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nova hunt Oct 2014
on my bookshelf there are seven shelves
stacked with new worlds
each page full of moments chocked with emotions
from happiness to heartbreak
from anguish to bliss
i am from that constellation of feelings
so far apart
but somehow connected
this was part of a longer poem i wrote and i loved this stanza so i posted it
nova hunt Oct 2014
you're like a drug
and i can't seem to get a fix.

you keep talking
but all i do is stare.

stare and think about everything;
why don't you love me?

i see that patch of skin
below your ear and on your neck
and it takes everything in me
not to kiss you.

your hands,
they aren't soft
but it's like they're made for me.

you're like a drug
and i can't seem to get a fix.
it's late at night okay don't judge me
nova hunt Sep 2014
why does the word autumn
have an n at the end?

is it because of the notorious way
that everything changes?

is it because of the natural colours
that dance when the leaves fall?

is it because of the nervous students
getting ready for a new year?

is it because of the nutty flavour
of pumpkin pie and grandma's homemade stuffing?

i think
that the n
stands for whatever you want it to.

i think
that the n
is just there
to mess us all up.
nova hunt Sep 2014
because it's not ******* fair
that you're telling me to get better
when you're just standing there screaming
a bottle of jack in your hand.

have you ever thought that maybe
i learned from you?

learned that's it's easier
to tell someone to do something
than to actually do it?

sometimes i think that maybe
maybe it's possible
maybe it's possible to be better.

but then i remember
that the apple doesn't fall
very far from the tree.

and that studies show
people with ****** up parents
are way more likely
to **** up themselves.
nova hunt Aug 2014
sometimes i go off
about these worlds
that i make up
in my head.

because when the world
is so messed up,
don't you
want another?

i spend
so much time
just living
in these worlds,
     just thinking.

trivial things

how come clouds
get to be so high
that it's like they're flying,
when all they do is bring rain?

why do we spend
so much time
obsessing over the fact
that we don't have much time at all?

but i think
that maybe
in these worlds i make up,
it's not so bad.

there are bad guys
but when are there not?

the thing is,
in my world,
i'm not one of those
bad guys.

i'm the one
with the cape
and the mask
and i am the one
     who saves the day.
nova hunt Aug 2014
you are like
a distant star,
a travelling

always there,
but always
out of reach.
nova hunt Aug 2014
it's 2:35
and all i can see
is you.

your face,
your laugh,
your smile.

it's 2:36
are you thinking of me?
are you lying awake
staring at your ceiling
in the dark
thinking of me?

or is it him?
he who i always
seem to compete with?

because even though i try,
i try
just so *******

to make you see;
you are blinded.

blinded by his light
and his
overwhelming desire
for you.

it's 2:41
are you thinking of me?

— The End —