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reabetswe Aug 2017
after everything that happened
I still find myself running back to you
to find comfort for everything going bad in my life
I don't know what's it about you that makes me long and crave for you this much
I'm scared of telling you how i really feel about you,how much you make me whole, and keep me sane
But I can't help thinking
what if you lose interest again?
what if you stop loving me when i need you most?
what then?
I'll always carry you in my heart
I wish we could go back to how we were before, how you looked at me and always made sure i were okay
I love yo for everything you've taught me
and I hope one day you find your true love
one who won't be want to let go of you like i can't let go too
Relationships teach us a lot in life. I only wish there weren't any heartbreaks, long nights of crying, because of all the hurt we encounter. Loving someone is something special. You get to feel like a whole new person. Love love
reabetswe Feb 2017
Maybe being hesitant to vulnerability ruined me
maybe keeping to myself makes it more easier
because only then I feel at ease with myself,
and maybe a little content
I used to want to do this to run away,
*** away from all the hurt
because the hurt was like poison
reabetswe Feb 2017
I still linger at the scent of you,
the smell that assured me of a better tomorrow
but that was then, and this is now.
Memories slowing fading,
and the need to keep check up on you is no longer
I'm sorry we were never good enough,
good enough to make you want us to be forever
But I can't help you be a better you
I wish you find your moment
It's okay to want nothing to do with your family, because even family isn't forever.
reabetswe Jun 2016
I long for you to notice me,
but why should you?
I thought we had this figured out, but
life is too blur rn
you'd rather just pass me by
like you never longed to hold on to me
love makes me numb. #BeMine #I'llBeYours
reabetswe Jun 2016
I was almost free, but you, you
denied me everything. I wish
it was easy to explain why I was never at
ease, maybe the bitterness had
gotten the better of me. I had
never imagined it would be this hard
we hope for for the best always, but
we lose a part of ourselves
while trying to make it,
and almost living
I hope I reach happiness and peace before I die. at least in my last breaths. - sw
reabetswe Jun 2016
I thought I had everything I wanted,
actually I did had everything,
but everything was nothing.
I wanted to be just an average girl, but
my dreams were too much for me to be average, even I, myself felt too burden by everything happening around me.
everyone thinks you're having it easy
until you're one cigarette away from drying, only then do people
see you're human too.
the truth makes us numb. we get so tone when people tell us how selfish we are, but sometimes we're not the selfish ones. life just happens.
reabetswe Jun 2016
I finally understood,
why I had always kept everything
to myself
it was for me, so the peace can be the only thing we breathe
life itself kills us, or maybe just me
the cut was too deep now
I just couldn't stand the pain
I was longing for life, but if life was pain,
then I didn't want this life
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