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Cigarettes and bleach
Scents both clashing and fitting.

When life's continuance
Is the cleaning of
Public spaces

When wages wilt
The satisfaction
Of a job well done

Why wouldn't you
Ruin your lungs
A slow death made faster
A tortured life made shorter.
Wrote this at a cafe when I reflected on the recoil I felt as the janitor did his job.
The throat choked by quotes from old poets
Grows dry and hoarse
Old words do that
Dusty and crusty
Musty and rusty

Soothe your throat with that
New style rap
And let your mind
Flap free from the
Constraints of tradition.
That avalanche of *******
You call living day to day
With empty eyes and arms sliced
Bury your ******* dreams
In the back yard of that corporation
That office full of death and undeath
Those wise words wishing well
On your descent up the ladder.
Life lived like loss and happiness offset.
You think I want just
Another piece of ***
As if the beast inside has
Taken my mind.

I want the certainty
Of that Phoenix rise
That peace of mind
That knowing “she is mine” provides.
Not a possession, but just that
You're satisfied with my presence
Joseph Rice Jan 13
When ice finally covers the earth
And life's last light winks out
I’ll still be the luckiest man to have lived
For having known your warmth.

I just wish I could get you out of my head
And I’m terrified of moving on from you
Because how could I reach a higher peak?
And how devastating would a fall from such height be?
Joseph Rice Jan 13
In the pure light of the moon
I am reminded that I am alone.
Warm breath blows in the chill air
And the sound reminds me of her.
Heart beat

I can't decide if I miss you desperately
Or just hate being alone.
But your smile
Still haunts my
Closed eyes.
The moon...
A secret crush turned into love.

He took her hand and whispered secrets.
He made her fall into the deepness,
and then one night he gave her
a hug,
a kiss,
a ride.

He took her to his room
and laid her down.
She said, “no”
He said, “yes,”
“I don’t want you to leave me,” she said,
“This will only make me love you more,” he replied.

She gave in.
She opened the door.

Then came his withdrawal:
slow texts,
no calls,
sleepless nights,
cracking heart,
slowly tearing her apart.

Then came the words
she dreaded to hear:
He said, “My feelings were never real.”

It was a one-sided love
an imaginary world.

This was the story
of a naive little girl,
who fell in love carelessly,
and got her heart broken

She once believed in love,
but now her eyes have opened
to see this cruel world.
She has finally concluded that love is not real,
just a temporary emotion.
Here one day and gone the next,
but yet people still fall into it regardless of the effects.
I hope you guys like it
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