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 Aug 2017 reabetswe
11:51 p.m
 Aug 2017 reabetswe
Let's please don't rush
Let us grow.
Take a friendship,
One rather old,
Watch as it
Turns to gold.
 Aug 2017 reabetswe
 Aug 2017 reabetswe
I fell into you
and you fell out of me
But somehow,
We always make it back to each other
Like we're each other's missing piece
We always do
 Aug 2017 reabetswe
When you left me
My heart imploded and
It felt like I died

But I was still breathing
And each breathe tasted like smoke
From the fire you lit inside me

I loved you and felt more
In my emotions and my body
Than I think I ever will again

The hot mix of love and anger coursed through my veins
While the cold sting of forgiveness and emptiness filled my lungs
And it left me a freezing, burning mess of confusion and contentment

You were awful to me most days
I cried myself to sleep to your silence
But if you were nice the next morning I rejoiced and felt happy again

Now I am rotting inside
Because what I feel for these women
Is not what I felt for you

I feel empty vibrations in the caverns of my chest
I hear depressing gongs in my ears as they tell me they love me
I feel nothing when I say it back

This guilt is a vine that grows throughout my body
It begins in my lungs and steals my breath away
And it forces my limbs to act without emotion

I am cursed with genes that promote impulsivity and high emotionality
And by a past muddied with traumatic events that still hinder my existence
And by my own choices that have led me to hurt so many innocent people
In my quest to find myself

I am so broken and I don't want pity
I just want to understand why
I ruin every good thing that enters my life

Every day I have to maneuver between reality and what's in my head
I cannot determine if what I feel is real or if it's just the result of years of repression
All I know is that my rotting insides are overgrown with vines that keep me moving
Even though I just want to die.
 Feb 2017 reabetswe
I've grown a new layer of skin
in just less than two months
I now have an exterior shell
protecting me from reminders
of the pain that lies underneath
protecting others from the discomfort
of witnessing a mental breakdown
Now it's harder to feel
and when a crack begins to spread
I'm quick to patch it up
because it's easier to swallow my words
than to speak them through tears.
 Jun 2016 reabetswe
Dana Colgan
Ive given up
on you,
on me.
On you and me.

For you will
Be for me.

And thats
Or at least
it will be.
 Jun 2016 reabetswe
Dana Colgan
When youre feeling safe in your skin
Maybe we'll meet again
Title Fight - Safe in your skin lyrics
 Jun 2016 reabetswe
Dana Colgan
Sickness listens to us sigh.
Sniggering snidely as we die.
Seeking our soul as we comply.

But still I live
And yet I am not alive.
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