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God created us all in his image
Skin color and all
So what makes you think
Your skin color is dominant
And sad
You don't want to read anything else.

My poem
Is long or happy it stays on the shelf.
We like to write long poems, but do we have time to read them?
Close the book and let float the boat.
The sea awaits and its monsters
Well, they won't defeat themselves.

Reach inside, unsheathed that sword
Intellect or heart, creativity and art
Use what you grew for why you grew it.
With that sweet anime hero hair.
The puddles pretend depth
With muddy murkiness
Which quickly dries to dirt
When passion's fire gives birth
To love's burning star
Of hearts merged from far.

I need a loving heart to win
And a sea in which to swim
Which boils but stands firm
Strong enough for our sojourn
To home in hope's future
Where together our hearts suture.
A little corny, I think. But at least it's not my typical despair.
The night takes delight in my empty bed plight
But her smile helps fight that downward cast sight
The memory of it
The fantasy of it

Breathy voice makes risky choice seem adroit
By the patch of moist or tent pole foist
Ready for use
Longing for use

But here I am
And there you are
Just a man and so very far
Just a ram and so very hard
Just a dam and so very marred
I wonder if, someday, our souls will meet
When we've been long gone from this Earthly plane.
To embrace, in harmony, where the air tastes ever sweet;
Where we are spared from every ill and pain.

I know our past encounters weren't the best;
We parted ways, heartbroken, with a sigh.
But if you slip, and then I too, into that peaceful rest,
Might we put our wounded tempers far behind?

I love you, though you've since forgotten me.
I sing it to the world with fearsome wail:
"My heart, t'was waste on deafened ears, on eyes that could not see
Past the emblem of obedience in the veil."
Doubts that still linger,
Pain that still torments,
Scratches that just don't go away,
Tears that keep flowing,

But still despite all,
the sun still so comforting,
The wind ever so consoling,
The earth forever accepting,
And the water eternally peaceful!!

Human and inhumane
I realized today that
I’m better at being me
Than I am at being a part of them.
Or us.
It's too easy to be the crutch
To get stuck while helping us out of the ruts.
But when I’m the stress pressed mess...
Step around.

Ever the alien
Ever the desert
Ever the tree standing tall in the field
Watching the forest retreat.
Just because we are strong, doesn't mean we don't need help sometimes.
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