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Naqiah azzahra Oct 2016
About Her.*

She’s my friend,
The one that I love the most.

She loves sunsets,
But not like a sunset on the beach-
Just sunsets,
With cotton candy sky
And clouds with silver linings,
Just the way I do.

She hates beach,
Or at least she doesn’t love it as much
As she loves mountains,
A place where there’s not too many people
With too much to say, too much to hear.

She loves cats,
She has too many of them.
The way they act, the way they cuddle
They’re dumb, and cute, and calming,
She said.

She loves music,
More than anything, I guess.
She listens to songs I probably wouldn’t know if it wasn’t from her.
She knows everything about music,
She sings,
Her soft sweet voice sometimes echoes in my head
She plays the instruments,
And She taught me some
She even made one song herself and it’s so good even without lyrics.

She is a wonderful human being,
That doesn’t know how much she’s worth.
She forgot how to be happy,
just like how she forgot how to stop hurting.
She says she’s not much,
Just a dead soul fueled by instant noodles
A mediocre,
But she’s not.

She loves watching sweet romance movies,
Not like Nicholas sparks-
But like movies with sad parts and happy endings,
Not too much romance,
Because she said she wouldn’t have that in her life
But I know she would.

She doesn’t let people in
And yet She’s afraid of dying alone
She writes her will and constantly revising it

She loves the stars, the moon
How the constellations are shaped and named

She is who she is,
And that’s why I love her.
this is a poem I made about my best friend whom I left for another college, even though we were only together for a year but she's the best person i've ever had who still keeps up with me no matter what i do :)
Naqiah azzahra Oct 2016
It was a blurry night,
In a crowded room,
I sat on the corner
Being present but not wanted
*And All I heard was You.
  Oct 2016 Naqiah azzahra
each of us
wears a mask
of grey,
of black,
or mostly blue
with every 'okay'
there's hidden clue
of sadness
of pain
a feeling, so hard to contain
Your beauty is like a naked sword
Which will cut me in to small pieces
My love my love is above board
Love nurtures under beauty auspices

When you show your graces in light
My eyes feel being intoxicated in trance
Your kisses are so gorgeous to delight
I want to take just chance after chance

Let us celebrate love moments in trance
Let us just forget about all our rivals
Let us don't forget the taste of the glance
Let me kiss your lips like flower petals

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Naqiah azzahra Oct 2016
I had a moment.*
I was sitting there, a bit sleepy
Holding a guitar that i can't play
-Then he came in.
He sat next to-
in front of me,
He took the guitar from me and started playing a song,
he sang.
Two songs later, he gave me an update on this girl he's crushing on
Then he sang,
Another 3 songs that i love-
-he didn't know i loved those songs,
Those songs in my playlist
That i listen to
When i'm down
Idk how to say this and i dont want to say anything about this to anyone but i just feel like i need to share this moment with those i dont know, just to make it kind of eternal
  Oct 2016 Naqiah azzahra
(from my wattpad story)

As he watched her

fall  asleep,

He watched himself

fall a little more

**insane .
This is not much of a poem, more of a quote from my story "Falling Insane" on watt pad. If you wanna check it out, go to !
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