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Darius Dec 2023
What exactly is madness?
Go ahead. Google it.
That, there, is a slippery *****
Believe everything you see and soon
You'll fall in love with the madness
Darius Dec 2023
Tell me a secret
Something so old
It sticks to you like glue
Tell me a secret
Something no one knows
Not even you
Darius Dec 2023
Checkered pasts - black, white
Faith is the motivation
A pawn moves forward
Darius Dec 2023
The wolf howls at night
The Divine Circle reveals
It consumes itself
  Oct 2017 Darius
When you're down and you're emotionally weak
Remind yourself that there's beauty in every beast
You don't have to be taken down or beaten by defeat
It's inside yourself- the capability to rise to your feet
I try to remind myself every night before I sleep

Sometimes it doesn't work; sometimes I still weap
It's hard to fight the stinging when, into the heart, it creeps
It can be so intense you may feel your world freeze
Still, don't let your legs buckle; don't fall to your knees
Your will is more powerful- this I truly believe

It's unwise to depend on others to provide your relief
Greed is abundant; I feel that's plain to see
You must begin to love yourself to actually be free
Discover a method to let your inner emotions breathe
And grant yourself freedom to let your soul speak

Things may be hard; yes, life may seem bleak
Just understand that there's beauty in every beast
Don't doubt that, in every human, there is magnificent strength
Take flight- let the struggles grace you with elegant wings
Undoubtedly, *there's beauty in every beast
  Aug 2017 Darius
I read some old poems today
And I remembered you
I recall that letting things slip away
Was something I thought I'd never make it through

I read some old poems today
And I remembered us
I realized I couldn't let you stay
Things were so bitter, we didn't even desire lust

I read some old poems today
And I remembered you
Then I had the epiphany
That I had actually forgotten you
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