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I am not writing any poetry
Not a huff,
Not even a romantic mood,
I talked to a distress

Unto thee of say my friend:

The suffering of pain is more than a pain
Words of distress
No longer I can't say either

The story of that night
That is longer than a long night
That night, my love had died before the dawn

How do I tell thee

The suffering of love is unforgettable
Than the love you never achieved  
Middle of the night to about chest pain

When I could not bear it no longer
Then at late night I call a friend to awake
No longer I can't say either

My friend
O' my friend!
My dearest friend!

How do I tell thee
My soul grew dry that is more than a wither petals
No longer I can't say either

When the sudden stopped of time
I stood, Saw the closed distant door
No longer I can't say either

To be alone in everybody
Within a moment a known seems to be unknown
No longer I can't say either

The last thing to understand who she is constant
The story of the lost bright Star
No longer I can't say either

The door is closed
Maybe someone has locked
Alone, The sleepless nights of choking

One's that hard
Many pale faces in the crowd of strangers
Love is lost within too many hopes

How do I tell thee
No longer I can't say either
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 Jan 2015 rachel
Charles Bukowski
don't feel sorry for me.
I am a competent,
satisfied human being.

be sorry for the others

rearrange their

juggling mates

confusion is

and it will
whoever they
deal with.

beware of them:
one of their
key words is

and beware those who
only take
instructions from their

for they have
failed completely to live their own

don't feel sorry for me
because I am alone

for even
at the most terrible
is my

I am a dog walking

I am a broken

I am a telephone wire
strung up in
Toledo, Ohio

I am a man
eating a meal
this night
in the month of

put your sympathy
they say
water held up
to come
you better be
nearly as
 Jan 2015 rachel
Charles Bukowski
the house next door makes me
both man and wife rise early and
go to work.
they arrive home in early evening.
they have a young boy and a girl.
by 9 p.m. all the lights in the house
are out.
the next morning both man and
wife rise early again and go to
they return in early evening.
By 9 p.m. all the lights are

the house next door makes me
the people are nice people, I
like them.

but I feel them drowning.
and I can't save them.

they are surviving.
they are not

but the price is

sometimes during the day
I will look at the house
and the house will look at
and the house will
weep, yes, it does, I
feel it.
 Jan 2015 rachel
Charles Bukowski
I met a genius on the train
about 6 years old,
he sat beside me
and as the train
ran down along the coast
we came to the ocean
and then he looked at me
and said,
it's not pretty.

it was the first time I'd
 Dec 2014 rachel
without any sleep
what is real becomes the dream
you cannot wake from
December 5th, 2014

 Dec 2014 rachel
 Dec 2014 rachel
in my bed, all on my own
exhaling with a sigh, and a little moan
my friends are all here, inside my phone
so why the hell do i feel so alone?
December 5, 2014

 Dec 2014 rachel
 Dec 2014 rachel
remember to always follow your dreams.
starting this conditioning early instills the message so deep
that you're never quite aware, that in order to follow
your dreams you must first remain asleep
this is how they've created generation after generation
of obedient, self absorbed, consumerist sheep
where nothing is more precious to yourself then
the possessions that we keep
conforming to what's cool
owning the newest technology
and never looking cheap
join the hottest trends, stay in the loop
you're rising high on the social ladder
a fall from here is awfully steep
the fear of this fall turns you into a materialistic creep

these social constructs we all need to together break
or no one in our western society will ever truly be awake
December 8, 2014

 Dec 2014 rachel
 Dec 2014 rachel
it seems that lately i've been feeling not like myself,
there's been more ebb than flow

so i've decided to do something about it,
and i just thought you should know

i'm going to start dressing better,
really let myself glow

get to know the people i see everyday,
and let my personality show

this is something i never would have thought,
to do a few years ago

it will be hard considering my social skills,
have developed quite slow

this decision for a long time was something that i owe-
myself, and i believe it's time for me to finally take a go
make a change i've wanted for a long time and make it so

will this decision finally give me the ability
to escape this depression and finally throw-
out all this negativity and this endless *woe
December 9, 2014

 Dec 2014 rachel
ocean floor
 Dec 2014 rachel
on this boat I am safe as long as I can see shore
but that is not what I have built this for
I sailed out for adventure and a chance to explore
this place is too mundane I want something more
to navigate by the stars like in the times of yore
and find rubies and gold treasures galore
but first I must get there so I reach for my oar
and row into the unknown until I am sore
I look out to the east and the clouds I just abhor
the waves grow higher and the wind starts to roar
the clouds begin to light up and the rain starts to pour
a storm such as this one I have never seen before
and all this premonition I can no longer ignore
but I am not turning back I'll risk the ocean floor
August 30, 2014
 Aug 2014 rachel
 Aug 2014 rachel
Introvert, extrovert, people of every kind
The toughest battles we face take place within the mind
So take what you need to try and unwind
You're not the only one who's feeling behind
We all suffer the same so remember to be kind
You never know what other troubles people find
Without the needless actions and speaking of others with malign
If you've ever done this leave those habits behind
So that we can all focus on alleviating our own internal grind
August 21, 2014
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