
hours, minutes of my life.
You took with you, forever, a central piece of
my heart that nothing or no one here can ever fill.
But I know that one day, I will finally shower you
with all the hugs, kisses and I-love-you's I didn't get to
give you here on this earth.
You are my link to Eden, my little one.
You still live...forever...inside of me,
just where you began.

by Mercurychyld
8 June 06
(dreaming of my boy....)

This one's also dedicated to another beautiful fellow poet, Ana Sophia. A kindred spirit.
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