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 May 13 Pax
 May 13 Pax
If you have a friend
who stays with you through your worst
they are a keeper.
 May 13 Pax
I know we can't
be together right now,
but I still love you just the same.
Missing my friends
 May 12 Pax
For myself !
 May 12 Pax
Never be burden of someone life
Who ever it is
Definitely at point of time
Atleast for their happiness
We will loose them
I have decided to loose all
Know well that nobody will be there
To cry for my loss
Never even want that
Not to stand as burden
I have decided to move
Will move
For sure
Telling to myself
If I really love them
This would be my stand
Killing myself
And not disturbing anyone in anyway
Just motivating me to hard decisions
 May 12 Pax
Be a phoenix !
 May 12 Pax
Live like a phoenix
Born back from your ashes !
Will born every time to **** out my deadly dead thoughts...
 May 11 Pax
 May 11 Pax
Trace the suns
that traverse the skies

Follow the moons
that try to keep pace

Count the ticks
that strike my clock

For you are the numbers
to the rest of my days
 May 11 Pax
Anthony Pierre
When the eastern winds are freed
On vast fields of scattered seeds
In a season of smoke and fire
One million and more is dire

To themselves each flower keeps
While those close bequeath a wreath
As minds burn and mine burns
Buddies piled high for urns

When the eastern winds roam free
On the lands of the north Atlantic sea
We'll live days and nights of doom
When the wild Bergamots bloom
 May 11 Pax
 May 11 Pax
I wear a sweater no
matter the weather

It keeps me warm
and hides my shame

Sometimes I forget
what my arms look like,
but every time I try to look

I see only the scars that has
slowly healed but never faded,
and I am reminded of my pain

And so I wear a sweater no
matter how hot the weather
I haven’t written anything in a month, I have lost my inspiration with all this chaos happening in the world. But today I write and hope my voice will be heard.  Stay safe everyone.
 May 11 Pax
Karly Codr
 May 11 Pax
Karly Codr
i just wish that there would be one person to see the real person that i am behind this mask with the fake smile that i put on every morning
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